Risen World
172 Chapter 118: Blue Prints Revealed
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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172 Chapter 118: Blue Prints Revealed

After entering the walls all that was there to see was a large amount of land with nothing but dirt and rocks on the ground. Henry did take notice of the robot soldier station built next to the wall along with the stables which he planned to inspect a bit more in a moment, but outside of that and the barrier that was being made by a generator placed in the robot guard station there was nothing but space to work with.

"Well I think it was a good idea for you to place the stables and guard post near the wall. It would make for easy access and the robots will be able to go out and guard the town without having to rush all the way from the center of the territory. A few minutes could make a large difference in the long run." Henry said as he looked over things. "I'd also say it was a good call to put the generator inside one of the robot outpost although I'd probably put some additional things around it to protect it. Luckily it's on the side of the town closer to the mountains and not the one at the front that is opened to attacks."

"Yeah I thought it best to put it there since it would be impossible for people to scale the mountains and attack from there without being swarmed by birds the entire time and giving away their location. Plus the backside could be attacked from beast from the zones surrounded in the mountain range so I don't want it there just in case that side ever got overwhelmed by a surge of animals at some point." Joshua explained his reasoning.

"I'm sure the turrets can handle that for the most part, but it is good to be safe. Now we just have to worry about the design of everything else. I'm going to save a map lay out of the area and figure it out a bit before I start doing too much, but I have a good idea of some of the things I'd like to do going forward." Henry said before he walked towards the stables. Lilly and the others had already headed inside as they grew tired of listening to the conversation while Lilly wanted to show everyone all of her pets.

They walked in on a scene of Lilly and Amy playing around with some of the dogs while Adrian seemed excited about meeting the horses more than the dogs. Amy was already trying to ride on the back of one of the German Shepherds which Joshua had to admit looked pretty cool. He could see how the dogs could be used as mounts in some cases do to their size, but for the most part they were going to be scouts for the area instead. The horses on the other hand were fairly big to ride on, but they would be able to travel for longer distances once you got used to it, plus they would be able to carry a lot more with them.

"Well for now I'll just keep the map lay out and start designing the town a little bit on my own. Besides we'll have to check and see if any of the blue prints you got will be useful in building the town and all." Henry said getting everyone's attention.

"By the way have any of you guys gotten blue prints before?" Lilly asked. "This was the first time Joshua and I have come across such things while exploring dungeons."

"Nope haven't seen a single one before." Amy said with a cheery smile as she finally got off the dog and gave it some meat as a treat. "Though apparently Laura and Madalyn have gotten several while exploring higher level dungeons."

"That's not surprising, the only time you can find those things are in level fifty dungeons or higher." Aito said as he looked towards Adrian. "This idiot lucked out and got a blue print for a new type of short sword. He's got Naomi working on it at the moment and making him a new pair of swords."

"Hey it's all in the luck stat man. I've got thirty-five points in my luck so things just tend to go my way from time to time." Adrian said with a big grin that started to falter a bit when Lilly started laughing.

"Well then I guess it's a good thing that Joshua is the one who collected all of the blue prints we found then. His luck stats over a hundred already. He gets lucky all the time." She said as she smirked at Joshua.

"Hey it's more than just luck when it comes to me." Joshua said with a frown before turning back to Henry. "Well, have you guys found any blue prints that will be useful for a town?"

"Not really at this point. Just about everything we've found has either been for some sort of armor piece or some sort of weapon. We did find a cool sniper rifle blue print for Aito, but we haven't found all the, materials we need for it quite yet. "Henry said while Aito and Adrian nodded along.

"Well we can go through some of the materials Lilly and I have found and see if they will help with the blue prints next time we go to Nathan's shop." Joshua said before heading back out of the stables. They all had a good idea of what the place was for and there was still more than enough food in storage for the animals to be perfectly fine for a long time to come. When they got back outside Joshua turned to look at the others. "Well we won't be doing anything else with this place until Henry has a plan for the design so we should head back and check out the blue print place. Maybe one of the four we collected in the last dungeon can help us with the town in some way."

"Or maybe you will get some sort of blue print for how to create a doll." Amy said making everyone look at her weirdly. "What have you guys not seen some of the blue prints being put up for auction after they've been identified? Most of them are useless and could only be used for recreational reasons. Apparently Madalyn got stuck with one of them on her last expedition and she was furious about it. They actually went down an entire different path that took a whole day to complete just to get that blue print in the end."

