Risen World
176 Chapter 122: Getting Gear Upgrades
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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176 Chapter 122: Getting Gear Upgrades

After finishing his conversation with Thoren Joshua headed back home himself and spent some time with his parents after they got back. There still wasn't all that many forms of entertainment in the new world as of yet since most people were focused on either exploring or setting up their support jobs for the future. It wasn't all that surprising since just about every essential and luxury you could find at the moment required system points. For that you had to either work in a way where people were willing to give you system points or work to where you could get system points from the system itself.

That night Joshua got a good rest and he was making the most of his break to get his body in tip top condition for the next expedition they went on. The next morning it was time for him to handle his gear so that he'd be able to fair well against creatures that were over ten levels ahead of him. Now that his group was joining up with Adrian's along with his sister it was time for him to get some new gear that could hold up against monsters that were level sixty and up. In fact Joshua was planning to get gear that would hold him over until at least level seventy. He didn't want to have to continuously swap out and didn't plan on getting another set of gear after this until the expedition against the large town.

At the moment the only gear that Joshua had that was more than good enough to take on the upcoming challenge was the scale blade that he had gotten from Marlow. It would still holdup for him until he reached his second job according to Marlow, but at this point he already had a new weapon in mind to build for himself. That blue print he had found was a dream weapon for him and he couldn't wait to try it out in the future. He still needed to find all the materials for it, but he was sure by the time he reached his second tier combat job he'd already have all the things he would need to make the blade. For now he needed to worry about his other equipment.

He went through the struggle of getting his little sister up in the morning once again before giving Lilly a call to meet up with them at Nathan's shop. The others already had appropriate gear for their level and if they wanted to gets something new he was sure they already would have. The ones that were lagging behind were Lilly, Amy, and himself so Joshua was more worried about that at the moment. After a quick breakfast they made their way to Nathan's store and were a bit supervised to see so many people there so early in the morning. He knew that the store was getting more and more popular day by day, but he wasn't expecting it to be such a large difference from the last time he had come by.

They made their way inside and noticed that the store had all sorts of new sets of gear, but Joshua would rather have Nathan and Naomi make a specific set of gear for each of them. They didn't change equipment all that often so the level fifty to fifty-five gear that they were seeing out for the public to view wouldn't hold them over nearly long enough for how much leveling they were planning to do in the coming months. So they made their way around the people that were exploring the store and headed towards the back where they knew Naomi and Nathan would be working on all sorts of things. On the way Joshua noticed a few new workers that were handling the checkout counter.

"It seems like they finally decided to get some much needed help." Joshua said quietly so that only Amy and Lilly could hear him above all of the noise that was going on all over the store.

"Yeah Naomi said all of the store work was getting in her way of working on new equipment. They also got some more workers that help out in the back from time to time, but for the most part it's just members of their new guild that are putting in a little extra work to get some guild points." Amy explained as she waived over to them. They both waived back since they had clearly met Amy before. Knowing how much time she spent with Naomi Joshua wasn't all that surprised.

"How exactly do guild points work anyways?" Lilly asked as she grabbed Amy's attention back. "Since Joshua is going to be making a guild of his own soon I think it would be a good idea to know exactly how important guild points are."

"Well to put it bluntly guild points are given to guild members when they do certain missions or dungeon runs for the guild. Of course you can gain them for doing just about anything for the guild you work for, but those two are the main ways unless you're a support member which probably involves working in a shop like those guys." Amy said while pointing over to the two guys working behind the checkout counter. "Guild points can be used to buy stuff from the guild that has been stored in the guild vault. These things can range from all sorts of things such as weapons and armor to potions and raw materials. Anything the guild finds and brings back can be placed in the vault."

"So I'm guessing the vault is filled up with stuff gained from both low tier members and high tier members that don't want or need the items in the first place?" Joshua asked getting a small nod in return. "Makes sense. That way the equipment can be given to the people that actually need it instead of just sitting in some random person's inventory for years on end."

"Yep and if you put equipment into the vault you get the guild points from the person that buys it from the guild in the end. It's just a very efficient exchange system." Amy said as they made their way through the back door and were met with the familiar scene of equipment all over the place and books stacked miles high near the other side of the room. Joshua could see Naomi at the back concentrating on finishing some form of a shield that he hadn't seen before. He wouldn't be surprised if they had gotten it from a blue print like a lot of stuff that Joshua had been finding lately.

