Risen World
182 Chapter 128: Rewards and the Foundation of James Town
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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182 Chapter 128: Rewards and the Foundation of James Town

Jayce's group was exhausted from their long fight. In the end it took them over an hour to put the boss down for good as it kept coming back for more even in its blinded state. In fact it seemed to get even more ferocious after losing its sight and used the opportunity of their surprise to nearly rip off Jayce's head if he hadn't dodged in time. The whole ordeal was the toughest challenge they had ever come across as a group, but they had made it through it without any major damage. A lot of Jayce's armor had been badly hurt during the fight, but a few repairs and it would be good as new, besides he kept a spare set being a tank and all. Joshua was probably one of the few tanks around that didn't' rely on his armor as much as others.

When the fight had come to an end the dungeon of course sent out a congratulations message to the group for being the first explorers to clear the dungeon along with a review of how well they did. They didn't get the highest score possible like Joshua and Lilly had been getting since it took them so long to clear the dungeon, but they got several boost for doing a full clear and being the first group to do so. Their rewards weren't half bad because of it so they were all looking forward to see what exactly they would end up getting out of the whole thing as Joshua, Amy, and Lilly walked over to congratulate them.

"Great going guys, it was a good fight." Joshua said with a small smile. "It took a while, but you got the job done in the end."

"Yeah it was good to see you guys handle it on your own even if I was rearing to jump in myself." Amy said while mimicking punching an enemy. "The thing seemed pretty strong although it wasn't very smart. Outside of charging and trying to bite you with its two heads it didn't really do anything else from what I could tell."

"Yeah it was fairly simple minded." Julia said with a small frown as she calmed down her heavy breathing from all the exertion. "It gave us some trouble because of its toughness, but other than that it didn't have anything special going for it."

"Well that was good training for you guys. I can tell you right now that a lot of the boss class monsters you will be facing going forward will have far higher stats than you and some may rely on them. You can expect that some of the tougher bosses will have a special ability of some sort, but you will always be put in the disadvantaged positions. It's your job to figure out a way to get around that." Joshua explained getting nods from the entire group. "So what type of skills did the dungeon give you guys?"

The tiredness on all of their faces melted away as they started to get excited from thinking of the skills they gained from clearing the dungeon. They all sent the details of the skills they gained over to him through the party messenger and Joshua smiled a bit as he read through the skills. For Jayce he got a skill that was actually somewhat similar to one of the skills that Lilly's new pet had. It was a skill called projectile shield that was a much smaller shield wall that could be projected from a distance. This would definitely add to the strategy of the group and could even slow down some powerful attacks from a distance instead of Jayce being constantly beat down behind his shield wall.

Allen got a skill known as triple thrust which had an effect that Joshua hadn't seen at this point in all of the other skills he had come across. It was a skill that amplified the power of consecutive thrust. Up to the third one. The first thrust would be normal power while the second would have a twenty percent boost and the third would have a fifty percent boost. Of course you would have to be put into a position where you could get all three thrust off without being interrupted so it wouldn't be easy to do in one on one situations, but in a group fight with his opponent pinned down this skill would come in handy.

Marcus actually got a skill that had to do with the new throwing knives that he had found earlier. This skill allowed him to recall the knives thrown back to him without much difficulty. It made it so that he would be able to use them more often in a fight without worrying about wasting them or having to try to figure out a way to pick them off the opponents he attacked them with. As the skill leveled the range of the effect would increase as would the power of the pull making it so that the knives wouldn't get stuck inside the opponent. It was an interesting ability that could be useful if Marcus had the throwing knives enchanted with some special effects or covered in poison.

Julia's skill was probably the most simplistic of all of them, but had the widest range of use. The skill was simply a support skill for her spells that was called compact which made it so that the power of any spells that was used at the same time as the skill was in effect would be focused to a smaller point. The power would be the same as the total power of the entire spell, but it would be focused on a much smaller area. If she were to use this skill at the same time as inferno then the wide spread area attack would be focused to a point and would do massive damage to one creature. As the skill levels up it would actually lower the casting time of the spell that gets used with it which would be helpful considering most powerful spells took a long time to cast.

