Risen World
281 Chapter 227: Canyon Dungeon Final Boss Part 1
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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281 Chapter 227: Canyon Dungeon Final Boss Part 1

The next morning the entire group was up and at it early on. They had a quick breakfast that gave them a small boost for a period of time thanks to Aito and Abigail's abilities. Their gear was all set and everyone including Lilly's beast companions were well rested and ready to meet the abomination that was the final boss of the canyon dungeon. There was a little bit of nerves with some members of the group, but at this point they had gotten used to relying on each other. This would be the final test before their alliance took on the large town and they needed to ace it if they wanted to further their plans for the future.

Joshua was the first one to reach the enormous door that dwarfed the entire group and even towered over Tank who stood behind them at his full size. They knew that in this upcoming fight they'd need the power of all of Lilly's pets if they wanted to stand a chance. Tank was the best tank the group had against massive creatures, but they'd have to make sure the giant turtle wouldn't be placed in too dangerous of a position. He might be able to take the assault of powerful beast, but he wasn't exactly good at dodging.

When Joshua approached the doors things started to shift as all of the pathways on the door started to light up brightly once more before a system message appeared in front of the entire group.

[What lies beyond these doors is a creature that has powers on the level of combining the strengths of the rest of the bosses of this dungeon. It is a mindless monster that will be hard to manage. If you have struggled greatly at any point in this dungeon so far then you should turn back now and train some more before attempting this dungeon again. You have been warned good luck.]

"Well that's not a good sign." Adrian said with a chuckle. The entire group agreed seeing as how the warning for this boss had confirmed the fact that Joshua was thinking along the right lines when it came to the abomination idea behind the boss.

"Well we already figured it would be something like this so it doesn't change our plans in the end." Joshua simply said before he started pushing the massive doors open. They were surprisingly easy to move considering their size. In fact they were easier to open than the other doors he had to press open throughout the dungeon. It felt like there was some sort of mechanism that was pulling the doors open alongside Joshua so it didn't take long for the group to enter the room beyond the giant doors.

They expected to enter a large room on a scale far bigger than any of the other bosses they had come across up to this point, but instead they were met with a long hallway that had ceilings even higher than the giant doors. The hallway was filled with similar symbols to the ones they had come across all throughout the dungeon. The symbols lit up the entire area making it easy for the group to see where they were going. The hall stretched on for a ways and Joshua wasn't sensing any immediate danger in their surroundings. What he could feel was a powerful killing intent off in the distance ahead of them. It was fairly far away from the group yet he could feel it flowing through the air as if he was right in front of it.

Joshua wasn't the only one to feel the powerful killing intent as both Cinder and Tank seemed to feel the suppressive feeling coming from the final boss of the dungeon. Even the less sensitive members of the group could feel the power to a smaller degree causing them to tense up as they looked down the hall. Joshua allowed his aura to flow out and surround his body to create a soothing affect for the rest of the group so the killing intent wouldn't be able to get to them once they arrived at the boss. After doing that he started taking long strides ahead and led the group down the hall.

The further they went down the hall the more things started to change. The killing intent that the group was feeling grew stronger with each step while the symbols along the walls surrounding them grew dimmer making the hallway darker. When Joshua passed a certain point in the hall a message popped up in front of them.

[The speed and agility of a bat.]

It was a short and simple message and Joshua had a good feeling of what the dungeon was trying to portray to the group. When they made it further down the hall another similar message popped up.

[The armor and regeneration of a beetle]

The second message wasn't the end of things as they kept coming across more messages as they made their way down the hall. Each message started describing the attributes of the fiend that they were about to take on.

[The cunning and control of a goat]

[The explosiveness and power of a spider]

[The scales and killing intensity of a snake.]

[A beast that holds all of these traits waits ahead.]

With the last message the group ended up standing right outside of another pair of large doors, but this time they could feel that the boss was on the other side. In the case of most of the members of the group they could tell that the boss was giving off a heavy pressure that made it feel hard to breath. In Joshua's case he could sense even more coming from beyond the door. He could tell that whatever beast they were about to face took up much of the room through his aura sense. It was hard to make out the entire body of the creature and when he started to concentrate more he suddenly felt his senses pushed back by the creature as it let out a deranged roar that started shaking everything around the area.

