Risen World
-3 Character Information Lis
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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-3 Character Information Lis


Joshua James Jr. – The main character of this story. A 22 year old young African American man. Standing at six foot eight inches and built like a titan he always gave off a large presence wherever he went. Having a rather laid back personality and being easy to get along with he often takes on the moniker of a gentle giant. Even so, having learned mixed martial arts from his father and some other forms of fighting from the people around him he can go far beyond protecting himself. His dream is to become a doctor like his mother to the annoyance of his father who sees the best MMA fighter of a generation going down another path.

Joshua James Sr. – The main characters father a former MMA fighter who now owns one of the largest training gyms in the country. Standing at six foot six inches and at the age of 53 he has long since finished his career and now focuses on teaching others as a former world title holder. He loves his wife who he met at the hospital when he was younger after taking one too many hits to the head. He loves training his son who won every single fight he's entered in and often tries to get him to spend more time fighting to the irritation of his wife. He dotes on his daughter who also is a martial arts fanatic.

Allison James – The main characters mother a doctor who encourages her children to follow their dreams even if she wishes her daughter would be more lady like. Rather tall standing at six foot two inches she has a hard time keeping her fight happy husband and daughter in check. She loves that her son has decided to follow her career and encourages him every step of the way. She met her husband after he was admitted to the hospital after winning a tough fight. He was smitten with her and would come to her hospital every time he ever had any sort of injury. (Sometimes he'd just make up an excuse)

Amelia James – The main character's little sister, a 16 year old ball of energy that loves causing trouble for him. Standing at six foot tall she seems to be well on her way to being another martial artist in the family. She spends most of her time bugging her father and brother to spar with her and only seems to put any effort in to things she finds interesting. Although her father dotes on her a lot her mother balances things out by forcing her to behave properly.

Adrian Black – One of the main characters best friends, he is a 22 year old Caucasian male who is six foot two inches tall. With blond hair that fall to his shoulders he is often proclaimed an ikemen by his friends. Sadly for all the women out there he is far too interested in swordsmanship to pay attention to any long lasting romance. Having a bit of a goof ball personality and one track mind he often causes trouble for his friends in the oddest ways. After meeting Aito's father and learning kendo he not only fell in love with swordsmanship, but also a lot of things about Japanese culture. During the summer the change happened as he was on his way to japan to take part in a kendo tournament.

Aito Fujimoto – One of the main characters best friends, he is 22 years old, of Japanese decent, and stands at five foot ten inches. He grew up under the strict guidance of his father and mother who were third generation Americans. His father taught him some swordsmanship, but he took more after his mother who was an Olympian in archery. He soon went beyond that into the world of marksmanship as he followed in his father and grand father's footsteps and joined the U.S military. He spent time as a sniper during his service and when the change occurred he was in the middle of an assignment in Iran to cover a higher officer.

Henry Valdez – One of the main characters best friends is 22 years old with a Hispanic father and Italian mother. At five foot eight inches he is the shortest of the group and is often thought of as the most obsessive. He is a die hard otaku who during the change had already finished his exams early and left for Tokyo a few days ahead of Adrian. He studies video game designs and plans on working on several virtual games in the future and often spends his summers in Tokyo learning more about the anime and gaming culture he plans to work with in the future. Throughout his life he was always considered a genius and aced every test he took. The only things he liked outside of anime, strategy games, and collecting figurines was spending time with his friends.

Laura Alvarez – A young 20 year old woman who gets caught up in the apocalypse with Joshua and the others in the small town. Standing at five foot seven inches she mostly hides her appearance with a mouth mask and by wearing baggy clothes and a hooded jacket. She is rather stand offish, quiet, and spends most of her time away from everyone else. When it comes to fighting she always rushes to fight ahead of the others alongside Joshua for some strange reason.

Nathaniel Alexander – A young 17 year old boy who is rather small standing at five foot four inches. A self-proclaimed world renowned programming genius he is one of the people stuck in the village alongside Joshua and the others. He is often bullied for his small stature at school so he often skipped school to spend time learning programming on his own at home. His mother worked hard to provide for the both him and his twin sister after his father left. He hates his name and prefers to just be called Nathan.

Madalyn Wright – A 29 year old woman stuck in a violent relationship with a man she fell out of love with years ago. Although somewhat pale and sickly looking she still was extremely beautiful and stood at five foot eight inches with shoulder length straight blond hair. After marrying her "high school sweet heart" at a young age she quickly found out that was a mistake and was stuck in this small town with a man she hated. When the fall started she was given a chance to change her circumstances.

George Wright – A 30 year old man who use to be the team captain of his high school's football team. Standing at six foot four inches he peaked early in life and got the dream girl in high school. When his parents took away his future he started to blame everything on his wife and over time became abusive. His charming looks slowly started to change into a beer bellied overweight slob as he couldn't manage his farm properly and only continued to rely on his parents fortunes to live a proper life.

Mr. Clark – The mayor of the small town that the main character gets stuck in when the apocalypse starts. He is a 47 year old man that knows everyone in the small town. He helps the main character solve a lot of the eternal problems of the town members, and organize the supplies. They meet early outside of town near the gas station that the main character gets stuck at early on. From then they work to find a safe place for the remaining town's folk and survive the situation.

Dave Carsen – Is the most serious of the three Carsen brothers standing at six foot one inch tall. He keeps his hair cut short and has a nice full beard that goes well with his more built stature. He often finds himself having to rain in his two brothers either because of their randomness or their laziness.

Dillon Carsen – Is the goofiest of the three brothers. He's the tallest as well standing at six foot and two inches. He always seems to have a smile on his face and tends to do things at random sometimes causing a major headache to those around him.

Devin Carsen – Is the last of the three Carsen brothers. He stands at six foot tall and uses highlights in his hair to stand out a bit from his other brothers. He is by far and away the laziest of the brothers and is often caught taking a nap at any chance he can get.

David – A young police officer that dies before we even get to know him, what a shame...

Thomas – An older police officer that is the head of the police department of the small town. He does as much as he can to help out the people of town in the current situation, but still feels guilty about not only letting one of his subordinates die, but of some of the more dark parts of the community.

Natalie Lawson – Natalie is one of the surviving police officers in town and a rare women that is still around. She stands at only five foot five inches wearing glasses and having rather curly shoulder length hair. She is modest and honest, sometimes to a fault. She likes to believe in others and is often found encouraging the people around her.

Jacob – He is a well renowned bully in his school. Being a former football player he is in decent shape standing at six foot two inches. He isn't very bright and ended up failing several times in school so he was held back for three years already. At the age of twenty he's become a leader of his little group of thugs.

Rick – Jacob's tall and skinny crony.

Matthew – Jacob's fat and plump crony.

Sarah - A person that decided to create a news broadcast along with some of her friends. She often gives out the latest information that is going and tries to help people out of tough situations.

More characters will be added as they appear. Thanks for reading my story.


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