Risen World
199 Chapter 145: The Steps to Making a Guild
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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199 Chapter 145: The Steps to Making a Guild

After Joshua's father had pointed out the simple fact that Amy could just aim for the sub-job of combat instructor which she would be exceptional at Amy rushed up to her room and signed up for taking a test to get into the field for the very next day. She even had a person to talk to about how the test would go in their father since he had to take the same test back when the second phase started so that he could set up his dojo in the first place. Their father was a Worker level job holder in the field and was nearing the next level which would be the wizened tier. Once he reached that point the dojo would have even more benefits under his care and he'd be one of the first people in the entire world to reach such a standard. It wasn't all that surprising to Joshua though since that was the main focus for his father these days and it made a lot of sense for things to work out that way.

Now that Amy had someone else to aim all of her energy towards Joshua was left alone to get back to his studying and spent the rest of the day doing just that until his mother got back and he helped her fix dinner while his father and sister were upstairs sparing after a long conversation on what Amy could expect from the test she'd be taking tomorrow. They all had a nice dinner before Joshua went through a few of his notes with his mother for a while. Even if he wouldn't be taking his exam for his support job until after the next expedition he could still get a heads up on it while he had some free time. Besides it gave him a chance to spend some time with his mother in the end anyways instead of listening to the ramblings of his father and sister who were so loud that he ended up going to the study with his mom to ask the questions he wanted.

The next day after a training session in the calm area that Marlow had left him he decided it was time to decide on what to do about a guild. At the moment Adrian, Aito, and Henry had all decided to let him handle starting up the guild situation. It would be better to do it now so that all of the territories and dungeon clears that they were doing at the moment would give the guild he creates some prestige so that people will want to come join later on. Of course he didn't plan to just accept anyone, for all he knew they could be spies from some other guild that would come over to undermine his own so he would have to do some sort of examination process, but that would all come in time. He didn't even plan on inviting anyone new into the guild for a few months since they would be focusing on leveling and setting up James Town at the moment.

He couldn't exactly go and talk to Laura and Madalyn about running a guild at the moment since they were both out on expeditions at the time and he didn't know when they'd be back. Even if he did create a guild he didn't plan on doing anything with it for now so he could still talk with them about it without any troubles. So with no one around to really talk to about setting up a combat guild with, he decided to head to the Hub City's Job Center since it was the same place you had to go to if you wanted to set up a guild. It was in a different portion of the place, but it made sense that it would be located there since people that just got new jobs would definitely want to check out what types of guilds they could join in the future. Some might even want to start a guild of their own to be with their friends, but that was unlikely with so many guilds around now days. Most people just grouped up before deciding to join a guild instead of making a guild of their own. It is quite a hassle to set one up and run it without any problems.

Joshua took a portal from the training area that he was in, to the center of the hub city near where the job center was located. The place was of course packed with several people like usual. Young people were coming into to get their first jobs since they were finally old enough to get one in the system's eyes while older more veteran explorers or support job holders were either looking for a guild to join or a task to fill in for the system to get some system points. The Job Center would always be packed with people because of all of the different things that went on there and that's why it was near the center of town just away from the market and all of the large guilds.

Joshua made his way inside and ignored all of the lines for job applications. He was sure that his sister was probably there somewhere getting her examination done for the combat instructor support job. In all likelihood she was just getting there since she hated getting up early in the morning and would put things off as long as she could. Joshua made his way past the job application area and went over to the other side near where there were several boards along the wall that showed guild applications and missions for support job holders to complete for the system. There were a lot of people standing around the area and inspecting the boards, but that wasn't what Joshua had come over for in the first place so he walked right past them and went over to the desk nearby.

Unlike the desk where people could come in for job applications and just touch a stone to move on to the next part of the application process, this desk had a hologram of a person standing behind it. The hologram looked human, but it was clearly to perfect looking to be an actual person in the end and it seemed rather androgynous. There wasn't really anyone else in line to go to the desk since it wasn't a common occurrence for people to come in and create a whole new guild, so Joshua was able to walk right up and everyone else looked at him weirdly for a moment in surprise that someone was thinking about creating a new guild. For the moment Joshua had his level and information hidden so he wouldn't cause too much of a commotion while creating his guild. He'd rather not have people that were against the alliance he was a part of start targeting him from the get go.