The entire group could feel the wrath of the beast beyond the doors and it was on a level Joshua had not experienced in a long time. The last time he had such a feeling was back when he faced the haze boss in the first phase. The terror it instilled in its enemies was on a different level from facing regular beast such as the snake and spider. The pressure felt like that of a monster that lived for torturing and killing others. If Joshua had to explain it he'd probably use evil as the best way to put it. The haze boss he had faced to claim his first territory wasn't nearly as bad since the level suppression wasn't all that effective, but this beast was a full tier ahead of him and he could tell the pressure was having an even bigger effect on Jayce's group. Their entire bodies were shaking from the pressure due to the level gap, but they were still able to react normally for the time being.

"Well this is the last step guys." Joshua said with a small smile after his aura sense had been pushed away by the enraged creature. "Stick together and keep an eye on each other and we'll do just fine." The rest of the group nodded in agreement before Joshua started pushing the door open leading them all into a massive room that was surprisingly well lit in comparison to the hall way. There were torches all along the walls along with massive symbols on the ceiling that lit the room up even more. The lighting of the room was the last thing on their minds when they stepped inside. With such good lighting they were able to see the final boss of the dungeon the moment they looked around the area.

The creature was massive on the same scale as the snake had been if not even bigger considering some major parts of its body that were hard to ignore. A large part of the beast body was like that of a snake as it stretched out across the walls of the massive dome shaped room. This part of its body had similar patterns to the snake boss that they had just defeated with the only difference being the fact that the scales had a special sheen to them that reminded the group of the beetle's exoskeleton. That sent warning bells off in everyone's mind as that most likely meant that this creatures scales were even tougher than the snakes had been.

At first they all thought that the snake portion of the creatures body was the tail of the beast that just stretched all across the room, but when they saw the end of one of the tails was actually a snake head instead of a tip they realized that the boss didn't exactly have to be thought of like a regular creature. In fact they ended up spotting another snake head that started rising up across the room opposite of the first one they had found. They were both glaring towards the group near the entrance of the room while letting out hissing sounds. The entire group could hear the scales of the snake like body moving along the ground and surrounding them.

When they followed the snake like body all the way back to the other end they could actually see two snake bodies merge into the base of a massive figure that started to rise up into the air at the back of the room. The figure had massive bat wings that cloaked its form before opening up and allowing the group to see the rest of its frame. The wings stretched out even further than the wings of the bat boss from earlier and the group realized right away why that was the case. The bosses main body itself was bigger than the bat's had been so the wings had to be larger to be useful.

The main body of the boss was around the size of the beetle boss from earlier and it was heavily armored in exoskeleton that Joshua knew right away would be incredibly difficult to try to break through. It had eight protruding spider legs from its main body that it probably used to move around quickly and strike at its opponents. It also had an armored head in a similar fashion to the beetle boss, but it didn't only have a massive horn like the beetle on its head. There was also a pair of ram horns that protected it's skull as well. It looked like it fit the description of an abomination as in the end it was a mix of all of the bosses in some way or another and the group could tell right away that the beast was going to be hard to keep up with.

When they looked down to where the main body connected to the snake portion of the rest of its body they quickly realized that there were more than just two snake bodies connected to the creatures main body. Instead there were actually six which meant there were still four other parts of the creature they had yet to see appear in the large room. By the time they realized this fact the boss was already roaring in anger as it exerted a powerful pressure over the entire surroundings. Joshua immediately used his own aura to clash against the boss and keep its aura pressure from affecting the rest of the party. He could tell that the boss didn't have much control over its aura since it seem so wild and rampant. That was a good sign in some regards, but it could still affect the group by simply pressuring them.

The boss's main body started to rise into the air as the snake heads wrapped around behind them and closed the door to the room. They were surrounded on both sides at the start of the fight and had no idea what types of actions the boss would take. They had to believe that it could use the abilities of all of the other bosses they had come across up to this point so they didn't want to play a guessing game on which ability it would use first. In the end they didn't have to guess at all since the first action the boss took after releasing its rampaging aura was to charge down and attack the member of the group that had dared to try to suppress its strength.


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