Risen World
283 Chapter 229: Canyon Dungeon Final Boss Part 3
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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283 Chapter 229: Canyon Dungeon Final Boss Part 3

From the perspective of the group that was left outside of the large black sphere things had gone from difficult to near impossible in a matter of moments. In their current situation their strongest tank had been taken out of the picture for the time being and was forced to fight against the main body of the boss on his own while they were stuck outside being unable to help. To make matters worse they were no longer just facing against the two giant snake heads, but four new figures had made their way over to surround the group. The constantly regenerating snake heads were annoying enough on their own, but the added opponents gave off just as much of a powerful aura as the snake heads.

The first figure that appeared within view was a large bat head with fangs with razor sharp edges to them. It looked exactly like the head of the bat boss that they faced down the first path, but it didn't have the rest of its body along with it. Instead it had a long snake body that trailed its way back in to the black sphere which meant it was most likely connected to the main body of the boss like the two snake heads had been. Since the figure didn't have wings it wouldn't be able to fly around like the original, but it could still rear up fairly high with its snake like body and strike from above. It also likely had all of the other abilities of the first boss as well.

The second figure that came into view was a snake body with the head of a horned beetle. The head was heavily armored like the original beetle boss and they knew it could use that horn in multiple ways to harm their entire group. After seeing these two heads the group had a pretty good idea what the other two figures were going to be. When the last two figures came into view their expectations were met. One had the head of the golden goat with the gem on its head that could probably use the powers behind the gem if given a chance. The other was the massive spider head that could spew venom out and had the ability to control sand in combat. When these four heads met up with the two snake heads the flow of battle was going to change entirely.

They knew they were going to have to handle the situation carefully since they no longer had Joshua around to take most of the attention of the boss. Instead the other tanks were going to have to step up and hold the massive enemies off while the rest of the group figured out a way to take the heads down. They all knew that it was likely that all of the heads could regenerate given the time, but as long as they kept them constantly under pressure they should be able to keep the beast at bay for a while. They didn't know how to kill the boss, but if they had to guess it had something to do with its main body which they couldn't get to with the black sphere blocking their path.

'Everyone prepare to hold these things off for as long as possible.' Henry spoke up through the mental link. At the moment they couldn't contact Joshua who was in the black sphere so they were going to have to figure out how to handle things on their end on their own. In the meantime Henry was the second in command so he needed to step up and take the lead before the boss could gain an advantage on their group. 'Aito focus on taking out the bats head first then the goat head second. They're the two heads that pose the most danger to our group at the moment and are the most vulnerable.'

'Alright, but I'll run out of mana fairly fast if I have to keep it up for too long.' Aito said before he started charging a powerful shot as he aimed for the goat head first and its gem. They all knew that the bat head would be rather evasive so he'd have to wait for the right moment to try to take that head down. The other heads however were easy targets with their heavier bodies and slower movements. The bat head had already rose up into the air while the others were spreading out around the group.

'Julia and Laura I need the both of you to keep the heads burning once Aito has damaged them enough to take them out of commission for a short amount of time. We need to keep them from being able to regenerate. The less heads we have trying to attack us at a time the better.' Henry explained to the two who nodded back. Laura focused on taking out the snake heads once more since magic seemed more effective against its scales than Aito's bullets.

'I'm guessing we need to hold the line then to give you guys chance to take the heads out right?' Devin asked as he held his axe over his shoulder while eyeing the beetle head that looked ready to charge into the group and go on the attack.

'Yes, you and your brother's focus on holding off the beetle head for now since it will pack the strongest amount of brute force. Abigail and Jayce focus on the spider head. You two can both block it's venom with your shield walls.' Henry explained before turning to Isabella. 'You need to focus on cooling the snakes bodies. It will help slow their movements and could end up being the edge we need in defending our selves. The rest of you guys help out where you can.'

The moment Henry finished his speech the beetle head dived down being the first one to go in on the attack. The Carsen brothers all got into its path to slow it down. They braced themselves for the impact and between the three of them were able to hold the large figure off with proper positioning. They didn't have to hold it in place for long though as Tank made his way over with a massive roar and bit down into the scales around the neck of the beetle head. He held it in place while the close range fighters prepared to go in and attack the head directly.

