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Reincarnation isn't peaceful as you think
Author :Jonatzu
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2 Seriously?

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* ´´Ugh five more minutes mom!´´ i shouted and open my eyes slowly, but i slowly realize i'm not home so i get up quickly. ´´What is this?´´ i look at the watch.

*Safe zone is shrinking in the next three hours, please move to next nearest safe zone Yasnaya.*

´´Huh i thought this was just a fucked up dream, hmm my leg doesn't seem to be hurting anymore. So healing items instantly heal damage when they are applied, Good.´´

´´Haah, well lets check my backpack and loot some stuff´´

*Crossbow, 0 arrows*

*P18c, suppressor, extended mag.*

*76 9mm ammo.*

* energy drink, 4 bandages, med kit, 5 dry food.*

´´Well, i ain't got much, I should look around first before i move out.´´

´´Hmm i have three hours to move out i could go by car that i saw when i ran in to the garage.

hmm lets first check how many players are alive´´

*Players alive 80*

´´*Wow there was 140 left when i last checked, people been busy killing i see.´´

After one hour of looting i literally found nothing good!

´´Seriously why would someone drop here? they must be a fucking idiot... oh well what ever!!´´

´´I only found bunch of bolts, quiver, kar98k YE- with no ammo... and a Molotov and no lighter?

What is this luck seriously?´´ When i stopped complaining to my self i started to move towards the cluster of houses i saw earlier when i was dropping to Stalber.

As our little James was walking down the mountain side he came across an old rundown building that has seen better days. James was now confused there wasn't a building there in the map or in game for that fact.

´´What the hell, The God can't even create a copy of the game.

Well what the hell let's go in and have a look.´´

James walks towards the building and opens the door, he was stunned by what he saw.

There was a bonfire in the middle of the floor and a fire keep.

´´Welcome to the bonfire, Unkindled on-´´ ´´Nooope! Nope im out!´´ With that James turned around and started to walk towards his original goal and promised him self to never go back there.

When i was reaching the houses, I heard gunfire.'Must be a gun fight going on. I should flank them good thing i have a bow.'

I was near the houses and saw two people shooting at each other, one was in buildings second floor window and the other was outside behind a stone wall shooting.

'Hmm i should probably sneak the in the building first, then go for the guy outside.'

With that i started to go around the houses and made sure i wasn't seen.

When i get behind the house the guy was in, I wall climb to the second floors window.

I get in quietly and start sneaking towards the hallway and make sure there isn't any traps.

After i was sure there wasn't any traps i go to the other room the guy was in, There the guy was like a typical pubg player with only his underwear and a m249 with about 500 5.56mm ammo with him.

'Ugh What's the deal with these weird ass people dying the same day as me?' I aim my bow at his head steadily this time. ''Bing''

*BloodFallen killed UnderwearBoy with Crossbow*

'Boom head shot.' After killing the naked guy i couldn't stay there to loot him, It would take too long and the other guy outside would notice somethings off.

I climb down the window that i came in from, and started to run around the houses to flank the guy behind the wall.

I get behind a corner and peek, i see the guy was wearing a lvl 3 helmet and tier 1 pants and he just trows a grenade ´´YEET´´ in to the house i came out of. ''BOOOOM''

´´Wtf the whole house exploded and i didn't get a kill!!!´´ the armored guy shouts.

´´Well shit buddy you did a lot of damage there.´´ i stated with my crossbow and pistol aimed at his chest. ´´Who the fu-?´´ Before he could finish his sentence an arrow goes trough his chest with dozen of bullets landing on his chest too.

*Bloodfallen killed Yeet with P18c*

´´Huh that was easy... Shit! the guy blew up my precious!!! noooooo!´´

After a minute of mourning for my lost loot, i took the armored guys stuff he had his armor and a SCAR-L with 80 5.56mm ammo.

´´Sigh. Well at least i have a helmet and full set of armor now.´´ With that i started to run towards Yasnaya because i could see the zone nearing me.

After one hour of running from the zone, I arrived at Yasnayas city's edge.

I was hearing a lot of gun fire all over the city. ´´holyshit, How many people are there still alive?´´

As i check the counter *49* and there must be like 20 here!´´

´´Yeah fuck this i have to find a car and get the fuck out of here.´´

As i started to search for a car, I heard foot steps behind me. I take my crossbow and shoot behind me instantly without looking. ''Bing'' ''Pang'' ´´what?´´ Only to be blocked by a fucking frying pan!

´´'Niko Niko NEE!´´ The pan wielding weaboo shouted.

´´Shut the fuck up before i break your niko niko kneecaps!´´ I yelled at him while loading my bow.

I was done loading i fake aiming for his head, but instead aim for his chest.

''Bing'' he shields his face only for the arrow to land on his left legs kneecap. ''Cracks''

´´AAAAH! Pikachu come out!´´ he trows a round rock at me. ´´Am i a fucking joke to you?´´

''Bing'' ''Cracks'' ´´AAAHh!! Omae wa mou shindeiru!´´ He was looking at me like a mad man and yelling some bullshit at me. ´´Seriously i like anime but after seeing this, It was a fucking mistake.´´

I take my P18c and end his life for the good of us. ''pew pew''

*BloodFallen killed Itachi uchiha with P18c*

´´Huh where was his sharingan?´´ I take his pan and continue looking for a car.

After almost four hours of sneaking and searching for a car, i couldn't find one.

*Beep* Beep* Bee-* 'Shit' I silenced my watch and hear another watch near me.

I started to run back because i got and idea with the watches. i got back where i killed the weeb i pick his right hand and take his watch that was still beeping.

´´Wait a minute, what if the other watch i heard was a dead mans?´´ I face palm my self for not realizing it earlier.

´´Fuck it i haven't heard any shooting for three hours! I'm tired of sneaking around, might as well look for the car in the streets.´´ With that really stupid idea James went cockily on the street look for a car. As i get on the streets, I see a car ´´Yes finally a car!´´ I shouted out loud by accident.

Realizing i fucked up as there might be guys still here i run for the car.

I open the cars door and trow my backpack to the front seat and start the car.

´´why were the keys in place?´´ ´´Oh thank god its automatic gear lever, I don't have to use my right han-´´ ´´Pang´´

Before i could say anything else a bullet flies trough the windshield hitting my right shoulder severing my right hand completely.

´´Ahahah Yo are you fucking kidding me i still need my ARM!´´

I start the car and immediately start driving away. I needed to heal my right shoulder fast because i was bleeding to death. After driving one minute, I was good distance away and stopped the car. I immediately opened up my med kit and started to bandage up my right shoulder. the wound closes completely.

´´So God its magic now huh? What's next energy drinks replenish blood? And By the way, what fucking gun did he use to blow my whole arm off? AWM? I don't know anymore...´´

I take my energy drink out from the backpack and drank it in one go then i start driving towards Rozhok.

After 10 minutes of driving i arrive near at the back bridge of Rozhok, i don't know if there are people watching this bridge so i get out of the car and swim trough the river. After that i walk slowly in to the house next to the big garage, go up to the second floor trow my watches in the other room close the door. I my self go in to another room to sleep. ´´Fuck this Game What can i do now without an ARM! fuck it ill sleep i'm too tired....´´


*SCAR-L* *Kar98k*

*Crossbow, Quiver, 18 Arrows*

*P18c, Suppressor, extended mag*

*Tier 3 backpack and helmet, tier 2 vest, tier 1 pants*

*4 bandages, 3 Dry food*

*Ammo, 70 9mm, 80 5.56mm*

*Ammo, 0 7.62mm*


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