Risen World
230 Chapter 176: Sub-Job Tes
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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230 Chapter 176: Sub-Job Tes

After they had finished purchasing their new guild headquarters Joshua and Henry decided to wait until they could meet up with Laura and Madalyn before they decided on how exactly they were going to set up their guild. They didn't plan to copy their friends set up, but they did want to have some ideas of how to structure their guild before they started recruiting people. Henry planned on using that time to do some research on more spells that he could learn to use in the near future and said his good byes to Joshua. Now that Joshua was alone he had to figure what he planned to do for the rest of the day. He still had quite a while before it was time to head home for dinner and he had already completed his training for the day so he was definitely going to avoid his dad's dojo. That would just be asking for spending the rest of the day sparing.

Instead Joshua decided it was time for him to take his sub-job test. He had already learned just about all he could from his mother's notes and he felt more than ready to take on the test. It wasn't going to be anything to harsh considering he was aiming for the experienced level and not the worker level that his mother was at. He'd get their eventually, but he didn't have as much time to put into it as his mother and he definitely didn't have the several years of experience that she had to blaze through the test and get to the point where the system was allowing her to be at the head of the first hospital. It was getting close to time for her hospital to open for business so Joshua noted that he should go check the place out when things got going.

Now that he had a plan in mind of what he wanted to do for the rest of the day Joshua immediately got a move on to get things going. He made his way out of the peaceful area where he could see people enjoying a nice lunch or were shopping at small stores for specific things and made his way back to the center of the city. He once again had to force his way through the hustle and bustle of several people that were trying to get to their guilds, or head to the auction house. He also noticed that Vivian's restaurant was packed to the brim with customers which showed how much people loved her food. Of course the fact that she was getting a lot of her meat from the monsters that the alliance killed also helped out.

Along the way Joshua also had to pass by Nathan and Naomi's store that had clearly become the most popular weapon shop around from all the explorers that were at the place. Joshua also noticed the place had been widened out to give it more room and actually had an area out front that displayed a lot of weapons. There was someone there that worked for the store that was showing off the equipment to onlookers and it gave the place a fairly crowded atmosphere to it. Of course it was a great idea for Nathan and Naomi to do something like this since it was impossible to steal in the hub city anyways and showing off your wears where anyone could see would only create more business.

Joshua simply smiled at this, but continued to make his way past the store and past the auction area all the way to the job center. Like usual the place had a ton of people there so Joshua knew it might take a while for him to get to the actual test, especially since he didn't schedule ahead of time. It was a spur of the moment thought, but he had nothing else to do at the moment so he proceeded to enter the large building and once again find the area to get examined for a job. This was something that Joshua was going to have to get used to doing considering the fact that he'd have to do the same thing over again whenever he had to upgrade his job in the future.

The line for getting registered for a job or taking the test for a support job was as long as ever in comparison to the guild registration area. For the entire time that Joshua was standing waiting in the line to take a test for his sub-job he had yet to see a single person try to sign up for a new guild. He knew that overtime the requirements for starting a guild would get harder and harder, but he still expected more people then what he was currently seeing to try and start their own guild. The only use he could see for that area of the job center at the moment was for people to go over and look up information on already established guilds or look for a system given mission for a specific territory. All in all the place wasn't nearly as jam packed as the area filled with new explorers trying to get their job or older explorers trying to take the test for their sub-job.

It took nearly two hours for Joshua to finally reach the registry and he spent most of that time observing the people around him to see how far the world had come after a few years in the new age. He knew that it was unlikely for him to spot any of the cream of the crop in the job center since they would have long since gotten their sub-job, but the average explorer that had been in the job for nearing three years now would have been around level forty or so. That meant all the people taking a test for their sub-job were ahead of the curve and were either part of a strong guild or explorers that had reached such a point on their own. It would be good to take notice of such people in case he ended up inviting some of them to his guild.

