Risen World
228 Chapter 174: Completion of James Town and Heading Back
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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228 Chapter 174: Completion of James Town and Heading Back

After stepping out of the portal the first thing that they noticed when walking towards the large walls of the town was the fact that there were far less robots around than usual. Last time they had come to town there were several working robots moving around materials for putting together the buildings and setting up things according to how the architects wanted it. This time around the only robots they could see moving around outside of the town were the patrol robots that were placed to guard the town. They were roving around the walls in groups with a robot on top of the wall following along and getting an elevated look at the surroundings. For now there were four groups of these robots that constantly kept an eye out.

When they left the supplies needed to create the buildings inside the town were all set up outside the walls so they wouldn't take up any space inside of the town. It made it easier for the architects to set up their designs and all they had to do was have the worker robots bring in the amount of materials they needed to put together whatever they were working on. At the moment Joshua could no longer see any stacks of wood, brick, or any other materials that had been stacked a mile high outside of the town. That was a good sign that the town was almost finished and that the architects were probably just putting on finishing touches at this point.

The group smiled knowing that their new home base for their guild was on the verge of being completed and that it was fairly well protected with all of the things they had set up beforehand. You could see the large turrets active along the wall that were prepared to fire at any moment if an unregistered person or creature tried to come into the area. When everything was finished being set up they'd lower the security against people a bit since they did plan on allowing other people to explore in their territory. They would add a small tax to none guild or alliance members, but it wouldn't be something that your average explorer group couldn't afford. Just about every large group was either taxing their areas slightly since they went through the effort of gaining control of the territory, or they were straight up not allowing explorers to enter their territories. In fact quite a few disputes between guilds have popped up because of a guild trying to sneak into another guild's territory.

Joshua and the rest of his group had no problem allowing others to train in their territory, but that would be after they had cleared out all of the areas. At that point the truly high leveled explorers would have no urge to come to the area and the only ones that would come would be those who would be easy to manage or could possibly be people who wanted to join their guild in the first place. There were a lot of ways things could go, but for the most part Joshua didn't want to go around antagonizing everyone just yet. He wanted to at least have a firm power behind his own personal guild before he started acting like Madalyn and Laura who could flaunt their strengths if a dispute ever came up between their guilds and an enemy's guild.

When they approached the entrance gate way to the town Lilly smiled brightly at the two large lizards that were laying down nearby and watching over the place. It seemed like the beast that she had left to guard the town were doing their job diligently. Now that Lilly had twelve of the stronger praying mantis creatures to help out as well, the place would be even more secure. She would have to put them all in the stables first beforehand, but soon they'd have an aerial fighting unit to help protect the town and help scare off intruders. Even now Joshua could hear a group of dogs barking loudly as they ran around the town scouting out the area. When they turned to look in that direction before entering the town they could see the dogs chasing after a large beetle creature that had wondered into the territory. The creature wasn't all that strong since it came from the previous insect forest near the ant hill and the dogs easily chased it down and tour it apart. The turrets didn't even get a chance to attack with how quickly the dogs took it down.

It was clear to the entire group that it would take a fairly large threat to come along and put the town in any type of real danger. When they went through the gate their eyes all brightened up at what they saw. When they last left there was a scattering of official buildings that were set up and ready for use, but that was all. Now they could see the visage of an actual town with different areas completely set up and roads that lead to each and every part of the town. There were back streets and a large open plaza that wasn't there before. The residential and market areas had been completely set up and ready for use. The market area was more front in center with all sorts of stalls for small businesses and stores for large businesses.

The design mad it easy to envision the place filled with people going through their day to day life and that was exactly what Joshua wanted to see in his town. In the future he planned to have the place filled with people that could actually live here and take care of it like an actual town instead of just an outpost. In fact he planned to spend a lot of his extra time here as well when he could to make sure things were all working according to plan. When they reached the plaza they were able to see the architects examining things near the town hall and they all had bright smiles on their faces. Joshua was the first one to walk over as the rest of his group followed. It didn't take long for the architects to notice their approach.