Monika's new skill was the last one that Joshua checked up on and it was surprisingly an offensive skill instead of the usual support and healing skills that she was focused in. The skill was called orbs of light and it would create three orbs of light that floated around Monika for a period of time. She could send out the orbs to hit any enemies that tried to attack her or use them to take a hit for her in a dire situation. It was an interesting spell that could go a long ways into keeping her safe and making her more useful in fights where she was simply waiting for the battle to end.

Joshua congratulated them on their new skills before they all left the dungeon and took a portal straight back to James Town. Now that the dungeon had been cleared the territory was owned by Jayce's group, but they would be a part of Joshua's guild soon anyway so it would become a part of the area. Jayce and the others would also be able to teleport back to the entrance at any time to grind later on, but for now they were going to take a quick break and see what Henry and the others had been up to.

When Joshua and the rest arrived outside of the front entrance to James Town they were actually surprised at how much work Henry had gotten done in the hours they had been gone. It had been over half a day, but Joshua was definitely not expecting them to be able to get so much work done in that time frame. Walking into town Joshua could already see the foundations set up for a lot of buildings all over the place that would be soon put together over the coming days. He could tell from the foundation that a lot of them were houses for members of the guild that decided to stay in the territory for days on end. It would be necessary in the future when they were going to have to guard the territory from intruders so there would always need to be some people around to protect the place in case things went south.

Further in towards the center of town where Joshua had left Henry and the others he could already see several robots putting together large buildings that were necessary for the town. From what Joshua could see one of the buildings was a hospital that he knew wouldn't really be used correctly for a while until more people started taking the same road as his mother. Most people relied on healers for now so Joshua would probably have a healer stationed there at all times to help out until they get some real doctors that he was sure his mother was already training up.

There had been several people that were in the medical field before the first phase and now were stuck with nothing to do except try to become healers. A lot of those people couldn't handle the pressure of going out exploring and being put through dangerous situations over and over again. So this would be a great opportunity for them in Joshua's eyes. They wouldn't be forced to be on the front line and instead could work in territories as healers, not all groups had healers and even if they did one healer would have a hard time taking care of serious injuries on their own unless they were at the elite level.

The other three new buildings that were set up at the center of town were a town hall that towered over everything and could be used as a place for guild members to gather for announcements, a police station which could be used for patrols of the inside of the territory to make sure nothing serious was going on, and a disaster relief building which had supplies to help out in all sorts of situations that ranged from fires to earthquakes. Anyone that worked in the police department could be allowed to use the town dungeon on a more regular bases thus allowing them to train while still being around to protect the town. That would also encourage them to raise the level of the territory so that the dungeon would become stronger and more challenging. It would be a system they would have to figure out once they started putting their guild together.

When Joshua found Henry, Aito, and Adrian they were all looking over some foundations on the other side of town which according to Henry's design plans the area was going to be the future market space for the town going forward. It was still barebones for now, but they would have several buildings designed for shops built on the streets in the area along with an open market and a small auction house. It would be good to create a flowing economy among their guild and could help a lot in the future. Henry seemed to be finishing up something and the moment he stopped all of the robots that were waiting on standby got to work carrying all of the materials over and started building the area up.

"So you guys are back? How did the dungeon run go?" Adrian asked since he was the first one to notice them coming over.

"They did great!" Amy nearly shouted. "They shouldn't have any problem taking on the dungeons by themselves from now on with how well they handled themselves in there. Now it's our turn to go training."

"That's good." Aito said as he turned to look at all of Jayce's group. "Are you guys going to stay here or will you go back to grinding on your own?"

"We'll head back to the hub city first to restock on a few things. Now that we know what we're up against we can get some specific supplies to make things easier for some long grinding session. I'm sure you guys and boss want to go do some leveling yourselves so don't let us hold you back." Jayce said with a smile.

"Great so then where are we going to train then?" Amy asked barely keeping herself from bouncing around. "Are we going to one of the territories in the mountain range that Joshua was talking about?"

"No we'll save those for later. I've got the perfect place in mind now that we've got you guys along." Adrian said with a smirk. "It'll be an eye opener."


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