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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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68 ◇Z City◇

"Urrgh.." Having separated from Long Zexi the instant their feet landed on the concrete floor, all of them simultaneously knelt down, or bended over as they hurled up the contents of their stomachs.

'This is my first time...but its exactly as what I'd heard..' Lu Xing grimaced as he puked the remainder of his lunch out, "Ugh."

He glanced up, and instantly saw that no one had been spared the experience.

"Is it always this god awful..?" Long Zexi wiped his mouth and sat down on the floor, his back against a wine barrel.

Lu Xing ignored him as he glanced around...

"Where are we exactly?" Lu Xing asked him instead, his eyes suddenly boring into Long Zexi.

Everyone finally had spilt enough of their innards, and were looking about.

Suddenly their expressions turned pale, and all of them directed their eyes onto Long Zexi.

Their expressions varying from wariness to pure anger.

"I might've panicked..." Long Zexi said, a hand at the back of his head as he looked around, his expression was one filled with regret.

"Where are we then?" Lu Xing asked once more, his voice hoarse...inwardly he had a feeling...

"Z City." Sho answered, his voice barely above a whisper.

"We're inside Kin Lin House.." Li sighed, he stood up and crossed his arms, "a restaurant within Z City."

Lu Xing suddenly sat, cross legged, as he closed his eyes, letting out a deep long sigh.

Opening his eyes, they simmered a deep gold...

'To think I'd be able to see...this place once more...' Lu Xing felt conflicted by a rush of emotions, some to confusing he couldn't even name them...

Everyone was finally getting their minds wrapped around the fact that they were in a precarious position.

Lu Xing closed his eyes, and this time upon opening them, they were back to their normal dull hue.

Stella had been watching him, and was blatantly shocked by his eyes, "You can control the Golden Eyes?!"

Now everyone's eyes were focused on him, disbelief evident in their eyes.

"That would explain why you helped us.." Li gave him a half smile, but then turned serious, "Your a Mutant like us, but there's a lot more to that, and honestly, I believe you owe us answers."

Lu Xing's gave him a sardonic smile, "Why do I owe you anything? If not for me..you all would've been killed...or probably worst. I owe you nothing."

"You-" Stella gritted her teeth as she took a step in his direction, Sho instantly placed a hand on her shoulder...he had opened his mouth ready to cut her off-

"Stop." Long Zexi said as he stoop up, a hand over his nose, "It already reeks enough here. Lets call a truce for now. I'd rather we clean this place up...its still my family's cellar after all."

Lu Xing's eyes suddenly widened.

'His family's...'

"You're related to the owner?" Lu Xing asked.

"Yeah, why else would this place end up being the so called 'safe place'." Yang Jin suddenly let out, a glower directed at Long Zexi, "Now we're back to square one."

Yang Jun remained quiet, but there was hesitation in his eyes.

'There's a story here...' Lu Xing thought before turning his attention back to Long Zexi.

Long Zexi had just let out a 'harrumph', his eyes giving Yang Jun a challenge.

"Do you know someone by Yin Hu?" Lu Xing asked, his eyes watching Long Zexi closely.

"How do you know that name?" Long Zexi asked, his eyes turning to Lu Xing, within them wariness formed.

"You do know someone by that alias!" Lu Xing said, but the stench finally made him hold a hand over his one nose, "Let's move somewhere else before we have second round."

Everyone was on edge, but finally realized their were more important things to do.

Kuan Bo who had silently been watching everyone dawdle with their nonsense finally sighed, "I'll go upstairs and grab a mop."

Then walked past the adults, up the stairs, and finally past a door as the slam echoed through the cellar.

'Guess he does speak.' Lu Xing thought, then he glanced Long Zexi before inwardly shaking his head, 'I've got time.'
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"Alright, truce then." Lu Xing agreed.

Long Zexi stared at Lu Xing before finally nodding.

"Well then..we're already here, might as well go upstairs and check the place out." Li scratched his head before grabbing Yang Jun and Yang Jin, then pushed them towards the stairs.

Stella seemingly wanted to say something but Sho grabbed her hand and smiled at her.

She sighed.

"Fine." Stella muttered before allowing herself to be dragged away by Sho, up the stairs and out of the cellar.

Finally only Long Zexi and Lu Xing remained...

Lu Xing was getting up to leave-

"Wait..." Long Zexi said, then sighed before glancing at Lu Xing, "I..thank you."

The last bit was said in a whisper.

Lu Xing gave the boy a smile before getting up and patting off his jeans.

"How does it feel having a level 4 breakthrough in one go? Has your body settled?" Lu Xing knew Long Zexi wasn't simply sitting there for show...

The guy was quite possibly in a lot of pain.

Long Zexi winced as he shifted.

"Does it normally hurt like this?" He asked Lu Xing.

"No..this is a special case." Lu Xing said feeling sympathy for the boy, "A breakthrough should only happen after the body's recovered from a prior breakthrough..meaning, the powers with had settled and become one with the user." Lu Xing went over to him and crouched before the guy, "But we've basically bypassed all of that with you..so you're obviously going to be in alot of pain for the time being." Lu Xing's smile widened, "It'll be fine after a few days."

"Easy for you to say." Long Zexi frowned.

Suddenly Lu Xing's arms went under Long Zexi's body, causing the boy to flinch in pain, as a cascade of needle inducing like stabs coursed through his body.

Embarrassed, Long Zexi was about to protest when suddenly he was quickly lifted in a princess carry before a word could pass through his lips.

"You don't want to stay down here with all this around you." Lu Xing said as he walked without the hint of trouble.

Thinking of the puke laying around the cellar, Long Zexi's stomach turned, and the pain wracking through him left little room for him to protest.

'I hate this guy.' Long Zexi finally made up his mind, a look of resignation upon his face.

Lu Xing inwardly chuckled, the guy in his arms, appearance wise, reminded him of Liu Zhuo.

Suddenly a feeling of loneliness took hold as he thought of everyone back at the base.

Then he inwardly shook those feelings away.

'I have things to do.' Lu Xing thought to himself grimly, his thoughts turning towards bitter memories...

'I'm back...Z City.'


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