"It's great that you guys have comeback now. We've just finished up the final touches of your town." The old man Oscar said with big grin as he walked over to Joshua. "It's always great to see the results of your effort and I have to say this was one of my best works yet. The location made it easy to envision what type of town I could make here. Having a mountain range in the background also makes for a great view."

"It looks amazing Oscar. It's far more than any of us expected." Joshua said with a big grin as he looked around the place. The town hall seemed to be the centerpiece of the town just outside of the plaza and it gave the area a good vibe in comparison to just having several similar buildings lined up across from each other. The plaza also gave a more green look to the center of town in comparison to the hub city that just seemed to futuristic.

"It was worth every penny old man. We'll definitely have to get you to help out whenever we take over a city in the future." Adrian said as he looked up at the town hall. Everyone in Joshua's group nodded as they either looked around the town some more or were talking with some of the other architects. Lilly and Amy however were busy admiring the Plaza with the large water fountain at the center of it. The place would be an amazing place to relax for a time for anyone who lived here in the future and it was a good spot for people to gather.

"Let me show you the inside of the town hall since this was the building we probably put the most work into." Oscar said leading the group inside the largest building inside the town. The First floor of the town hall was probably as big as it could get in a town size area. The ceiling was nearly twenty feet high giving them all plenty of space to work with and the floor was set up similar to a guild building with a reception at the front for people to check in. There was also a bulletin board set up so that they could place missions for guild members to except if they wanted too, along with a sitting area reminiscent of a bar for people to mingle.

Once you went past that area you were met with the sight of a large auditorium type arrangement with a hall filled with space for seating and a raised stage for either guild members to make a public statement at an event or even possibly several types of entertainment performances. The place could be used in several different situations and it had a few large pillars spread throughout to make sure the wide open space had a good enough structure to hold up over several years. At the back auditorium there were stairs that lead up to the other floors and the group visited the different rooms one by one. Although there was no furniture or equipment inside of them at the moment they were clearly big enough rooms that could be used in all sorts of ways. They could set up a training room in one of the bigger areas or they could use them as offices.

In the end the town hall had plenty of space for anything they could possibly need in the building. After Oscar had shown off the town hall he brought them over to some of the other unique buildings such as the hospital to show them off. The hospital was more of what you'd expect from a hospital except for the fact that there was no equipment at the moment so it didn't have the unique feel of a hospital just yet, but Joshua was certain that his mother would be able to change that fact in no time. They visited some other buildings as well such as the market stores to get a feel of what they would be like and the residential houses to see the different designs used for them as well. The police station still had the entrance to the dungeon inside it so it was set up as a sort of combination of an entrance to the dungeon and a place for any future policing force for the area to take up shop.

The last place they visited to finish the tour was the building that would be used to reflect Joshua's abilities. It looked like a rather unique dojo that Joshua wasn't exactly certain how he would finish giving it his own touch. In fact he'd have to go back and read up more on his guild to figure out exactly what his specialty building would do for people that trained there. After finishing the tour it seemed like Oscar's group was heading back for some r and r. Joshua made certain to keep Oscar's contact information so that he could get their help again in the future when they have to set up another town or base in the future.

After Oscar's group left Joshua's group still stuck around for a while longer to finish exploring the place a bit more. They looked down into the underground bases that Nibbles had helped set up and found wide open rooms that could be either used as an underground bunker, a large training facility, or a storage space. Any of which would be helpful in a pinch. They also found an extension next to the stables that was a sort of veterinarian clinic. It wasn't nearly as large as the hospital which made since because they'd have to deal with some creatures that would be too large to even fit in the hospital. Instead it connected directly to the stables which allowed people to summon their future beast companions in a much more open dimensional space. It would make things easier for the veterinarians to take care of the beast.

It would still be a while for such a place to become necessary, but even so it was good to be prepared. After exploring the entire town Lilly put away the praying mantises she had tamed into the stables and the group decided it was time to head back to the hub city and take a rest. It was time to focus on getting the guild fully set up.


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