Risen World
150 Chapter 96: James Town...Really?
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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150 Chapter 96: James Town...Really?

After having decided not to let anyone in to the town outside of certain people he specified, Joshua was interrupted from his thoughts when Lilly asked him a surprising question. "So what are we going to name the place? Honestly I have no idea what this town used to be called and apparently the system didn't care enough to keep the name under file." She said as she looked through the system message. Joshua had gotten a bit ahead of himself in his thinking so he turned to her as he started to think of a name for the place instead of what to do with it.

\t"I'm not sure, honestly I'm not all that great at making creative names or anything. If it were possible I probably would have let someone else name it, but…" Joshua started to say something, but decided to hold himself back since it was a bit rude to Lilly. He didn't want to say that her naming sense was terrible, but he was fairly sure just about all of her pets would agree.

\t"Well then how about we just name it James Town after your last name?" Lilly simply said which surprised Joshua. It was a rather novel idea that was straight to the point. He couldn't actually name it after his guild since he didn't know what he was going to name his guild in the end. Then he could always just stick to the pattern Laura and Madalyn had started and name his guild after his soul beast, but he wasn't sure of that at the moment. Plus whatever town he named after his guild wasn't going to be a little town like this one. He'd probably save that for the first city his guild took over. "So what do you think of that name? Simple right?"

\tJoshua was brought out of his thoughts with her follow up questions. "Well…you do realize that James Town was the name of one of the first American settlements way back before the United States was even a country right?" He asked wondering if she was trying to be a little historical about the naming. Judging by the brightening of her eyes he was certain that the thought hadn't even crossed her mind before Joshua brought it up in the first place.

\t"That makes it even better! No one else has named their territory that up to this point. It's all just been overly complex names as if they were trying to sound cool or something. I mean the Town of Fallen Angels? Really? Who comes up with names like that?" Lilly said as she looked over the map to see some names of already established territories. Joshua smiled at her comment a little bit as he realized that would be something someone like Henry would have come up with.

\t"Well I guess we can go with James Town then. I didn't really have anything else in mind anyways." Joshua said before entering the name into the system and watching it immediately pop up on the map a few seconds later. The place was listed as barred off at the moment so no one would be able to enter it, but they would know that someone had cleared the area even if they didn't know who. Joshua knew that meant that he had pretty much started the timer for someone to come and try to challenge him for the territory in sixth months. Luckily he wouldn't have to worry about large guilds since there were rules against large guilds taking over the territories of smaller guilds. The only way a large guild could attack him would be if he had attacked them first, but he didn't plan on aggravating any other groups any time soon.

[Congratulations on forming your first territory. James Town will now be put on the map for all to see, you can remain anonymous until the six month period ends. During this time it is suggested that you build up your town and register it with a guild or alliance going forward. For the moment only small scale guilds and other independent groups can attack your territory. This will change if you attack a larger guild signaling that you consider yourself a large scale guild. This will also change if you form a guild and it gathers more than a certain amount of members. Now the territory building panel shall be opened on the map part of the system. You can tap on that to enter it and begin the process of rebuilding your territory.]

\tJoshua immediately clicked on the tab and enlarged it while putting it to public view so that Lilly and Tank could both see it as well. The map showed a detailed lay out of the town and about a half a miles way outside of it. It was all considered a part of the territory and Joshua could see that the mountains reached all the way to the outer most part of his new land. Now he was certain that no one else would be able to get into the zones that were surrounded by the mountains without either coming through his territory, which was impossible, or climbing through the mountains.

\tHe then widen the map to see what levels the zones that were blocked off by his territory were. Since he had cleared the town he could now see the levels of the two closest zones. The first was level forty-five while the second was a level fifty zone. Since the other three territories were further away he couldn't tell their levels at the moment, but he was certain they were probably of a higher level since they were further removed from the town. The further an area is from a town or city the more wild it becomes and the stronger the beast inside are.

\t"Now that we've claimed this town all of these zones are ours to grind for experience for the next six months without any complications. Looking at the level of the first two I'm sure the rest will be high enough level for us to train with alongside Adrian and the others." Joshua explained getting a slight nod from Lilly.

\t"So then are we going to do the level forty-five area next before heading back? You did plan to stay out here almost an entire two more weeks after all." Lilly asked.

