Risen World
-2 Character List Volume 2
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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-2 Character List Volume 2


Thoren Greybeard – An old and grumpy dwarf that has taken it upon himself to be the main person over Earth's ascension in the eyes of the system. He stands at around four feet tall, but his physique is rather robust for someone of his age. His hair is grey and his beard extends all the way down to his stomach with braided patterns throughout. Just like many other dwarves he has a bit of an extreme drinking problem, but he is extremely quick witted even when drunk. He decided to train Joshua for the future and some people think it might be just so he could get a break from working as the patriarch of the dwarven race.

Naomi Alexander –She is Nathan's twin sister that looks almost exactly the same as her brother if not for her longer hair and more womanly figure. She is more laid back than her brother, but is just as fanatic about anything to deal with metal work or mechanics as her brother is about programming. She becomes a good friend of the group right away and plans to work with her brother in the future to create their own support guild

Vivian Alexander – Vivian is the mother of both Naomi and Nathaniel and is a rather short woman who would do anything to protect her two children. She was incredibly thankful for Joshua taking care of her son throughout the first phase and is happy that her two children are becoming close to him and his other friends.

Marlow – As a member of the horned race, Marlow has a rather intimidating appearance. He stands at six foot six inches and physically is as large stature wise as Joshua. He has rather long and wild white hair that is kept out of his face due to the curved horns on his forehead. He has a rather tanned skin tone and is an easy going person that prides himself in being a dependable tank. He is the grandson of the matriarch of the horned race and is a bit of a muscle head that trains Joshua in body conditioning and use of a new weapon.

Ysildea Thevaris – A tall elf that is only a bit shorter than Joshua and has a rather motherly disposition in almost all occasions. Even though she is as old as Thoren she still retains her beauty with her long golden hair and well defined face. She is the matriarch of the elves and has come along to help Joshua in his training in the ways of using aura. As an elementalist she is one of the few people in the universe that can train him properly.

Thalia Greybeard– A short dwarven woman that is the granddaughter of Thoren. She takes care of most of the work her grandfather puts off and has an extremely calming disposition that sometimes make people wonder how she could possibly be related to Thoren. She will be the one to keep in contact with the people of earth as her grandfather goes back to his normal duties.

Faelar Thevaris – An elf that is just about as tall as Joshua, but has a far frailer frame that is in line with his race. He has long golden hair that is neatly tied into a ponytail behind his head and he has the usual long ears that accompany almost all elves. He is the grandson of Ysildea and will be the one taking over her duties as she goes back to her usual role as the matriarch of the elves. He is a rather stern person that can be fairly straight forward and just like most elves he has looks that could put models to shame.

Garlin – She is the matriarch of the horned race and the grandmother of Marlow. Her race doesn't use last names but instead uses clan names that she hasn't been privy to explain to Joshua at this point. She is a rather lazy and straight forward person that goes around doing whatever she feels like most of the time. The only time she seems to come to life is when she is both drinking and enjoying herself or during a fight. She is a terror on the battlefield and fights like a crazed person which scares away most people that don't know her well enough.

Buster – Buster is the soul beast of Joshua and is a Fenrir pup. He is extremely excitable and easily gets along with Joshua after their first meeting. As Joshua grows stronger so does Buster. He is about the size of a small dog even though he was just recently born and has four front legs along with two distinct golden horns with black tips on its head. His fur is dense with long silver strands that act as an armor do to how strong they are and even as a pup the little guy has so much aura throughout its body that other aura sensitive creatures can sense its potential.

Isabella Wright – A young woman that has worked her way up through the ranks of Madalyn's guild. She is on the shorter side and stands around five foot three inches. Her hair is slowly turning from a blond to a pure white color and she keeps it trimmed short to just above her shoulders. She has a rather serious look on life and has a strict personality. Over the years sense Madalyn started her own guild Isabella is the main reason it has been able to run so smoothly behind the scenes.

Theodore Walker – A tall and lanky young man who stands around six foot two inches. He has short black hair with a purple tinge to its edges ad he wears a highly overpriced pair of glasses and clothing to prove to others that he is above them. He comes off as smug even during situations where he doesn't have any sort of advantage and he is known to hold grudges against people that spurn him. Do to his background he has been able to move up in the world government guild rather quickly even if he isn't much of a fighter.

