Risen World
88 Chapter 34: Creating a Support Guild
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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88 Chapter 34: Creating a Support Guild

Nathan was nearly skipping his way through the city as he was overly excited about what he was about to do. If it wasn't for his sister walking beside him he might have actually danced his way to his destination, but for now he would have to settle for a simple fast walk and smug smile. He could barely get any sleep last night and judging by the bags under his sister's eyes he wasn't the only one. For all the calm and laid back persona that Naomi tried to give off, she was just as excited as he was.

The pair of siblings were headed to the job center, but this time around they weren't there to get a job, but instead were going to create their own guild and start the process of becoming the greatest support guild in the world. Of course they wouldn't be able to do that on their own, but with the head start they were about to have on all the other possible support guilds in the near future they would have a great chance of establishing themselves going forward. The only other people even close to being able to create a support guild were a few lone support job holders that had put all their attention into grinding their job for experience. Those type of people were already at a disadvantage sense Nathan was given a giant head start due to getting first place in the first phase for support roles.

To put in to perspective Nathan was a good couple of levels ahead of everyone in his training, and was the first person to be able to open a store in the first place. At first it was just him and he was able the enchant equipment from the system for people that came through their shop. This became decently popular right away sense it was a cheaper way to improve gear without having to replace it all. By the time other people were getting to the point where they could open their own stores and give him some competition his sister was finished with her training and was able to help him out. At that point not only was he able to enchant equipment for people, but his sister was able to design more specific weaponry for beginner level combatants and more experienced explorers alike.

With people like Adrian using his store frequently he was able to gain a lot of attention and soon enough he became the first person to create a business that was successful enough to be the flagship for a guild. The only people even close were the world government guild, and they didn't have any support class personnel that were high enough level or that had enough reputation to form a support guild. That's why Nathan was so happy about today, he was going to be the first person to go down this path and hopefully he and his sister would be the ones who got the furthest in the end.

The Job Center was as busy as usual with all sorts of people moving in and out of the place. The twins quickly made their way inside and towards an open space where they could register what they came to do for the day. After picking guild creation in the menu that appeared a door materialized in front of them and they went inside together. The room it lead to was a small private room with another screen for them to browse through on the information they needed to start their support guild. The two of them were surprised that they instantly came to a road block that they hadn't expected when the first thing the system asked them for was what the name of the guild would be.

"So uh….what exactly are we going to name it?" Naomi asked, but before Nathan could respond she caught herself and glared at him for a moment. "Don't you dare suggest naming it after some sort of game."

Nathan frowned a bit to the point where it was close to pouting like he was a child and someone had snatched his toy away from him. "Oh come on, there are so many cool games we could name the guild after. It might even attract some people to come join up." He tried to plead his case, but Naomi was having none of it.

"Oh please, you don't have to name it after a game just for that. We should name it after something that is personal to the both of us. So it can't be too much in favor of either of us." She said causing both of them to go into their thinking possess as they tried to figure out the best name to use for a guild they planned to keep around for years to come. Then it clicked for the both of them and they turned to each other and shouted out at the same time.

"Vivi's Guild!"

It was a simple name that was based after their mother's name. Something they could both agree on, but Nathan had a bit of a cunning smile as he typed in the name of the guild and watched the system accept it. "You know Naomi one of my favorite video game characters was named Vivi after all"

"Names don't count. Just about every name could come from a video game or movie anyways. It's named after mom and that's all that matters." She simply replied before looking over the rest of the stuff they had to go through. In the end it was mostly a bunch of assigned positions for people on the guild that they would figure out later when they all met up to discuss the topic. The only thing they put down for good was the fact that the two of them were co-guild masters. After finishing up when they looked at each other's information they could see Vivi's Guild in bright gold under their names with a star next to it. This was to show which guild they were affiliated with and also the star showed that they were both considered guild masters.

Soon they made their way back to their shop to start business for the day like usual. Even though they had just created a brand new guild the back bone of the guild would be their business after all. Within half an hour of the store opening up it was filled with people coming in to get new gear or have Nathan enchant what they already had. Unless it was a taxing enchantment it wouldn't take very long for him to do it so he had no problem doing several in one day. In the future he would have to hire more people though as their business continued to grow. After creating a guild the shop actually had a sign in its information window that showed it was connected to the guild which brought in a lot of curious people that wanted to know more about the guild.