\t"Well I think we'll save that area for Jayce and his group to explore when they reach that level. It shouldn't take them more than a couple of months to reach that point and having a training ground for them to proceed in our guild area will be perfect. Instead we will go for the level fifty area then head back after we're done exploring it. That should give us a few days of rest before meeting up with Adrian and the others." Joshua said with a grin. It was clear that he was looking forward to meeting up with his friends and adventuring together.

\t"If that's the case why don't we just do both areas ourselves? We have nearly two weeks, it doesn't usually take us all that long you know."

\t"That would be the case, up to this point the higher level we get the longer dungeons are going to start to take. After level fifty the dungeons become week long explorations instead of a couple days. So after reaching level forty with another run of this town dungeon will go to the level fifty area, test ourselves against the monsters there, then we'll clear the dungeon and head back to the hub city for a well-deserved break." Joshua explained finally getting a look of understanding from Lilly.

\t"That sounds fine, but I guess we can worry about that later. For now we need to figure this rebuilding system out." She said as Joshua tapped on the tab that opened the rebuilding system. The first thing Joshua noticed about the system was that the lay out was broken into three parts. The first part was a clearing portion that would clear out any structures within a territory for a specific price. There were individual structures that could be cleared out or you could pay a large enough amount to simply have all the buildings in the town removed. That was the option Joshua was going to go with first and the cost honestly wasn't all that high. It was only a couple hundred thousand system points when he had millions of them at this point on his own.

\tThe second section was for building structures to put in the territory. This section had all sorts of structures that cost different amounts. Even so everything they could build was restricted to things that could fit properly inside a town. There were no skyscraper options available, but instead the tallest building was only four stories tall at most and that was a town hall. He wasn't surprised by this and was actually kind of relieved. He wasn't looking forward to when he took over a city in the future. It would be like playing one of those city builder games where you had to watch your budget. Maybe he could hire someone for that sort of job in the future or just let henry do it? In fact at that moment Joshua decided to only put up some basic things for the town for now and let henry design the rest. He was always better at those sort of things than anyone else he knew.

\tThe last portion of the building system was designed for setting up protections for your territory. There were of course options that Joshua already knew about such as robot security, barriers, and automated gun defenses which were all on the top of Joshua's list to purchase. Alongside of all of that there were also some other interesting things that could be used to protect the area. There was a drone system that would watch over the surrounding areas with a hub security building for the town to alert Joshua if anything harmful was approaching the territory ahead of time. There was also a special defense system that was available to them because of Lilly. It was a beast integration system that created a stable for beast that would protect the town. Lilly could bring in beast that she tamed and place them inside it for protection of the town. These beast would grow in level with the town and at the moment there was a limit of a hundred beast that could be out of the stable at the same time, but not a limit on how many beast the stable could take care of.

\tAll in all there were a ton of different security measures for Joshua to choose from and now they had another reason for Lilly to tame monsters. Although she could only use four at a time with this new system she could place her extras in the stable and have them level while protecting the city. For creatures such as the lizard which she barely ever used she had a new use for them and that was a good thing. Apparently as long as you kept the stable stocked with supplies to take care of the creatures then it would take care of the rest for you.

\tAfter looking through everything Joshua figured out what he was planning to do before turning to Lilly to explain things. "Alright then now that we know what all this stuff is for I've got a few ideas going forward. First we'll have the system clean the town out in full and since it takes twelve hours for the process to finish we can do another run through the dungeon while that is happening. That way we can reach level forty in that time frame." Joshua explained getting a nod from Lilly.

\t"That makes sense, then we can come back and select the next thing we want the system to do for us right?" She asked.

\t"Yep, that's when we'll have the system start to build two things for us before we head off to the level fifty area. The first thing we'll have it build is a wall around the territory as a defensive measure with gun turrets along it to take care of beast or invaders when the time comes. We'll also need those types of guns to take care of flying enemies that might try to come into the area from the mountains. Lastly we'll have a barrier generator built alongside it." Joshua said getting a confused look in return.

\t"You don't plan on building up all of the buildings now to get a head start on that?"

\t"Definitely not, I'm not an architect so I'll either hier someone that was good at that kind of stuff in the past to help out or I'll have Henry set it up. He likes that kind of stuff anyways." Joshua said with a chuckle getting a smile from Lilly in return. "So let's get things started."

\tHe pushed the button to pay for the system to clear out the area and watched as the building around them started to be torn apart and pulled into portals up in the air. They watched the strange scene for a moment, but decided to get out of the way before anything could happen to them. Joshua took the lead and led the group back into the dungeon for another round.


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