Risen World
229 Chapter 175: Guild Name?
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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229 Chapter 175: Guild Name?

Joshua had spent the last couple of days resting and training himself to reach max potential of his current level. He wasn't far off in the first place because he hadn't leveled up to much in their latest expedition, but it was still good to keep himself in top condition. He had the rest of the group do the same thing as they took a break from leveling for the next week before heading out once again. Their pace of leveling was good and they would most likely reach their target before the time limit they had set for themselves without much of a problem. Joshua had reached level fifty-one in the last expedition while Lilly was the same level and Amy had reached level fifty-three. Adrian's group had only gained a level and a half by the end of the expedition, but that was still a good pace for them.

Joshua finished swinging his sword as he had completed his reps of sword swings for his training in the morning. He then collapsed tiredly, but had a big grin on his face. He could feel that he was getting the most out of his current level and smiled when he looked at his stats.

Level 51

Job – Aura User

Soul Beast – Fenrir

Stats (parenthesis number is the bonus stats from levels and Job) [Bracket numbers are skill modifiers]

Strength: 1380 (132) = 1512 x [1.3] = 1965.6

Vitality: 1380 (132) = 1512 x [1.3] = 1965.6 (4233.6 with aura hardening)

Dexterity: 1380 (132) = 1512 x [1.3] = 1965.6

Intelligence: 1380 (132) = 1512 x [1.3] = 1965.6

Wisdom: 1380 (132) = 1512 x [1.3] = 1965.6

Will: 2200 (214) = 2414 x [1.3] = 3138.2

Luck 104 (0) = 106

He had improved greatly over the last couple of expeditions and he had gotten to the point where he could actually go and get his sub-job now. Before he did that though he planned on spending the day finishing setting up the guild and it came as no surprise to Joshua that just about everyone in his group made excuses on why they didn't want to get involved in handling the guilds affairs. For Adrian it was the fact that it was boring and tedious and he'd rather spend his time figuring out all of the advantages he had gained from the praying mantis's blessing. For Amy it was the fact that running a guild was simply over her head and all she wanted to do was fight and explore the world. She didn't mind leading a group if necessary sometimes, but that was as far as she planned on going when it came to leadership roles. Lilly just looked at Joshua with a confused look when asked and just simply shook her head negatively at the suggestion. Her only response was that she was better with animals then with actual people.

Of all the people who had said no the most straight forwards answer actually came from Aito who had simply said no and that he had no interest in being over the guild in any capacity. It was hard enough just to get him to agree to be a founding member and to take a high level position in the guild let alone actually be involved in the rules or putting the guild together. The only person that was willing to help out that was around at the time was Henry and that was simply because he was interested in seeing how things worked. Luckily for Joshua Henry had learned a lot about the subject from talks with both Laura and Madalyn.

For now the two of them just planned to get all the basics set up so that the town would actually be functional alongside the guild. They had already gained a level for the guild yet they didn't exactly know what that entailed at the moment and that was a problem they were going to have to fix. They also needed to get a location for the guild inside the hub city since all guilds had at least guild meeting spots in the hub world. It made it easier to set up things before people went on expeditions and was a sign of strength that the guild was big enough to support a place in the hub world along with a place on earth.

After they had gotten set up they could wait for Laura and Madalyn so they could learn more about what they should do and how they could get connected with the alliance officially. It would make it easier on everyone and it would definitely make things move a lot faster. So Joshua let out a sigh before going to get a quick shower after his work out and he got cleaned up before heading out to meet up with Henry. They both decided to meet at the center of the hub city where all of the major guilds were stationed. It didn't take long for Joshua to find Henry in the large crowd when he arrived since he could easily sense his presence. He made his way over to his friend and waived at him to let him no he was there.

"Well this place is as busy as usual." Henry said the moment Joshua walked over. "You'd think more people would be out exploring instead of focusing so much on the hub city." Joshua had to agree with that statement since the only way a person could level up was to go out into the world and fight against beast for experience. The hub city could only do so much for you, but there were several people that were starting to make a living just off of the hub city alone. Independent vendors, mercenary groups that could be hired on to help with dungeons, restaurant and shop owners all over the place. The hub city was filled with all sorts of people.