By the end of the day Nathan had a bunch of interviews lined up for people that wanted to join his guild and work for him. This was the effect of having a guild. Being in a guild automatically increased experience gained from just about everything by ten percent. The fact that this would be the first support guild would get him a lot of people in several fields that will come along wanting to be a part of a guild, but for now he was going to spend some time talking with the others beforehand to make sure they don't get tangled up with the wrong people.

It was closing time when a few familiar faces entered the store causing Nathan's smile to brighten up. The man at the front hadn't changed much sense the last time he had seen him in the looks department, but the feeling he gave off was completely different. Looking at him felt like looking at a blade, it was just a feeling he gave off that put a subtle pressure in the air for everyone to feel. If Nathan didn't know personally how much of a goofball Adrian could be he would have a hard time hanging around him.

The next person to enter was the silent type that for the most part faded into the background whenever in a group. The only thing that stood out for Aito was the fact that his once calm and collected appearance now had one thing added to it that would grab others people's attention. His eyes were now piercing as if he could see right through you and whenever his gaze landed on you it would always feel somewhat unsettling. It didn't come as a surprise to Nathan after getting to know him that Aito preferred using guns in combat and was crazy about them. Over the past year he had enchanted several different guns for him and their relationship grew from their interactions.

The last person to enter the store was now one of Nathan's best friends. The man was still short in comparison to the rest of the members of his group and he had a bit of a gloomy atmosphere about him that only seemed to grow even drearier as he spent time with his soul beast. Henry and Nathan would spend a lot of time discussing different ways to use enchantments all the time sense they had similar jobs. Although Nathan's job was a support role and Henry's was combat oriented, in the end they were both enchanters.

The group of three made their way over to the counter where Nathan was waiting before Henry decided to speak first. "Judging by that title you've got under your name I guess you and your sister must have gone and finally registered for a guild right?" Henry asked getting an excited nod from Nathan in return. "Good it'll help us all out in the long run."

"Yeah we're already getting applications from several people that want to join up." Nathan replied with a bright smile.

"That's not all that surprising. I mean who wouldn't want to join a guild and make their lives easier." Adrian said with a bright smile. When Nathan gave him a look that seemed to say 'oh really now'. "Well I guess except for us, but that's beside the point. People would want to join a guild for the experience boost alone. All the other perks of having people to work with and such just makes it even more enticing."

"Well you need to be careful." Aito spoke up grabbing the others attention. "Not everyone wanting to join will be in it for the good of their hearts. I'm sure there will be some with bad intentions."

"That's true, I wouldn't be surprised if a few of them work as spies for other guilds. They would probably join to cause issues to keep your guild from getting to big a head start on other support guilds that they were planning to establish." Henry explained. "That's especially true for the World Government Guild. They've been crazy trying to create a support guild to back up their combat one and establish themselves more financially, but you're little guild will be considered a thorn in their side."

"Oh please we're going to be much more than just a thorn in their side." A voice came from the back room before Naomi made her appearance carrying a box full of metal and leather gloves with her. She set the box off to the side before joining the conversation. "They're already trying to place themselves above other combat guilds, but now that we have a good start they'll be hard pressed to continue flaunting their resources as much."

"True having a support guild at our backs will make it easier for our group to stay ahead of them in so many ways, but we shouldn't antagonize them too much for now." Aito said coolly. "They might not be able to attack you're support guild outright sense violence isn't allowed in the hub cities, but they can use other means to hinder you. Not to mention they will probably try to hinder guilds you're affiliated with, but lucky for us Laura and Madalyn are in an alliance that is strong enough to head them off."

"Well we'll probably gather everyone up for a meeting after Joshua gets back. We'll decide what the best way to go about things then is. For now will just register the people we know we can trust and build our guild slowly." Nathan said with a smile. "Are you guys going to stay back for a while this time around?"

"Yeah, we just finished exploring a dungeon so it will take a while for us to train up our stats after the couple of levels we gained this time around. Besides we haven't seen Joshua in a while and want to see how things are going for him." Adrian replied.

"Meh, I'm sure he's fine, probably challenging himself in some ridiculous way as we speak. By the end of the year he'll probably catch up enough to go dungeon diving with us." Henry simply replied.

"What makes you so sure?" Nathan asked.

"Simple, he's a freak when it comes to combat and training. In a world like this, Joshua will stand out easily." Henry said. "Besides If he can beat his sister already then it won't take long for him to reach our levels, and then we can finally take on some harder dungeons. Not having a tank is hell."

Nathan simply smiled at that comment before the group descended in to talks about different things. They closed up shop and were going to head out and eat together, so they could enjoy themselves while they caught up on things.


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