Risen World
305 Chapter 251: Enraged Monkeys!
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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305 Chapter 251: Enraged Monkeys!

Joshua prepared himself to make any move that he would need to in a quick fashion as he watched the raging flames tower above the rock walls that Amber had created. The heat being generated from the area was so much hotter with Julia amplifying the power behind the flames. He could hear the screaming of the two monkeys over the raging fire which told him right away that they were still alive even with their plan going off without a hitch.

In the meantime Natalie, Aito, Becca, and Marcus were all busy picking off any straggling haze creatures that decided to wonder towards the area instead of the direction of the support group that was making far more noise. They specifically went after the empowered zombies since they were wild cards that could end up actually being a threat without having to come at them in large numbers.

After a few minutes the fire started to die down even with Julia prolonging it for as long as possible. The earthen walls that had been placed around the park were cracking from the heat and Joshua was certain that the moment the pair of monkeys decided to break through after getting over their painful experience, the walls would fall apart in a matter of seconds. The screaming from inside the fire came to a stop and that was the que for everyone to prepare to take on the pair of beast. Soon they heard loud thumping sounds coming from within the wall as the two monkeys started pounding on one of the walls that was trapping them.

For a while all Joshua did was watch as the cracks started to spread throughout the wall in front of him. He could feel the killing intent pouring off of the crazed monkeys inside as they continued to pound away at the wall. Each thump forced the cracks to continue to grow bigger and bigger until eventually it crumbled to the floor. Smoke and flames started to pour out from the area now that there was a new opening outside of just going upward. The heat came towards Joshua and the rest of the close range fighters in a large wave that nearly took their breath away. Even with all of that fire and damage he was certain that the two sub-bosses were alive and ready to kill whoever had caused them so much pain.

After the first wave of heat had exited the trap the smoke and flames began to settle down. It cleared up Joshua's view of the area as he watched two large figures start to make their way out of the flames. When the monkeys came within view Joshua was able to get a good view at the amount of damage their surprise tactic had actually done to the creatures. The monkeys now looked completely different from how they had looked before being put through such harsh treatment.

All of their fur was burnt off for the most part, except for the occasional patch of burnt leftovers that still clung on to their bodies. Boils and burns was a common sight along the pair of monkeys' skin. It was a hard sight to look at as flames still clung on to some parts of their body. Surprisingly the scorpion tails on the back of the monkeys were completely fine as they angrily swung around in the air. It was a sign in Joshua's opinion to avoid trying to deal with the tails as much as possible.

Even with all of the damage Joshua could already see signs of the monkeys healing up as they rushed out of the flames and into the street. A lot of the burns on their bodies were healing at a rapid pace as the haze in the air started to thin quickly. It made it easier for Joshua and the rest of his group to see in the surroundings, but it was also a pain because he knew that they were going have to figure out a way to kill the monkeys quickly so they couldn't heal back up to much.

The pair of monkeys started rolling around the ground fiercely as they flailed all of their limbs around trying to put out the remaining fire, but Julia wasn't having it. She concentrated fully on moving the flames around the pair of monkeys' bodies to keep them alive for as long as possible. It became clear to Joshua that she was focused on keeping the biggest flames going that were clinging to deep injuries from the explosion. When the monkeys realized that no matter how much they rolled around they wouldn't be able to put out all of the flames they started to scream and shout as they looked in the direction of Joshua's group.

The monkeys started to rage around as they pounded their chest with their extra set of arms while their tails started pointing in the direction of Joshua and the other close range fighters. Joshua responded by using one of the new tricks he had learned from reading the book on aura use. He let his aura out to surround his body while also giving off an immense amount of pressure of his own. The sudden pressure caused both monkeys to turn and start paying attention to him right away.

The trick was a good way to draw attention in a similar way to his aura shout. It was like challenging the two monkeys in a battle of killing intent. The fact that such a small creature was able to respond to them in such a way seemed to infuriate the pair of sub-bosses even more as they started to charge towards him. In that moment everything had been kicked off for the real fight to begin. 'Alright, let me get all of their attention focused on me before you guys start going in for the kill as well.' Joshua said through the mental link before charging towards the creatures.

During his sprint over towards the large creatures he felt another surge of strength which immediately told him that Lilly had brought out her pets. He felt one surge from Flutter's buffs, while another one came from Light jumping into his aura. Those boost in strength along with his new equipment gave him more straight up power to take on the creatures right away. He could also feel a couple of support spells coming from Henry, but by the time he felt them he was already right in front of one of the monkeys.

