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Reincarnation as Nanobots
Author :UnlimitedAnimeWork
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11 Mikasa?

I couldn't take it anymore so I decided to ditch her.

"Here is the village, hope you like it... hey where did you go? This beautiful princess was going to give you a special reward!" The

so-called princess yelled out.

I didn't bother to say anything back as I had already decided to scatter my nanobots around the village.

The first thing I did was infiltrate into one of the villager's brains, his name was John and he was a Lackey for one of the middle tier family in this village. It turns out the person who brought me there was the daughter of the self-pronounced king of this small village which had definitely less than 3000 residents.

The so-called king said that he did not want to be pestered by these small insects so he hardly interacts with them but what John had seen of him he seemed to be a massive douchebag who talks big but is actually just trash.

"Ugh I wish there would be something new, everyone who I have met so far is too weak to contend with me." I thought as I lamented this fact.

Ugh, I won't be one of those protagonists who meet important people due to luck. I think I might try to convince a noble or something if you know what I mean.

No, I didn't mean bribe him/torture him or anything I will just completely take over his mind and control him completely, nothing much. I already knew who It should be, there was this archduke who was really close to the fake king who was apparently called Barton from what anyone knew.

I was disgusted though, absolutely disgusted this village had completely different well... How do I say this? They considered people like the Princess absolute beauty's. And people who were actually beautiful/handsome were considered ugly and trash here.

There was also someone who caught my interest, which was rather rare. There was this girl who was renowned as the ugliest girl in the village, it wasn't true at all she was absolutely beautiful but that wasn't what caught my interest. What caught my interest was that I recognized her but she wasn't supposed to be a resident of this world.

It was a girl called Mikasa, she was an orphan who was very rebellious and kept on insisting she had to go meet a kid nobody knew called Eren Jäger.

I instantly decided to investigate. Something weird was going on and my scientific curiosity was kicking in I had to find out what it was. I knew I couldn't figure it all out right away but at least from this, I knew some sort of collision of the world was happening or at least fictional characters were being reincarnated into this world.

At this point, I had already confirmed the multiverse theory but this was something weird. The universes should still be separate but it was clear that Mikasa kept her memories from the anime series I just needed to know what point in time her memories reach up to and maybe she could give me a clue.

Next minute I arrive at the orphanage. I had learned that Mikasa was found on the doorstep of the orphanage when she looked to be around 2 months old, she had nothing with her except a red scarf and swords attached to weird gadgets using wires. I knew what they were but no one else did so because they were scared of the weird gadgets with sword's they took them away from her.

I only knew that much because I infiltrated one of the smaller nobles brains. I also learned that the king was very... dumb. I mean he was so dumb it's amazing he hasn't accidentally killed himself. It just goes to show how weak everyone else in the village was if someone like him could be king.

I finally made it to the orphanage and I could see a very very very skinny old lady sweeping leaves away from the lawn. I mean it looked like stomach was just a sheet of paper. I was puzzled about how this was even possible as she would need at least something to eat to stay alive.

I scattered my nanobots around the orphanage and approached it from all sides while using a larger number to create a body of a 14-year-old VERY handsome boy if I don't say so myself and walked up to the old lady.

"Maam does a girl called Mikasa live here?" I asked innocently while inwardly cursing for having to talk to this mongrel. I didn't want to but I already found out she wasn't in the orphanage right now and I wanted to save time and find her quickly and I hoped this ugly old woman knew where she was.

"Ugly little child don't talk to this beautiful woman like that you should be on your knees kissing my feet while offering to do all my chores." She said as if it was the only right thing to do and like it was completely obvious to do something like that.

"F*ck this ugly b**ch actually wants me to do that? why doesn't she just go kill herself? Someone like me is generous enough to talk to a mongrel like her yet she says I should be bowing down and doing her chores for her?" I fume inside my head, I hadn't gotten this annoyed since I was still human. I think my humanity was slowly starting to come back but that sort of worried me as that would not be beneficial and I should probably fix this problem as soon as I could.

"Old woman it seems you don't know your place. I thought you would have some common sense but it turns out everyone in this village is just a bunch of mongrels. Now tell me where Mikoto is or die."


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