"Well until we start recapturing actual cities I think this place will be extremely overpopulated. People are just use to this type of hustle and bustle and would rather live like this instead of in a small town. Hell at this point I don't think all the guilds in the world have recaptured enough territory for everyone to move back anyways. Not unless we planned on having support class holders living among the territories filled with beast without any sort of protection." Joshua explained.

"True…well let's go ahead and get started. I think its best we find a place to set up our guild in the hub city first of all. It would make it easier to recruit people when we're ready and will allow us to set up shop in this bustling area." Henry said as they started to walk down the streets and look for a building that was available for purchase.

"Let's not get anything to outrageous for now. We don't need a giant guild hall like most of the larger guilds have. It would be a waste of resources and would attract way too much attention to ourselves." Joshua stated and Henry agreed, so the two of them made their way out of the overly crowded center of the hub city. This meant they'd be a bit further away from the auction house and the job center, but that wasn't much of a problem since people could literally teleport anywhere they had access to anyways.

Soon the pair found themselves in a quieter part of the hub city where the large shops were replaced with smaller stores and more homely restaurants that were put together by smaller families instead of members of the larger guilds. This was the kind of area where Joshua would have expected most normal people to try to set up shop if they had the resources. It was less busy, but the surroundings were more peaceful and felt like a good place for people to go out to tour and experience a relaxed time. It was the exact opposite of the area they had just come from where you could hear people shouting at the auction house and they were bumping shoulders with people with almost every step they took in the large crowds.

Joshua liked the location and figured it would be a great spot to set up shop for their guild for now until they got a bit too big for such an area. Joshua didn't really plan on letting his guild become one of the larger guilds, but instead planned on focusing on quality over quantity. They were already going to be a part of one of the largest alliances in the country, there was no need for them to have an overload of members as well. Soon they were able to find a building on a street corner that was perfect for what they wanted. It was a little expensive seeing as it was a three story building that made it one of the bigger buildings in the quaint area, but it was well within their price range.

"I was wondering something." Joshua said getting Henry's attention before he continued. "Why don't large guilds just try to purchase all the big buildings in the hub city if they want better control over the area?"

"Hmm that would be what you'd think would happen at first since real estate and land are far more valuable with the limited supply, but the system puts a cap on the amount of building structures you can actually buy in the city. Plus most buildings have a requirement you must meet if you want to purchase them." Henry said as he tapped on the sign outside of the building and a screen popped up for them both to see.

[Three story building available for purchase. Requirements are guild leader status, and number of such buildings that can be owned at once are three.]

"See there are requirements that have to be met to purchase the building first off and that goes with all buildings along with a limit. This makes it so that large guilds can't just buy up everything and it also makes it more rewarding to go claim territories instead of being basically land locked in the hub city." Henry explained getting a nod from Joshua. The two of them then entered the building and started to search around. At the moment there was nothing inside of it, but the first floor was clearly designed to be like a little hub with a space for a bar or reception area along with plenty of space for people to sit and talk with each other. Joshua could already start to envision how he wanted things set up. He wanted his guild to have more of the old adventurer like atmosphere from games instead of the overly company like structure that both Madalyn and Laura's guilds had.

When they moved to the second floor he could see space for several offices and on the third floor there was a large meeting room and a bigger office that was clearly meant to be the guild master's office. It was quite spacious and Joshua could actually imagine himself sitting behind a desk in the room going over paper work and that idea gave him the creeps. He shook his head for a moment and then imagined again but this time instead he was sitting behind the desk playing a game of some kind while Henry was just explaining some of the papers laid out for him. That image seemed much better, but he knew his friend well enough to know that in the end he would be forced to actually handle some paper work in the future.

Lastly they checked out the basement and there was a large enough area for them to set up a training area for members where they could either test new recruits or have spars between members. The place was perfect for a freshly started guild and Joshua had no problem starting his guild there. So after a few words between the two of them they decided to purchase the building. When they finished the transfer of money with the system the building was officially under their guild name and Henry just turned his eyes and looked at Joshua with a dead panned expression.

"Really? The Fenrir Guild of all things. Do none of you guys have any imagination?" Henry said with a shake of his head before walking out the front door. Joshua just chuckled at his friend's reaction by following suit and looking back at the large building that would be their base in the hub city. There was a lot of tweaking to do with it to set it up the way he wanted, but there was something about owning your own place that just made you want to deck it out and make it look awesome.


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