Risen World
231 Chapter 177: A Rather Normal Day
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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231 Chapter 177: A Rather Normal Day

The day after Joshua had successfully gotten his sub-job was a rather normal day and that was unusual for him at this point. He spent the morning doing his regular training and getting a better hang of controlling his aura. One thing he noticed soon after getting his support job was how it affected his combat abilities. Usually the doctor sub-job would be something that healer classes would go after since it would improve their healing abilities while also giving them another reason to learn the knowledge of how to take care of injuries that occur that a regular heal can't fix. A good example of this would be how to heal a cut off arm, or deal with a disease like status affect that could spread to other members of the party if given a chance. A regular healer would probably only end up panicking in that type of situation, but one that had the sub-job of doctor at an experienced level would actually know how to handle the situations both with their healing capabilities and the proper potions or medicines needed.

The sub-job did give Joshua the knowledge for such situations as well, but that wasn't the biggest thing it did for him. When Joshua was taking the test for the support job of doctor there were several questions that dealt with aura flow and the best ways to use it. Once he got the job he noticed that his aura had actually strengthened in two very important areas. The most obvious one was the fact that his regeneration abilities had become even stronger. It wasn't a blatant change like being able to regrow an arm or something, but a decent gash healed faster while using less aura to do so.

The other thing that changed took him a bit of time while training with his aura to actually notice it. It was the fact that it was much easier for him to get his aura to flow throughout his body and form around him as well. It made it easier for him to use the state where he used his aura to empower himself. Before he got the job he could only hold the state for twenty minutes which was much better than where he started, but after he got the doctor support job he could last for thirty minutes as long as he didn't over exert himself. That was an increase of fifty percent which was quite drastic. Having a better aura flow also meant he wouldn't drain as much aura when fighting which would allow him to hold out for far longer in future fights. It was definitely worth his time to get the support job of doctor and now he was wondering how much better it would get when he reached higher levels at the job.

After finishing his training and testing out how long he could hold up his aura in a physical form he was finished for the day with everything he needed to do. Now he had to decide what he wanted to do for the rest of the day since he was free. It would be another couple of days until Laura and Madalyn's groups came back from their expeditions and were ready for some discussion about Joshua's new guild. So he didn't plan on visiting their guilds for the day. Since he had free time he decided he'd spend the day checking up on the people he didn't get to see too often while out exploring. The first stop he decided to make was Nathan and Naomi's shop.

The place was filled with people looking for new equipment and Joshua had to make his way around all of the displays outside of the front of the store to actually get inside the place. The crowd on the inside was just as bad as the one outside if not worse with people moving down every isle to look over the equipment. The inside of the store had actually been expanded out more since the last time he had come which was a sign that business was going well and that Nathan's support guild was flourishing in profits. There were also a few extra people at the checkout area so that business could flow better and all of them waived towards Joshua as he made his way past since they knew him from his earlier visits.

When Joshua went into the back where all the equipment was made and enchanted he noticed that the area was made much larger than before with space for other forges and enchanting tables. It was clear that Naomi and Nathan had other people work along with them now on some of the smaller projects. Joshua could even see a couple of people starting to bring stuff over to one of the empty forges to make a weapon. Joshua simply waived at them as he made his way over to where Nathan and Naomi were working at. Joshua wasn't surprised when he saw that they both were focused on the task at hand so he just watched to see what they were actually doing.

Nathan was currently enchanting some armor and Joshua could see that he was using the skill that he had found for him last time. It allowed him to place more enchantments on the armor and that would make it sell for a lot more. Of course both Nathan and Naomi didn't make as much stuff for sell anymore since they had workers to build stuff on that level from now on. Most of the things they worked on now were either new blue print stuff that interested them or equipment for members of the alliance.

When Joshua went over to check out what Naomi was doing he could see that she was working on a large two handed sword. It wasn't nearly as big as Joshua's scale blade, but it was still a heavy weapon that was most likely meant for a vanguard type fighter. Her work was extremely smooth as she easily went through the process of styling the weapon after having already finished most of the work. Joshua just set back and watched for a while until the two of them were done and he could talk to them. Soon all three of them were headed out of the store and over to Vivian's restaurant for some lunch so they could catch up on things.

The restaurant was just as busy as Nathan's shop, but they had a room reserved for alliance members available so they didn't have to wait. The twins said high to their mother along with Joshua before setting down for something to eat and discussing what they had been up to during their break. Apparently they were starting to work on high level equipment for when the alliance made its move against the larger town. Good equipment could end up saving a lot of lives and since it was going to be a fairly large operation they were going to need time to build all of the equipment for the members participating. Joshua told them about the town he had set up and they all decided to set aside one of the shops to create another weapon shop there in the future, They all knew that in the future James Town would have a lot of traffic going through it since it was so close to a variety of territories. After the alliance had gotten its fill of the area they'd open it up to others and James Town would be the perfect secure outpost.