"Hello sir, would you like to go through the application process for creating a new guild?" The hologram asked and Joshua simply nodded for it to continue. "Alright wait for just a moment while the system scans you to check if you are qualified to create a guild." A red light seemed to emerge from the desk and started to scan Joshua up and down for a moment before the light turned green and the hologram in front of him started to smile brightly. It was interesting to see that the system holograms could convey a sense of emotion to a startling degree even if something seemed a little off about it.

"The system has agreed that you are qualified to create a guild. For more information step through the door behind me and you will be filled in on everything you need to do in order to create your guild." The hologram said before stepping aside as the desk opened and allowed a path that lead to the door behind her. Everyone in the room was now looking at Joshua with a variety of emotions from jealousy to excitement. Joshua was glad that he remembered to hide his information before doing this otherwise he'd become too well known to quickly from the look of things.

With a sigh at the situation he found himself in, Joshua ended up ignoring all of the looks and made his way past the desk and through the door at the back. It lead him to a rather empty room just like the one he had to go into when getting his job a few months ago, but instead of a stone that would read his stats for him and grant him a job this room had a projection display that showed him a lot of information he would need to know if he wanted to create a guild.

[Congratulations on qualifying for the right of being able to create a guild in the system. To do such a thing you must have reached at least level forty, you must have claimed a territory, and you must have had a first clear when it came to a dungeon. These requirements will continue to change as more explorers join the system and the community gets further into the phases of the world change.]

Joshua was a bit surprised when he finished reading through the prompt that appeared in front of him. Based off of that he could figure out why people were looking at him with such high regard after he was proven to be able to become a guild master. They knew that he was more than strong enough to get a first clear of a dungeon and claim a territory. Both being things that are hard to do considering claiming a territory meant you'd have to either cleared a strong dungeon or cleared out a large amount of purple haze, while getting a first clear meant that you defeated a dungeon without having any knowledge of everything inside of it. Joshua just sighed before turning to read the rest of the message.

[If you plan to create a guild then here are the things that you must remember and handle to set up your guild.

1.) Any guild you create will start off as a low tier guild that only has a capacity of a thousand members at first. To raise the status of your guild you must either clear higher level dungeons and build up guild prestige or claim territories to do the same.

2.) Guilds have a point system that allow guild members to gain rewards and experience boost from the guild itself. If they perform enough task to help improve the guild or improve a territory owned by the guild then the points can be used to increase the boost in experience gained inside guild territories or other rewards that the guild master designates.

3.) The ranking system inside the guild can be created by the guild master at any time with the guild master being the highest rank. Make sure to find a ranking system that suits your guilds ideas.

4.) After a guild has accumulated enough prestige from claiming territories and clearing dungeons then it will rank up and gain more access to other guild capabilities. The foremost thing gained from a rank up is an increase in the capacity of the guild.

5.) Any guild can be put in an alliance with another guild as long as both sides agree, but when it comes to territory disputes only the primary guilds involved in the disputes can be a part of the conflict. Any members of an alliance that are not a part of one of the primary guilds involved in the conflict will be blocked from entering the dispute.

These are the main things you need to be concerned about when first creating a guild. Any other rules that will apply to your guild will be created amongst yourself and your guild members. Would you like to create a guild?]

Joshua read through all of the points of the message and thought it over. All of the rules made sense to him based off of what he had seen from guilds so far up to this point and he had no problem with any of the rules or regulations. The only problem he could imagine having in the future is ranking up to fast and having to get more guild members to defend his territory before the six months are up. He was sure that at the rate he and the rest of his group would be clearing dungeons they'd be getting more than enough prestige on their own for their guild to rank up. Other than that he didn't really need to worry about anything else so he quickly tapped yes before moving on to the next part.

[What would you like to name your guild?]

Joshua looked at the prompt for a moment before smiling and typing in his answer.


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