Risen World
233 Chapter 179: Learning about how to run a Guild Part 2
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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233 Chapter 179: Learning about how to run a Guild Part 2

After Henry pointed out his plans on recruiting for the guild just about everyone outside of Joshua was bursting out laughing at the situation. Natalie and Madalyn had no problem blatantly laughing at his annoyed look while Laura chuckled and tried to cover her mouth a bit. Isabella however kept her self under control and simply smiled at his words before getting things back on track for everyone.

"I guess that method could work out. Considering the fact that Jayce seems to be the prime example of what you're aiming for I am certain there are several other…fans out there that would love to join Joshua's guild the moment he went public about his identity." Isabella couldn't hide the slight smirk that appeared when she said the word fans and Joshua just grumbled even more when the chuckling continued. "When exactly do you plan on letting out your identity anyways? It will be necessary for this plan to end up working after all."

"Not until after we take down the large town and make it one of the alliance territories. I don't want people focusing on my little guild until after that point. It would give us a month's time to set up before other guilds could try to take on our territory, but with all the defenses we have in place at the moment I'm not even sure if we'll need new members to defend James Town." Joshua explained.

"I see. Well then that should give you a lot of time to set up all of the rules and regulations for your future guild then." Isabella said with a thoughtful look.

"Plus having the number one person from the first phase suddenly show up and be a major part of taking down the large town would make your guild even more attractive for your fanatics." Madalyn said with a grin. "It's a good plan, but your guild will have a lot of focus on it because of it. It will make a lot of smaller guilds try to challenge your territory and there might be some larger guilds that try to help them out if given the chance."

"We know and we're prepared for that to happen after all. Our Territory is completely protected with far more than anyone would expect a small guild to have, plus there is only one location for people to attack from unless they want to climb through the mountains and risk becoming bird food." Henry explained. "It's the best way for us to start off our guild and catch up with you guys."

"Well then there are a few things you should pay attention to setting up when putting your guild together." Isabella started explaining getting everyone's attention. They all knew that Isabella had a lot to do with why both Laura and Madalyn's guilds had been thriving over the past couple of years and had stayed on top even with other guilds constantly trying to undermine them. "You seemed to have already figured out a good spot to set up your guild in the hub city. It is important to have good connections here since the planet itself doesn't have too many fully developed territories and all the territories that are developed at the moment are just small towns without to many resources."

"That's why the hub city is so important right now?" Joshua asked getting a nod in return.

"Yes, it is our main supply line until we can make our territories on earth more self-sufficient. At the moment we rely heavily on the system to provide certain necessities even if that is slowly changing to our favor as we claim more territories. Having a good base of operations in the hub city is extremely important. When it comes to small guilds like you're aiming for it is a good idea to have your guild headquarters away from the center of the city since it is easy to get involved with a lot of the large guilds. Although there is no violence allowed in the hub city they can still try to take away recruits from you, buy out stuff you plan to purchase at the auction, and use any advantage they have in being a large guild against you if they feel you are encroaching on their territory." Isabella explained.

"If you're out of sight then you're out of mind in this case. Plus you can have members hide their information as they go through the market area or the auction house, but if everyone sees those members coming from a guild in the center of town then they'll know who they are." Madalyn explained.

"It sounds like you guys have had to deal with this issue a lot." Henry said with a frown at the idea of being harassed every time he wanted to get a new skill or an interesting item. They didn't have to worry about weapons and equipment since they got all of that from Nathan and there was no way they would get harassed there for being a smaller guild, but the other places were up in the air.

"At first it was a fairly annoying issue when all the guilds were trying to make a name for themselves. Some other guilds would try to ban together to outbid us on skills we wanted or just to raise the price on them in the first place. Those types of tactics didn't work on us simply because we have far more resources than they do and can afford to outbid them without too much trouble. Your much smaller guild however would struggle if several guilds started to harass you guys in such ways." Madalyn explained getting a knowing nod from the others.

"The world government guild can't do such things to other guilds because they know it would disrupt the fragile balance that is already starting to crumble. If they were to try to pick on any individual guild or even an alliance of guilds like our own then all other guilds would have a problem with that. The relationship is just that bad between the two groups at the moment." Natalie said with a sigh.