They talked for a little while after finishing their meals and then they went their separate ways. Nathan and Naomi went back to their shop while Joshua decided to visit his mother's hospital to see how it was coming along. When he reached there he noticed that the place was in business with people coming in and out of it. It was fairly busy and that was most likely do to the fact that it was the only hospital in the hub city at the moment. He was certain that the World Government Guild was probably in the process of getting together support members to make a hospital of their own, but it took having someone at a workers level as a doctor to even open a hospital under the systems rules. It would take a while for another one to appear since everyone else was too focused on healers instead of actual doctors.

The inside of the place already reminded Joshua of several of the old hospitals Joshua had visited while going along with his mother on trips when he was younger. The people that he could see around the place were mainly people with injuries that had persisted even after being healed by basic healers. Some people had come in with poisoned states that were too strong for healers to do much more than keep them alive and those people were rushed off to get dealt with as soon as possible.

The place was being handled well and there were several people that were working there. The people that were currently working as nurses were only novice level doctors according to the systems, but they knew all of the basics to caring for a patient and they were there to learn. The people that worked as the on staff doctors however had to be at the experienced level to keep their position and apparently his mother had an assistant that was a young girl that was nearing worker level already and decided to learn from his mother. Joshua hadn't met her before, but he was sure to in the future with the amount of time the girl spent around his mother.

Joshua made his way to his mother's office and checked up on her to see how things were going. She hadn't come home last night and had actually slept at the hospital since an entire guilds worth of people had come in heavily poisoned the previous day and she had to stick around to help out. Joshua made sure to bring some food from Vivian's restaurant since he knew his mother was like him in the fact that whenever she got caught up with something she'd often forget about eating. Sure enough his mom was looking over several documents of information laid out by the system even though she was supposed to be on break.

Joshua made his way over and tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention surprising her a bit before handing over the food and sitting across from her. They talked about how things were going in the hospital and about Joshua passing the experienced portion of the doctor system test. Of course his mother was proud of him, but then she surprised him by heading over to a shelf and coming back with a stack of books and papers that were filled with notes that she handed over to him. She told him that it was the stuff he would need to learn if he wanted to pass the next step and she was already busy studying for the next step up for herself. Joshua just shook his head with a sigh as he looked at the tall stack of new material to learn, but he smiled a bit knowing that he'd probably end up enjoying it. He put it all away before spending the rest of his mother's break discussing different topics. Afterwards he left her to get back to her work and then decided to go to his last stop.

Leaving the hospital he decided to make his way over to his dad's dojo and he wasn't surprised when he could see the place was jam packed with people. Lots of people came to learn from his father since he was the first martial artist to reach the worker level of combat instructor in their hub city and that meant learning from him would be worth a lot more. Not all combatants were close ranger fighters, but it was always good to know hand to hand combat. When he entered the dojo he noticed the different levels of trainees with the low level martial artist and other combat job holder being trained up by some experienced employees of his father. On the other hand the higher level members got trained by his father and were allowed to spar against him for lessons. Of course it was hand to hand sparring and the system would put you at the same level as the instructor during a spar.

For Combat instructors the more experienced they were the higher level they could match up to with a combat job holder. For a novice combat instructor they could match up to level twenty for an experienced they could go anywhere up to fifty and for a worker level like his father they could match up to anything lower than level one hundred. Since his father was clearly more experienced in fighting than most people he had no problem taking down people at the same level.

Joshua walked in on a spar that everyone was watching and noticed that it was between his sister and his father and decided to sit down and watch as well. Lots of the people in the dojo looked at him with bright eyes since they had seen him come before and they all knew their masters son at this point. He was also extremely popular because of the fact he was the only one around that was able to beat his father and that was on a regular bases. The spar ended up showing that his sister had greatly improved, but his father still came up on top by luring her into a bad position. His sister had the greater speed between the two, but their father was just like Joshua in the fact that he was a mountain of muscle that still had too much experience for her to handle.

After the fight the rest of the members cheered to see Joshua fight his father and in the end he acquiesced and got up onto the sparring mat. Their levels were synced up and then the spar began. It was a close call this time around since his father had used several tricks to try to win the spar and Joshua didn't use his aura to give himself an unfair advantage. Joshua did end up the winner by the time things were settled, but it was close and Joshua could see that with every day that passed his father was getting back to his old form from his younger days now that he had a healthy body. It was a good thing in the end since it would push Joshua to get stronger in hand to hand combat.

There were a few more spars before the dojo closed down for the day and the three family members headed home for dinner. Later that night Joshua started reading through the notes his mother had given him earlier before getting some rest. In the end it was a rather normal day in the new life Joshua lived.


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