The large monkey's scorpion tail went shooting for Joshua's head right away, but he slightly moved out of the way deciding to avoid taking on the dangerous tail head on unless he was forced too. He then dunked under one of its fist that tried to grab him before using his scale blade to slash across the arm to get the creature to back off for a moment. The blow wasn't one where he used his will to empower his attack so he could judge how tough the creatures skin and fur were. His blade was able to cut through and leave a rather nasty gash which told Joshua that the monkeys didn't have extremely high defenses. The issue was the fact that their healing capabilities were so high.

Joshua couldn't stop to think about the injury for long as another fist tried to smash him into the pavement. He quickly leaped out of the way before turning around and blocking another fist that came from the side. With the short exchange Joshua could already see how annoying it was going to be to deal with the four armed monkeys. They had so many angles to attack him from with the extra set of arms along with the tail. It was even worse than dealing with the spider bosses he had faced in the past because of the fact that the monkeys were able to use all of their arms and legs offensively.

Before Joshua could try to get a shot in at the monkey in front of him the second monkey rushed in and tried to skewer Joshua with its tail. The blow was predictable so Joshua had no trouble avoiding it, but since both monkeys were now throwing out a barrage of punches Joshua was completely put on the defensive. He couldn't counter attack as long as the second monkey would get involved. This was when the rest of the group started to join the fight.

During one of the second monkey's attempts to stab Joshua with its tail a large fire ball slammed into its back. The sudden explosion was enough to knock it off balance a bit, but what Joshua noticed more than that was the fact that the spell had caused the monkey to freeze up for a brief moment. It wasn't nearly as long as when Abigail hit a monster with a stunning strike, but it was long enough for Joshua to get his footing in line with the other monkeys attack without having to worry about getting hit by the scorpion tail.

Joshua quickly let out a heroic shout just to make sure both of the monkeys' attention were still on him. The rest of the group kept bombarding the second monkey with different spells that would stun it in place for a brief moment. When they strung the spells together the monkey was barely able to move. Joshua could see that both Laura and Julia were sticking to weaker fire based spells in their assault, so as not to waste all of their mana against these weaker sub-bosses. Their goal was to get the second monkey to freeze up so that Joshua could handle the other one. It also gave a good opportunity for the other close range fighters to start going on the attack.

Joshua focused on the monkey in front of him while Jayce stepped into to hold off any of the attacks from the second monkey. He used his shield wall along with his ability to create walls of stone from his new shield to create a powerful barrier to stop the scorpion tail on the back of the monkey from stabbing Joshua from behind. In the meantime the other close range fighters went all out in their assault on the monkey that was being bombarded by spells.

Amy was the first one to head in as she used her increased speed and reflexes to get around the monkeys body and aim for its organs with her punches. Each blow she landed on its chest or stomach would dive deep into the creature's body leaving nothing, but a visible bruise behind. Even so they all knew that wherever she punched the force of her blows would attack the inside of the monkey's body. It had high regenerative capabilities, but even so taking a punch to the lungs would still hurt like hell.

Adrian on the other hand was focused on leaving as much bleeding damage on the creature as possible. He moved around the creature quickly and struck out when given any openings. He often aimed for locations that had recently healed up from burn injuries just to be more efficient. Adam and Allen on the other hand focused on one limb each just to take the beast out of commission. Allen kept going for one of its legs. He kept using his spear along with his ability to create energy around his attacks to pierce deep through its leg over and over again. Adam on the other hand was hacking away at its other leg leaving deep gouges with his heightened strength.

The monkey was only a sub-boss in the end and a weaker one at that. It didn't have any abilities to break through the relentless assault as it was continuously stunned over and over again. Everyone could see that it was growing more and more resistant to the stunning effect, but it didn't matter in the end since the amount of damage it was taking while stuck was starting to well out do its regeneration. The haze in the area was pouring into its body continuously, but it wasn't able to out heal their damage.

Isabella was the one to put the final nail in the coffin for the monkey as she created a large ice spear that she pierced through its chest where Amy had been continuously attacking. The area was weakened do to the bruising and burns so the large chunk of ice had no trouble going straight through. The large monkey let out a pained scream before its body started going limp as they could all hear something cracking inside its body. They were all happy that they were able to take care of one of the monkeys so easily, but Joshua noticed a change in the one that remained that he didn't like.


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