"So you only need to worry about other guilds picking on you and if you're not in the central area of the hub city where other guilds will be constantly paying attention to you then you won't have to worry so much about these types of issues. It can save you a lot of money and allow your guild to grow without anyone noticing your headquarters. A lot of smaller guilds do things this way." Laura finished the explanation. Both Joshua and Henry nodded at their statements and agreed with them. It was one of the reasons they decided to set up their guild away from the center of the hub city instead of front and center like Laura and Madalyn.

"Alright the next thing you need to worry about when setting up the guild is the system in place inside the guild. Different guilds go about how they run their guild differently. For example Laura and Madalyn both run on an accomplishment system that rewards guild members in proportion to what they have done for the guild. They can build up a certain amount of guild points to get new equipment or skills that can be helpful for them. These points go into raising the guilds level and strengthening the guild itself. They can get these points by doing missions for the guild, by helping clear dungeons, or simply by collecting resources that the guild needs. This creates a cycle where guild members bring in points, the points strengthen the guild, and the strengthened guild brings in new missions for the guild members to gain more points. In the end everyone grows stronger from it and the guild grows as a result of it as well." Isabella explained.

"Isn't that kind of your basic structure for most guilds though? It wouldn't make sense to do it any other way." Henry said with a frown.

"Go ahead and tell that to the world government guild or some of the more sleazy independent guilds out there." Natalie said as she shook her head. The others also seemed a bit disgusted at what they were about to explain.

"For the most part all guilds are run with that basic principle since it's balanced and helps the strong rise to the top of the guild. It also puts those who deserve it into a better position, but therein lies the problem with this method for the world government guild." Madalyn started to explain and Joshua had a good idea of where this was headed.

"They don't want the strong to be on top, but instead want those with status from the previous government to be in charge. Therefore they forgo something extremely important to the system that Isabella explained earlier." Natalie said. "With most guilds people can rise up in status by accumulating guild points. They reach a certain point where guilds like the ones in our alliance allow them to take a test to become a higher level in the guild. Of course if they don't pass the test then so be it, but if they do then they can be in charge of squads in the guild, or over certain areas of the guild that need help. It's a way to test people for positions in the guild in a fair way. You collect enough points in helping out the guild then you deserve the right to at least take a test in an attempt to claim a higher position in the guild."

"Of course Laura here had to be stupid and make some rule about if someone could defeat her then they could be the guild master, but luckily Natalie finally talked her out of it." Madalyn said with a grin only to receive a glare from Laura in return.

"The World Government Guild however doesn't assign positions in that way. You don't earn your position there you are simply given it. Therefore all the guild points you earn can only be used to help the guild and not yourself. Hell they keep most of the gear and skills that they find for the heads of the guild and only leave the mediocre stuff behind. They'd auction off a good skill before putting it up for lower level guild members to get. It puts a big wall up between the top of the guild and everyone else. The only reason people joined the guild in the first place was because they were expecting it to be similar to the old government and things would go back to normal. That's not the case." Natalie finished explaining.

"Some smaller guilds do similar shady things as well, but if you truly want a strong guild in the future no matter the size then you need your members to feel as if they're actually making progress by helping out the guild in the first place." Isabella finished the explanation. "Outside of that you can set up the guild however you like. You have the backing of the entire alliance if you come across any trouble setting up the guild so feel free to let us know."

"Thanks, I think I've got a good idea of how I plan to set up the guild in the end, but for now I guess we should be focusing on leveling up for the large town expedition." Joshua said getting nods from everyone. "You all seem to be coming along well, so I'm sure we'll be in a good spot to take on the town by then, just don't push yourselves or your group members to hard and end up making a mistake."

"You don't have to worry about us. " Madalyn said with a small smile. "Well now that we've got this little meeting over with it's time for me to head back and get back to my research. There's so many things I want to test out after our last expedition."

"Just don't go blowing up your guild building. I'm not sure the system will like that." Laura said getting an annoyed glance from her rival in return. "Oh and try not to come back looking like a raccoon with bags under your eyes I'd rather not have a zombie working alongside me on our next expedition." The banter between the two was interesting to watch, but everyone had gotten up to get back to doing their own things for the rest of the day.

Before Joshua could make it out of the room he was stopped in his tracks by Isabella who waltzed over to him. "Oh and please do take these to the blue print shop to get analyzed for us." She said with the most pleasant smile possible, but her words only got everyone else to chuckle while Joshua let out an annoyed sigh as he took the papers and left the room.


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