Risen World
317 Chapter 263: Large Town Dungeon Part 4
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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317 Chapter 263: Large Town Dungeon Part 4

After Lilly had finished taming the gorilla she immediately put him away into her soul realm to heal up. It would take a few days for the gorilla to heal back to its full health, but once it did Lilly would have another partner that could be used in the future. After Lily had put away the gorilla the first thing everyone's mind went to was what crazy name she was going to try to come up with. After she tried to name it after a barrel throwing video game character the rest of the group had to try to come up with names to avoid Lilly's suggestion.

For a while they were all throwing out names that you would expect for a gorilla while Lilly frowned at the fact that they didn't like her name. When Amy tried to name the gorilla after a famous movie monster Joshua decided to finally step in and give it a decent name of its own. In the end they ended up giving the gorilla the name Titus. Joshua felt Titan was to on the nose so he went for something a little different. The gorilla seemed to have an issue with his smaller stature in comparison to his own kind, but from what Joshua had seen when Cinder evolved he was fairly certain that the gorilla wouldn't have to worry about that for too long.

After figuring out a name for their new friend Joshua asked Lilly about all of the information and abilities of her new partner. The first thing that surprised everyone was the fact that Titus was level seventy-six. The fact that the gorilla had so much confidence when it tried to take on the town on its own showed that it was probably higher level at the time. Apparently the dungeon had sapped a lot of its strength in a similar way to what happened to Tank. Even though it could take away a lot of Titus's power it couldn't take anymore after Titus had reached the lowest possible level for the dungeon.

'Well what kind of stats and abilities does Titus have?' Joshua asked curious at what kind of abilities Lily's new partner could have. He knew that it would be important for the group to know going forward. That's when Lilly showed them all the information she had gained about her new partner. The first thing Joshua noticed was the fact that the Gorilla was of the silver back variety. It was hard to get a clear view of the massive creature when it was laying down in the dimly lit area, but it explained why it was so worried about its size in comparison to the rest of its troop.

When it came to the stats of Titus it came as no surprise to Joshua that the big guy had a ridiculously high amount of strength along with a fairly high amount of vitality. Its dexterity was surprisingly high for its size and build. It wasn't as fast as Cinder, but it would be able to easily keep up and react to creatures that were smaller than it well enough. The stats that were rather low on the gorilla were its intelligence and wisdom. Although it probably could use some mana if push came to shove, it was obviously not focused in that department. What surprised Joshua was the fact that Titus had an extremely large amount of will. It was the gorilla's second highest stat behind its strength. This clearly told everyone that the ape was an aura focused creature more than a mana based one.

After examining all of its stats and getting a feel for how Titus might fight in the future it was time to check out the most unique thing about their new partner. It was time to see what abilities he had. Lilly put the information in the system chat for them all to see and they were no longer surprised at the fact that Titus had been so confidant in trying to take on the town.

[Plant Manipulation – The ability to either grow plants in the surroundings that the user can then control while fighting or the ability to control plants that are already in the surroundings. The user can use aura or mana to do so, and depending on how much aura or mana the user uses the strength and other capabilities of the plants being controlled will change.]

[Spore field – The user can disperse spores from its fur that will fill the air. There are two main uses for these spores. The first use is to make all plants in the surroundings grow at a heightened rate. If there are no plants in the area then the spores will bore into the surroundings and create plants that can be controlled by the user. The second use for these spores is to paralyze enemies that breathe it in. Through the use of the users aura they can decide who the spores' effect.]

[Floral Memorization – This ability allows the user to learn how to create any plants he has come across in the wild with their spores. The stronger the plant the more spores it will take to get it to grow. Soil rich areas make it easier for plants to be created while areas lacking in the proper ingredients for plant growth making it more difficult for plants to grow.]

[Photosynthesis – This ability allows the user to increase all regenerative capabilities when a light source is nearby. The only drawback is that the user has to be either completely still when using this ability or be in the midst of his primal rage ability to use it.]

[Primal Rage – When using this ability the user goes into an enraged state. In this state their fur will grow out and the stats of the user will change. Their strength will double and their regenerative capabilities will also increase. Their intelligence and wisdom will be cut in half during the state as a drawback.]

[Frenzy – An ability that causes all of the plants in the surroundings to go crazy. The rate of growth of the plants will sky rocket and their strength and speed will increase. The amount of aura to maintain this ability is high.]

