Risen World
128 Chapter 74: Raider“s Guild Leader
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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128 Chapter 74: Raider“s Guild Leader

On a rather empty street of one of the hub city's there was a middle scale guild building with a decent amount of people coming in and out of it. This building was kept far away from the regular busy streets of the hub city and it wasn't too hard to figure out the reason for that. Just about every person that came in out of the guild looked like they lived on the rough side of life. Many of the members had either the stench of blood on them well before the world changed or were into the seeder industries of the world and the Raider's Guild was clearly a place for them to be able to congregate together.

The building itself was on the small side for a guild since the location wasn't exactly prime for such an organization and the chances of you finding someone outside of the guild trying to come to a place for a visit was slim to none. Surprisingly today wasn't the case for that as someone unusual was well on their way to the place. Inside the building there wasn't the usual set up with reception desk for new members to apply but it seemed more like a bar if anything else. Someone was serving drinks and giving out information for members while others were either chatting at tables with one another or playing some pool at the pool tables that were set up for some entertainment.

The place felt like a back alley bar so it came as no surprise that the people that were there were either drunk half the time or getting into fights. The place smelt of smoke and alcohol most of the time and sometimes puke if someone had been having a bad enough day. Above the meeting area were a few rooms where higher members of the guild had offices to bring in people. These offices were often given to members of the guild that had a chance of moving up higher through the ranks and were in charge of groups in different areas of the country. The Raider's Guild was a medium scale guild in the United States area and many other guilds new them for their bad behavior and crooked ways.

Before his death Derrick was a part of the people that had an office in this area. He was over the group of the guild that used the Ant Hill for both training new recruits and trying to gain a new dungeon for the guild to use as a full on training grounds with benefits. Derrick was well known for moving up the ranks of the guild do to his ability and his two faced way of dealing with people. Both things were welcomed in a group such as theirs, but now he was dead and there were several people clamoring to take his position. The news had come recently as the surviving group from the ant hill had come back and had been made to report on the situation. Of course the higher ups weren't happy about how things turned out, but it was just one little thing they had to deal with so they put it to the back of their minds.

On the floor above them were three more offices, but these were of a different stature. The three people that took up office on this floor were the three leaders that answered directly to the boss and were all extremely important to the guild in some form or another. At the moment two of these members were away on business, but one of them had checked in to have a discussion with the boss of the guild. This man was known as Seven. He didn't go by a real name and most people weren't sure if he even remembered his real name in the first place. Before the world changed Seven had been a hit man that had been working alongside the boss of the guild for many years. He was rather young still being in his early thirties, but he had quickly made his way up in the industry and had taken to working exclusively for their boss after a while.

At the moment Seven was making his way towards the top floor of the building to have a discussion with his boss. Appearance wise you couldn't say much about Seven. He kept most of his appearance hidden with a large mask that covered his entire face and his clothes covered pretty much all of his body. The only sign of what kind of job he held was the two daggers he had on his waist that glistened brightly whenever he walked by a source of light. His hair fell down past his shoulders and was tied into a pony tail to keep it from getting in the way at all times. He even kept his hands covered in gloves so it was extremely difficult to make out anything about Seven. The only thing people tended to remember was the long dark black hair and the smile on his mask whenever he came for his mark.

He made his way towards the top office and when he got to the entrance of the room he knocked before opening the door and heading inside. The room was rather spacious in comparison to most other places in the guild building. It had a nice large red rug over the wooden flooring with book cases along the walls that stood out of place with all the other sights you could find in the building. In the middle of the room was a rather larger desk with a large man sitting behind it. This man was in a black tailored suit and for all intents and purposes looked clean and ready for a night out on the town, but when you looked at his figure that thought would fly right out of your head.

The man sitting before Seven was definitely bulky and a bruiser at that. He was on the tall side standing at six foot five inches and for the most part kept himself clean shaven, even what little hair would have been on his head was completely shaved off and polished to the point where the top of his head shined brightly whenever met with light. His face wasn't exactly a pretty sight with the several sets of scars that could be found on it. He had a couple long blade cuts that ran down along his check and another that ran across his forehead. One of the cuts split up one of his eyebrows which gave him an even more distinctive look and it was likely that his body probably had an assortment of scars as well. He had a rather large chin that pointed outward and his nose was a bit crooked from all of the fights he had been through. It had been fixed several times, but even so it still looked a bit off.