Joshua and the others laughed a bit at that before heading through a portal and going back to town. They stayed together as a group as they headed towards the center of the hub city where most of the important venues were put and the traffic of the area was extremely crowded. Joshua could see there were still a lot of people at the auction market and he hoped he wouldn't have to make a trip there after finishing identifying the blue prints. He didn't really have anything he planned to auction since he gave most of the stuff to Jayce's group so they would become stronger. He even gave the shunpo skill to Marcus so that he would have a decent movement skill that would allow him to go back and forth between helping the front line and protecting the backline when needed.

In the end Joshua didn't really have anything he would want to sell at the auction for now so they all ignored the large crowd and made their way around the area and toward another one not too far away. The place didn't have nearly as many people coming in and out of it as the auction area, but Joshua could understand the reason for that at the moment. Although there were a lot of people that took the new career path of being an explorer not a lot of them had reached the point where they would be able to take on level fifty and up dungeons.

At the moment the explorers that were able to adventure to level fifty and up dungeons were about ten percent of the entire group and probably only one percent were at a level where they could easily do so repeatedly in a quick manner. Those were the top of the top like guild leaders and their highest members. The rest still hadn't reached that point and that was why there were hardly any people visiting the blue print shop. Instead they'd go to the auction area and hope a good blue print would come up and try to buy it from there. Being a level forty explorer trying to take on level fifty dungeons was a death sentence…well for most people.

The inside of the shop was quaint and there was an A.I. robot that silently stood at the back of the shop waiting for people to come over and get their blue prints authorized. Joshua was surprised that the shop was so simple, but based off all of the empty shelves around the place he had a good feeling that in the future there was most likely going to be more to the shop then there was at the moment. Joshua walked to the back counter and pulled out the four blue prints for the robot to scan and identify for them. Lilly basically forced him to be the one to do it since she believed his luck would give them the best results and everyone else seemed to agree with her.

Joshua sighed as he handed over the blue prints to the robot hoping for the best and he was pleasantly surprised when the robot finished scanning the first one and handed it back to him. The blue print was for a piece of equipment that could expand the range of turrets and other heavy equipment. It cost a bit of money to put together, but not only did it increase the security of their town and any other future territories they decided to make, but it also increased the accuracy of the turrets. Joshua knew in the future he was going to have to put a lot of money into the ammunition for the turrets, but if they were more accurate that could cut back on the amount of bullets used when defending the town. It would be a little expensive at first, but in the long run it would save them a lot of money.

The second blue print that the robot handed back was for something that really intrigued Joshua. It was a portable solar charger which of course was quite expensive to make and required a lot of materials that Joshua had never heard of, but it could be quite helpful in the future. It would be like having a generator wherever they went and would allow them to use certain equipment while out in the wild. They would have to find the right materials to build the thing from dungeons, but that would be more than worth it. It would also go a long way for the alliance as a whole. They'd be the only people around that could have such things until someone else lucked out and found one, but Joshua doubted anyone else on the planet currently had Joshua's ridiculous luck stat.

The third blue print was something simple, but useful and it was the blue prints for a new type of ammunition for all forms of guns. It even had different calibers for different sized guns. The ammunition was a type of armor piercing explosive round that would first break through armor to a certain point before exploding. Aito looked at the blue print in wonder before immediately checking through his inventory for all the stuff that was necessary to make it. He smiled when he found everything and Joshua had a good idea that he'd be asking Madalyn a favor soon. Of course they'd have some of the regular alchemist that Nathan had been hiring lately to build a large amount for the turrets and the robots that protected the base to use, but the better the alchemist the better the bullet would be. Joshua would make sure to get Madalyn to make him a few as well even though he didn't use his gun nearly as much as Aito.

The final blue print was one that made Joshua eyes gleam in wonder. This blue print was a little different from the others as it seemed to be more of a royal blue in color which meant it was probably a higher grade. Seeing as how they would have trouble finding the materials for the regular blue grade blue prints he was certain this one was going to take a while to find all the materials for, but he didn't care. In front of him was the blue prints for a completely new scale blade that just called to him. What made this scale blade so different from his current one was the fact that it wasn't just one weapon, but multiple that stacked together to form one big scale blade in the end. It had a lot of components with four smaller blades, a large holster blade, and a shifting capability from what Joshua could tell, but he wouldn't know everything until it was actually put together. It was going to take a while, but he now had a reason to look for some materials in dungeons. It was then he heard a giggle from behind him.

"See I told you that you're always lucky." Lilly said with a smirk.


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