While observing all sorts of people passing by and paying more attention to those that had let their information be public the line quickly moved along and soon enough Joshua found himself at one of the front desk. Unlike when it came to setting up a guild there wasn't a projection to ask him question or anything and instead he had to decide whether he wanted to test for a combat job or a support job. Of course since he already had his combat job he went for the support job and the desk opened up for him and allowed him to walk into another room that was similar to the testing rooms for when you tried to get a combat job. There was an orb for him to place his hands on and test out which types of support jobs he'd be best at so he quickly walked over and got things started.

He once again felt the odd sensation of being scanned by the orb before a message appeared in front of it for him to read over and he could see that it was a list of all the jobs he could take as a support job. The list was far more extensive than the combat jobs, but that was most likely because support jobs don't have tiers like combat jobs. You become more experienced at a support job and reach the next level, but there isn't an entire new job that you can reach through a support job. It's not like a cook suddenly becomes a chef since they are the same thing in the system. You could probably change the title of your job once you reach a high level with it, but it doesn't suddenly turn into a whole new job like going from a swordsman to a swords master.

The list was extremely extensive in the end, but the support jobs that the system felt Joshua would be best at were all at the top of the list. The two at the very top were doctor and combat instructor. It didn't surprise Joshua that it turned out to be that way and he quickly selected doctor to get things moving along. After selecting doctor it made him confirm his choice before the message was removed and a door at the back of the room appeared. When he walked through into the next room he found himself in another room that just had one simple desk at the center of it that he was clearly meant to sit in. Joshua made his way over to sit in the desk and stretched a bit preparing for whatever test the system was going to give him. After a couple of moments another message appeared in front of him.

[You have decided to take the test to become a certified doctor under the system requirements. This test will decide which rank you shall start off at in the specific support job, so it is best to take this test only if you feel you are knowledgeable enough in the role. Otherwise you will be forced to take this test again in the future if you want to raise rank. Are you prepared?]

Joshua selected yes as a response and the message completely vanished. After a few seconds a new panel was placed in front of him with several questions for him to answer. They were for the most part basic questions at first such as how certain poisons react to aura, or what to do when a patient is severely mana depleted. From the questions Joshua could tell right away that the system didn't really care how much knowledge you had about the old medical field, but was more focused on things that had changed in the past three plus years. If he hadn't studied up on the stuff he would have gotten most of the question wrong even if they seemed rather simple. He could already see how several former doctors would have instantly failed this portion of the test and would have been stuck in the novice section of the job. Considering the fact it was impossible to take the test for another six months at the least it would definitely be a huge blow for some people if that were to happen.

Soon a message appeared and it clarified that he had cleared the novice portion of the test showing that he'd have no problem handling that level as a doctor. Even if you failed the test you'd still be placed in the novice role, but the affects you gained from the job would be basically nonexistent until you proved that you could handle the role better. It was similar to how a novice cook was highly unlikely to get any boosting properties from his or her food. At the moment there were several food stalls around the hub city that were occupied by people at the novice level of cooks that were trying to get better at it with simple types of dishes at first. To own a restaurant in the hub city you had to at least be at the experienced level, and for that restaurant to be as popular as Vivian's you had to be on the worker level.

After Joshua had cleared the novice level the questions started to get harder as it asked him about things on a more specific level such as responses to specific poisons that were more rare, or diseased conditions that couldn't be simply healed or purified. Joshua had to think a little more with these questions to give proper answers. The only part that came easy to him was when it talked about aura and mana flow, because he was so used to his own aura flow. Eventually he did pass the experienced level, but it was much more difficult than the novice one. Before he decided to end his testing he did give the worker level a bit of a look, but after he realized he couldn't answer three out of the first four questions without having to go look it up with a book he knew he wasn't ready for that level yet. It only made him more amazed by his mother's efforts over the past few years for her to pass such a test.

When Joshua finished he left the room and he was granted the support sub-job of a doctor at the experienced level and he left the job center with a big grin on his face.


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