Risen World
289 Chapter 235: Specialty Blue Prints Results
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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289 Chapter 235: Specialty Blue Prints Results

"Well it's definitely a good start." Henry said with a grin. "Although none of the items we've gotten so far can be considered high level gear all of it can be extremely helpful in special circumstances."

"Having those night vision goggles would have made the first path in the canyon dungeon so much easier. Plus I highly doubt that will be the last time we will have to go through environments that make it hard to see." Aito said while examining the information on the goggles.

"Not to mention the grappler hook. We could use it in all types of ways during combat or just to get around to different areas. Climbing down that cliff with the grappler hook could have saved us a lot of time exploring the canyon. It could have also let us come up to the prairie at night to avoid all of the bat problems we came across." Adrian said with a smile. "I think I'll like them even more when it comes to combat if a few ideas I have in mind are possible with the equipment."

Joshua nodded agreeing with the sentiment from his long time friends. The new equipment would definitely come in handy. It was probably better to get the specialty equipment instead of blue prints for some low class weapons that Joshua was certain he wasn't going to use in the future. Most of the people in the room showed genuine excited reactions when it came to the new equipment, but there were two people that were showing a little more than just basic enthusiasm. Marcus looked like he was a child that had just found a new toy on the other hand Becca's eyes shined brightly as she looked over the description of the grenade alongside him.

"I take it the two of you are interested in this new grenade?" Joshua asked as he read the description as well to make sure he understood why they seemed so excited by the new explosive. It seemed to be a higher level version of what they were already using for their traps.

"Yes this grenade is just what we needed to provide more help next time around. Our traps were basically useless against the boss level beast in the dungeon, but these grenades do more damage depending on what type of ingredients you make them with. Considering the fact that we're always coming across high level materials I'm certain we can make some powerful grenades before the large town expedition." Marcus explained as he read over the designs of the grenade.

"Plus with Madalyn around I'm certain we can make the grenades have a powerful poisonous effect as well if need be." Becca said with a small smile as she looked towards her guild leader. Joshua had noticed the two of them had seemed a bit disappointed in the fact that they weren't able to do all that much during the dungeon outside of scout out the area, but with this new grenade they could be more helpful next time around.

"Well then why don't we start taking a look at the higher level blue prints? We've already gotten off to a good start. So let's let Mr. Luck here keep things going." Madalyn said with a teasing smirk as everyone looked towards him waiting for him to bring out the next blue print. Joshua just nodded his head before moving back in front of the scanner and pulling out the five royal blue prints that they had gained from all of the bosses in the dungeon. He took out the first one and placed it on the scanner. Within a few seconds the scanner finished its job before displaying the information for the blue print.

[Blood Bat Robes – A set of light equipment that can be crafted with the right set of materials. This pair of robes is highly magic resistant while also increasing the rate of mana regeneration for the wearer. They also give the boosted effect of adding a slight paralysis effect to any offensive spells used by the wearer as well.]

This equipment clearly came from the bat boss they had faced in the dungeon and it apparently gave the user two major bonuses. The first being the fact that it was heavily magic resistant which was probably for the best considering it was clearly designed for mages. Mages weren't exactly going to be out front taking physical hits, but large spells that took up entire rooms would definitely reach them. Having high magic resist was a good sign. The other benefit was the more important one in Joshua's eyes though as it allowed mages to stun their opponents with their spells. Joshua wasn't certain how long the stun would be, but if several mages were able to stack up spells with one another while wearing these robes then a boss could be stunned for a long period of time.

Joshua moved on to the next one deciding to finish the five royal blue prints before discussing them.

[Metallic Beetle Armor – A heavy duty set of armor that is incredibly resilient and self-regenerating. This armor will put itself back together given time and is flexible enough to give users a wide range of motion. This armor also greatly increases the regeneration ability of the user.]

This set of armor was a god send for both tanks and healers a like. It was a blessing for tanks since it was extremely protective while covering the entire body since it came with all the pieces. The fact that it repaired itself also could go a long way when it came to combat. Joshua had already experienced having leather armor torn up. It made it hard to protect himself without getting injured from powerful strikes from boss level beast. The armor was a blessing for healers simply because it increased the regeneration speed of injuries for the tanks that wore it. This meant the healer wouldn't have to use as much mana to keep the tank in top condition all the time.

[Glyph Shield – A shield that grants the user an extra form of defense. It grants the user the ability to control nearby stone to block attacks. The stones will be surrounded in mana to make it extremely resilient and the size and the shape depends on the will of the user.]