After Joshua finished reading through all of the abilities he had a bit of an idea of how Titus would fight alongside the group in the future. The Plant Manipulation was probably Titus's core ability. It allowed him to control plant life in a way that was similar to Ysildea to some degrees. He wasn't able to control all of the elements like she could, but when it came to plants Titus would be second to none. Joshua remembered how the haze gorilla boss controlled vines to help it hold them off, but it could only control vines. From the description of Titus's ability he would be able to control all types of plant life and not just vines.

This fact became even clearer when you took into consideration his next two abilities. Spore field would allow Titus to be like his own jungle generator. His fur could let out spores that would allow plants in the area to grow at a much faster pace which could only mean good things for his ability to control the plants in the first place. The added effect of being able to paralyze his enemies just made it even better. On the other hand Floral Memorization would allow him to grow new types of plants that he'd come across in the wild.

The combination of those two abilities could end up meaning a lot of things. Joshua knew that with the world changing the plant life around it was changing as well. This meant that some plants could have special abilities that could be extremely effective during battle. Now that Titus could learn how to create such plants his fighting capabilities could greatly rise in the future.

His photosynthesis ability seemed like a sort of meditative ability that could be useful to recover from threatening injuries, but on its own it wouldn't be all that useful in a fight. As long as an enemy was able to continue to go after Titus he wouldn't be able to get the chance to use this ability, but with Primal Rage that could easily change. Although Primal Rage only seemed to be a steroid type skill that would greatly increase Titus's strength and regenerative capabilities at the cost of his intelligence and wisdom, the fact that he could use photosynthesis at all times while in that state meant his healing capabilities would be ridiculous. Plus his aura and mana regenerate at a frightening pace as well based off of the fact that photosynthesis improved all forms of regeneration.

The last ability that Titus had for the moment was more geared towards making his plants more powerful during a key point in battle. It could be incredibly useful in certain situations and was another trump card that the gorilla would have going forward. With all of these abilities Joshua and everyone else was easily able to see how much help the gorilla could give the group in the future.

'Seems like you've found another great partner Lilly. I can't wait till I reach level one hundred and can get my own partner.' Amy said with excitement after reading over all of the ape's stats.

'Too bad he can't help us in the upcoming fight. It would be pretty cool to see him go up against the boss with our help…' Adrian started to say when Lilly gave him a deathly glare that sent a chill up his spine. 'But hey, what can you do about it. We'll just have to rely on him the next time around.'

After Adrian's words Lilly stopped glaring at him before turning back towards the rest of the group. 'Titus will be a key help in the future, but for now we're going to have to handle this with what we've got.'

'That's not a problem. We were planning to take on the boss that way when we came into the dungeon, so nothing has changed.' Isabella said getting nods of agreement from everyone else.'

'Well then let's search the area a bit before we head back up the stairs. Usually when we come across hidden stuff such as this we're getting close to the end of the dungeon.' Joshua said before turning his attention to the rest of the room. Most of the vines were still frozen, but the ones at the back of the room that were out of the range of Isabella and Cinder's freezing abilities were still able to move. Even so they seemed to be losing life as the source of all of the vines in the dungeon had been taken away. After a while all of the vines that weren't already frozen stiff withered away and that made it much easier for the group to inspect their surroundings.

The room quickly cleared up making it possible for them to see the walls around the room and they could even see some hidden treasure chest that had been hidden by the vines around the area. Of course the group made Joshua go around and open the chest, but for the most part all they were able to find inside of the treasure chest were pieces of gear and potions. The gear wasn't nearly as good as the equipment they currently had on from the blue prints they found in their last expedition, but it could be used to give Nathan and Naomi ideas for armor and weapon designs going forward.

It wasn't until they came across a larger treasure chest at the back of the room where Titus had been trapped that they final came across something interesting. Joshua walked over to the treasure chest and opened it to find another spell book. The last time they had found one in the dungeon they got a fairly good spell for Henry. When Joshua picked up and looked at the spell book he decided to hand over to Henry to figure out how it worked.

The spell was called Permafrost and it was extremely useful for an ice focused mage like Isabella. The spell would hit like a normal blast of cold air, but would cause the insides of the targets to start to freeze. This could end up numbing an enemies extremities to the point where they weren't able to even use them anymore. Joshua handed the book over to Isabella who had a small smile after reading the description. They searched the rest of the room, but couldn't find anything else so it was time to head back up and find the boss room.


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