Even with all that the one thing people would notice about his boss was the fact that he had deep brown eyes that always seemed to stare right through you. Even with his mask on Seven always felt naked whenever in front of this man and it wasn't a pleasant feeling. "What are you here for this time Seven?" His boss asked as he looked up from his paper work to stare directly into Seven's face even with the mask on. "It's not about the ant hill incident is it?"

"Not this time boss, it's about an offer someone is coming to pitch us today. In fact they should be here fairly soon." Seven said with what sounded like a neutral voice. No one could tell much from his voice since it sounded as though it was automated and that was exactly what Seven wanted. "It's someone from the World Government Guild boss."

"Hmm, what do you think about them Seven, you've always been a good judge of character." The large man said as he leaned back in his chair with a subtle frown on his face.

"I don't know. I haven't dealt with any of them personally myself, but from what I've heard about them they're not to be trusted. They tend to show you the cake in an offer but only hand out a slice in the end, if even that much." Seven calmly explained. His body hadn't moved into any sort of position that could give away his feelings.

"Hmm, that's not all that surprising. They're run by politicians after all, most of them rely on their words to get what they want in the end. They're all just snakes in this new world not really anything threatening to us." The boss said with a slight smile at the thought before he chuckled when he thought of something else. "Although I guess I shouldn't compare them to snakes. There is a fairly powerful snake with her own guild that could take offense to that."

"That is true, Madalyn is in control of one of the strongest guilds in the United States, and I definitely wouldn't compare her cunning to those of the World Government Guild. They're just not in the same class." Seven simply replied. Before the conversation could continue there was a knock at the door before someone shouted from the other side.

"Boss there is someone from the World Government Guild here to talk to you. Do you want me to bring him up now or are you busy?"

"Go ahead and bring him up. Let's see what exactly he has to say." The boss said before Seven and he could hear another pair of footsteps approach before the door was opened. A rather frail and skinny looking man walked into the room with an arrogant disposition. The man introduced himself as Theodore Walker and Seven stood by his boss's side as the two started to have their conversation. Seven could tell by the body language that the man before them carried himself like he thought he was better than them. He was a foolish person that thought his position gave him power and all though that was true to a certain extent Seven had seen the look of a man with similar beliefs crumble when he realized his position did not equate to actual strength.

As a hit man Seven had killed several politicians who had similar personalities as this Theodore and one thing they all had in common was the fact they couldn't believe that there was someone else that could simply take all the power they had away with a simple knife or gun. Theodore was definitely a perfect example of that type of person and Seven simply glanced at the man's level of forty-nine and felt that it showed his arrogance even more. He hadn't even reached the fifties yet he was acting like he was above the two people in front of him that could tear him apart in seconds. Theodore didn't admit any sense of strength and Seven couldn't care less about him so all he did was listen in on the conversation without providing any input.

His boss on the other hand paid attention to every word the man said. He didn't give off any sort of acknowledgment towards Theodore or any sort of feeling that he would agree, he simply listened. Seven could tell the silence was beginning to get to Theodore and in the end he finished his pitch and left closing the door behind him. "So what do you think?" The boss asked Seven.

"He is weak and only wants to use our strength. I presume he has probably made similar deals to other guilds." Seven simply replied.

"That is true, most people like him are weak, but I hear there is a new member in the World Government Guild that is beginning to turn things around for them."

"So do you plan to join them on this expedition? They probably don't plan on allowing anyone else to get much out of it." Seven said as he turned to look at his boss.

"Oh don't you worry about that. Whether they end up succeeding or not I'll make sure we will end up getting something out of it. I always do." His boss said before turning back to his work. Seven simply nodded before heading out of the room. He knew what his boss said was true, he always got what he was after no matter the cost and seven was going to make sure that was the case.


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