Joshua was fairly certain that the shield itself would be a fairly big step up from any of the other shields he had seen up to this point considering the blue print came from a level eighty boss monster. The added effect of controlling stone as a defensive measure was a large bonus that could save an entire party in a pinch. All though most shield users had their shield wall ability they could only use it so often and it could be broken through with enough damage done. Having two ways to protect the group could be extremely helpful and could even allow Jayce to block two different directions if necessary. The next two items were the ones that Joshua was most interested in finding out about since they were guarded by intelligent beast.

[Desert Spider Arm Guards – A pair of arm guards that are light weight and sturdy enough to use to block against other weapons or attacks. The arm guards give the user the ability to control a large amount of sand through either their mana or aura. Depending on the amount of mana or aura used, the power behind the sand will change. The arm guards also have long hidden daggers inside them that can be poisoned tipped depending on the creator's preference.]

These arm guards were something that anyone in the group could use if they wanted to. Joshua doubted most of the mages would want to use them since it was draining on their mana to use its abilities, but for him it was a trump card he wouldn't mind having just in case. He always believed he needed a way to do more damage up close outside of his scale blade and fist in a pinch. The sand control could also give him another avenue to distract his opponents during combat or even blind them if he could send a wave of sand into their eyes. Now he'd just have to figure out a way to have sand on hand whenever he needed it for such an occasion. The last royal blue print was from the snake and Joshua quickly put it on to the scanner to see what reward they would end up with.

[Shifting Scale Mail – A light weight armor that is extremely resistant to all forms of damage. It is especially resistant to physical damage although it is no slouch against magical damage. This scale mail also gives the wearer a boost in dexterity when aura or mana is run through it.]

Although the scale mail had the shortest explanation in comparison to the other blue prints Joshua knew right away that it was the perfect armor for him. It was light weight so it wouldn't impede his movements at all, but more importantly it actually boosted them since his aura would constantly be running through his armor while fighting seriously. The high physical resistance was a major blessing as well considering the armor he currently wore was like tissue paper in comparison. Joshua was realizing that he had to rely too much on his aura to defend himself after the last dungeon. His leather armor had been torn up several times throughout the dungeon and he had taken unnecessary injuries while fighting simply because his armor wasn't up to par.

"Well I think it's safe to say that Joshua's luck has proven itself once again." Henry said with a big smile as everyone looked excitedly over the information that was displayed on the new equipment. "Even better is the fact that all the materials we will need to make the equipment is stuff we got from taking out the creatures in the dungeon."

"Yeah there are actually two forms it could be made into from what I can see." Naomi said with a big smile as she examined the blue prints. It was clear she was ready to start trying to make the new gear the moment she could get away and get back to her shop. "The materials from the bosses you guys faced will make a higher tier version of these equipment's in comparison to the regular canyon creatures."

"Plus with me adding my own enchantments on top of them it could only make the gear even more useful." Nathan said with a big grin as he joined his sister while reading over the blue prints.

"Well then I guess that means were going to have to farm that dungeon a few more times if we want the higher level sets of gear going forward." Adrian said while looking over the blue prints.

"I think with the amount of materials we already have from our first time through we should be able to make more than enough of the equipment for the members in our immediate group. We can also make a lot more with the lower tier forms for other guild members we plan on bringing along for the large town subjugation in a couple of weeks." Henry said getting nods from everyone else. They knew the gear would be extremely helpful with the upcoming subjugation.

"Well then brother why don't you go ahead and scan the blue print we got from the final boss. It's got to be something even more interesting than all of the other stuff we've gotten so far." Amy said with excitement as she looked at the last blue print that Joshua had in his hands. This one had a golden trim to it showing that it was higher level than even the royal blue prints that they had just examined. Joshua nodded before putting the final boss blue print onto the scanner and stepping back to see the information after it was finished scanning.

[Territorial Guardian – A powerful creation that can be made with the right materials. This powerful guardian will defend the town or city that it is assigned to. Its strength will rise as the town's level rises. Only one town guardian can be assigned per a town.]

Joshua looked over the short amount of information as everyone was stunned by the description. Joshua knew how important defending your territory was in this new world even though he hadn't gone through a territory defense like Madalyn or Laura yet. He was certain it would happen the moment his immunity time was up and he had already been preparing for that to happen. This territorial guardian seemed to be another peace to the puzzle when it came to defending his territory.


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