Lilian Ellis – She is a rather short girl that stands at about five foot three inches and has curly platinum blond hair that frames her face and goes a little ways past her shoulders and down her back. She has light blue eyes that seem to see more than they let on based off of the way she acts. She usually seems to have a care free and somewhat ditsy personality most of the time, but she is smarter than she lets on. She joins up with Joshua in his explorations and she has the ability to tame beast to fight alongside her. The only problem is she often gives them cringe worthy names and glares at Joshua when he doesn't say them.

Mr. Floppy – Lilly's First pet partner. A pink rabbit that has the power to heal and hid it's and nearby allies presence as long as they don't attack.

Mrs. Floppy – The same exact beast as Mr. Floppy but a female instead. When Lilly gets another one of the rabbits Joshua worries that the pair will start breeding the moment they are given the chance.

Mr. Hoppy – A large frog that Lilly tamed that has the ability to use its tongue to grab enemies and spit out large blobs of acid. Unlike the other frogs that lived in the marsh area this one actually has the ability to evolve further.

Lizard – A normal oversized lizard that Joshua pretty much had to force Lilly to tame sense it doesn't have anything special.

Tank – After being saved by Lilly and Joshua Tank decides to become Lilly's partner. He is the first beast that either of them have seen be able to talk through his aura and he explains the situation of how the world has changed to them. He is a giant four stories tall turtle that gets his name for basically being the ultimate tank.

Bryce Ellis- He is a short man that stands at around five foot five inches tall. He has short light brown hair and a rather rugged face with all the stubble he allows to build up. He has hazel colored eyes and often uses them to glare at anyone that looks at his daughter in a weird way. He is an extremely overprotective father and since veterinarians aren't exactly needed in the new world for the time being he is struggling to make ends meet for his family.

Lauren Ellis- A near splitting image to Lilly if not only a little more mature looking. Lauren has long platinum blond hair that she ties up in a ponytail. She has the same light blue eyes and even has a rather similar care free personality as her daughter. Don't let that fool you though since her smile in the right circumstances can be quite terrifying, just ask Bryce.

Trevor Ellis- Lilly's little brother that is eight years old. He looks a lot like his father with the same light brown hair and judging by the rest of his family he doesn't have much hope at getting all that tall. He is nervous around new people, but can be energetic after you get to know him.

Jayce- Is a knight that Joshua and Lilly meet with while training in the insect forest. He is a big guy by most standards as he stands six feet four inches tall and is built like a bear. He has short brown hair and a perpetual smile on his face with his upbeat attitude towards things. He is the leader of his group up five and turns out to be Joshua's first avid fan.

Allen- Allen is the spear-men of Jayce's group and a bit of a Casanova in the looks department with his flowing locks of golden hair and deep blue eyes he's often considered eye candy for most women. He stands at a solid six feet which allows him to use the range of his spear fairly well and Joshua thinks he's fairly similar to an elf with his looks and stoic personality.

Marcus- Marcus is the short guy of his group standing at five foot five inches though he will always shout and scream that's the average height. He has darker skin tone and is of Hispanic descent. He often wears a mask to help with his stealth and is the thief of the group who works on mapping and trap detection. He usually works as the go in between of the front line and back line of his group and changes positions based on the circumstances.

Monika- She is the healer of Jayce's group and has a rather shy personality. She has shoulder length wavy red hair that frames her face along with freckles that help give her a distinct look. She has light green eyes and a slim figure in a similar manner as Lilly since they're both shorties standing at five foot three inches. She is diligent when it comes to taking care of her group, but is a complete nervous wreck when talking to new people.

Julia- She's been good friends with Jayce for a long time and she's the mage of the group. She's on the taller side standing at five foot nine inches and if anyone had to describe her they would definitely go with cool beauty. She has long straight purple hair and wore a stylish pair of glasses that gave her the feel of a librarian. She has a vindictive streak in her and sets Jayce right whenever he gets off track.

Cinder- A giant spider in the shape of a black widow with certain distinct differences do to her being a variant beast. Cinder is an enormous spider with control of over fire properties. She is still a child and doesn't have enough control over her aura to speak like Tank does, but she has a lot of potential and will grow into an extraordinary beast in the future and one of Lilly's main partners.

Robert- A knight that has spent a lot of his time at the ant hill. He is regarded as a leader among many of the people who train there and is looked upon as a great guide for new comers. He opposes the members of the Raider's Guild in the area and tries to prevent them from tricking people into joining their guild.

Derrick- The leader of the members of the Raider's Guild in the ant hill area. He has been there for months recruiting new members for his guild and trying to find the dungeon in the ant hill. He's a bit two faced and conniving, but in the end he is a person that will do anything to get what he wants.


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