The spider head tried to strike at Tank as it came from the side preparing to spew venom over Tank's head. Jayce saw the head's movement and quickly moved in its path while using a projectile shield to block the venom which enraged the spider head. It dived down preparing to slam into Jayce as he threw up a shield wall to hold it back. The force of the impact pushed Jayce sliding backwards, but Abigail had his back as she charged in and hit the head with a stunning strike and locked it in place for a brief moment. That amount of time was more than enough for Cinder to leap over and pin the head down while burning it with powerful flames. With that two out of the six heads were currently being taken care of.

Laura unleashed her powerful flame spell on one of the snake heads. Laura's large bird made entirely out of flames completely blew off one of the snakes heads. The fire kept burning keeping it from being able to regenerate quickly, but Laura had to keep adding more fireballs afterwards just to make sure the head wouldn't grow back. Madalyn however moved close to the other snake head and threw a container that had a weird substance in it that was a bit different from most of her poisons. This poison didn't burst into a cloud, but instead clung to the other snake head like tar. It even covered its eyes causing the snake to hiss with irritation. The moment Julia hit the tar like substance with one of her flame spells it ignited into a powerful flame that gave off a lot of heat.

With both snake heads being burned off constantly Julia decided to help out by controlling the flames to prolong them as long as possible. The extra power allowed the flames to fend off the creature's crazy regeneration abilities, but it would also take a toll on her mana with the amount of flames she was having to control.

The goat head was one of the heads that Henry had singled out for Aito to take care of quickly and that was because of its abilities to control all of the stones in the room. It was bad enough having to avoid sand, but stones could easily block their spells or gravely injure members of their group if given a chance. Aito made the ram head his first target the moment his shot had finished charging. He could feel the buffs from Henry being applied and knew that his attack would pack more than enough punch to do some serious damage to the goat head before it could do anything.

The gem on the goat's head started to glow brightly, but before the stones in the room could even begin to move Aito fired a piercing shot from his sniper rifle. He was at the far back of the group just like the ram had been on the other side of the fight which gave Henry's buff of power by distance plenty of time to gather strength as the rail shot pierced straight through the gem and the rest of the goat with such force that the entire top part of its head was destroyed. Cinder seemed to understand what the two of them were up to and shot a large fireball over to slam into the goat head and prevent it from regenerating too quickly. The plan worked, but added more of a burden to Julia who continued to empower all of the flames in the room.

The beetle head kept trying to struggle and get out of Tank's hold, but the massive turtle wouldn't give it the chance. The rest of the close range fighters rushed over and started attacking the massive head. Adrian slashed through any weak points he could find along the creatures many broken scales do to Tank's biting. Each slash created more of a profuse bleeding effect on the creature that would slow down its healing ability and allow the rest of the group to do damage. Adam however used his strength boost alongside his shadow to hack away at the creature's massive horn to make sure that it couldn't vibrate it and disorient the entire group. Amy came in and slammed in the final blow on the horn breaking it off and causing the beetle to scream in pain.

The only head that was left to cause danger to the group was the bat that hung above everyone and looked down on the fight. The creature seemed to realize that diving straight in and trying to attack the group wouldn't help out much if it ended up in a similar situation as the rest of the heads so it decided to use a sonic screech to help break the rest of the heads free while hindering its enemies. This was taken into account by Aito and Henry though since before it could even screech a ball of wind with flames inside of it slammed into its mouth crating a large explosion that blew off one of its fangs. Henry smiled at the fact that his little spell combination was strong enough to do such a thing, but in the end it was nothing more than a distraction as an arrow came flying and nailed it in the throat.

Natalie had fired the arrow as it was coated in one of Madalyn's poisons. With the shot actually getting inside the creature's mouth she knew the poison would spread quickly. It didn't take long for the bat's movements to slow down a lot and that made it an easy target for Aito who fired another heavy shot that blew half of the bats head clean off. At this point the group had suppressed the six heads, but the issue was becoming fairly clear to all of them. Taking the heads out wasn't too hard, but keeping them from coming back and being an issue once more was.

It was impossible for them to actually kill the beast as long as it was on the other side of the black sphere and the heads would just continue to grow back until they were eventually overwhelmed. In the end they needed Joshua to finish things on his end soon so the fight could come to a close.


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