They made their way over to the other side of the room where they saw Nathan sitting down and reading over something. Just like usual he had absolutely no form of awareness for his surroundings so it was a good thing he wouldn't have to be involved in any types of expeditions. Joshua also noticed that Nathan had been keeping up with the exercises he had told him to do to keep in shape. Nathan wasn't some bulky muscle head now, but he didn't look like a tooth pick either. You could start to see the signs of muscle development. Naomi on the other hand was building up a small amount of muscles just from the type of work she was doing in the end. Being a black smith took a lot of strength, especially with the types of materials she was working with. She still had a small figure, but her support job was boosting her strength since it was required for the things she worked with, she was also developing a healthy tan from working around all the heated metal all the time.

"Nathan!" Joshua said loudly to get his attention. Last time he came to see Nathan he had tapped him on the back to get his attention and that had nearly given the poor little guy a heart attack so he decided to use a different method this time around.

"Joshua, oh I haven't seen you guys in a while…well except you Amy." Nathan said with a big grin as Joshua ruffled his hair a bit and Amy gave him a quick hug. With the amount of time she had been spending with Naomi lately it didn't surprise Joshua that Nathan had gotten used to her being around.

"Yeah, we're getting ready for the next expedition in a few days so we we're hoping you guys could design our next set of gear for us." Joshua said with a smile. Before Nathan even responded Joshua could hear a grunt come from Naomi behind them as she used a towel to wipe the sweat off her face. She then pointed to a store room at the back as if they had already made their next set of equipment for them ahead of time.

"Oh, yeah we've already got the next set of equipment for you guys put together. We've been working on it for the past few weeks since you already told us you'd be joining with Adrian soon. We knew your current gear wouldn't hold up all that well against the high level monsters they've been fighting against." Nathan said with a smile as he went in the back to go get some gear that looked similar to the ones they had already been wearing. Joshua could tell that the leather armor was made from a far tougher hide than any of the previous armor he had been wearing even so it seemed a bit more flexible.

"This looks amazing!" Amy said with excitement as she looked at her new set of light weight hide armor. Her leather armor wasn't nearly as thick as Joshua's and was built more for quick movement. It wouldn't be able to block as much whenever impacted by an attack, but for the most part Amy was an evasive fighter so heavy gear would just get in her way. She even got a new pair of gloves and boots that seemed to be made to help her get the most out of her aura when landing hits. "Thanks for the new gear Nathan, Naomi." She said with a smile. Naomi just waived to her to let her know that she heard her.

"Yeah this looks perfect, it was starting to get to the point where I'd have to avoid everything lately or use aura hardening when taking on big boss like beast. This will help out a lot." Joshua said as he took out his scale blade and laid it on a stand for it on a table nearby. It was too heavy for Nathan to lift so this was the best way for him to work on it. Lilly also set her staff next to it so that they could work on it as well over the next few days. "Oh I almost forgot." Joshua said as he took out a skill book from his inventory and handed it over to Nathan with a grin. "I found this in the last dungeon we were in and it said it was used for enhancers so I thought it might be something you'd want."

Nathan took the skill book and looked it over for a moment before smiling brightly at what he was reading. "This is amazing! This minimize skill will allow me to do so much more when it comes to my enchantments on equipment. Hell with this I might even be able to find some room to add a new enchantment to your scale blade and Lilly's staff." The excitement of his voice got his sister to finally come over after she finished the work on the shield. She laid the thing down so that it wouldn't fall over and then she walked over while taking off her gloves and face mask.

"Well if you got my brother a gift I'm guessing you must have gotten me something interesting as well, wouldn't want to be unfair and all." She said with a teasing smile as she gave Amy and Lilly each a hug.

"Yeah I think I've got something for you that is even more exciting….a new project of mine." Joshua said with a grin as he took out the blue print for the new scale blade that he wanted them to work one. Naomi was the first one to look over it and Joshua could see her eyes brightened up as she looked over the blue prints and he couldn't help but chuckle.

Her eyes seemed to sparkle like stars as she turned to Joshua and only asked one thing. "When do we get to start on it?"


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