Risen World
334 Chapter 9: Recruitment Time Arrives!
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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334 Chapter 9: Recruitment Time Arrives!

It was finally the day that Joshua had been waiting for anxiously. Joshua woke up early and grabbed a shower before heading down for an early breakfast. He made sure to leave a note on the table for his family to read when they all got up before going to his training grounds. The only reason he had gotten up so early to get his training done for the day before everyone headed over to the Fenrir Guild building, was for the event that would be happening today. After all today was the day that Joshua's guild would be doing its recruitment.

There had been a lot of build up around the city about this event since most powerful guilds in the city were already filled up on members. The Phoenix Guild and the Serpent Guild were maxed out, while most other large guilds were as well. Some of these guilds would create secondary guilds to combat the issue, but secondary guilds wouldn't get the same amount of rewards as the main guild because of the way rewards and guild points were spread.

In the situation where members of the main guild accomplished some great feet that granted them all guild points and improved their power rankings for the second phase, the secondary guild wouldn't gain anything. Plus secondary guilds were mostly filled with lower level explorers that were being trained up. There was no way high level explorers would want to join such a situation.

The only guild that was able to make this work was the world government guild and that was because they were so spread out with several guilds under their name. Since they did this from the start it wasn't much of an issue for them, plus they had no problem when placing the people they used for small missions in secondary guilds while the more important members in their eyes were a part of their main guild.

This situation put the Fenrir Guild in a good spot since several individual explorers that had gotten tired of exploring on their own at this point and wanted to be involved in territory wars or large town subjugation would drool at the idea of joining the Fenrir Guild. They had seen the members of the guild in action and the fact that all of them were near level seventy at the time of the large town subjugation proved how powerful they were.

After Joshua took his time going through his usual training to keep his body in peak shape he headed over to the guild hall. Since the Fenrir Guild's main base in the hub city wasn't near the center of town there wasn't usually too much of a commotion in the area. This time however there was a rather large crowd of people at the place. The usual people that worked at the small time café's in the area or unique nick knack stores all looked at the growing crowd in surprise as they didn't understand why so many people had come to the usually calm and tranquil location.

Joshua walked over to a nearby café owner that was busy setting up her shop for the day ahead. She was most likely an older lady by the persona she had whenever Joshua stopped by when he was in the hub city to pick up some coffee for him and his mother, but with the age regression of the elderly after the first phase the, would be seventy year old grandmother, looked like someone in their early thirties that was smiling brightly at the scene in front of her.

When Joshua walked over to her café she smiled at his approach while giving him a gentle wave. "Hey Joshua it's good to see you're doing well. My grandson was asking me about you the other day." The café owner said with a smile.

"Oh really? What about Aunt Betty?" Joshua asked with a smile as he entered the currently empty café. It was still six in the morning so business in the area wasn't exactly raging at the moment. Usually Aunt Betty didn't open up the place until seven, but with all the people around she wanted to get her café going a bit early.

"He was watching the coverage of your guilds town subjugation the other day and couldn't stop talking about how cool you looked. Boys will be boys, but I hope he pays attention in school instead of just talking about exploration stuff all the time." Aunt Betty said with a chuckle. It felt like Joshua was listening to his grandmother when she used to gently scold him and his sister about playing to many video games when they visited the farm. The only times Joshua had ever seen her angry was when someone called her grandma given that she no longer looked like one or when her husband showed up at the café drunk after a day off from work.

"Well I'll tell him all about it next time I see him. How's your husband and daughter doing? Hopefully things have been going well lately." Joshua said as he helped her move around some tables and put down the chairs for the day. He wasn't in a rush to get to his guild since the recruitment wouldn't start for a couple of hours anyways. Joshua had met Aunt Betty's daughter before since she worked at his mother's hospital as a nurse during the day. He had also met her husband down at the market district of the hub city. He ran a meat shop that was under the Hunter's Guild. He had been in the business since his teenage years and was the perfect person to call on for help when it came to having beast that you hunted down cut up for food. Her Daughter's name was Melia, but she was often called Milly by her parents while her husband's name was Arthur. Their grandson was actually named Arthur as well after his grandfather, but they all just called him Art.

"They're doing well. My husband's business is going well with all the specialty meats coming in, but it's too busy for my liking. I prefer a calmer atmosphere myself with a decent flow to the amount of people coming in though lately there haven't been a lot of people around." Aunt Betty said with a bit of a tired look that wouldn't have been noticed if you didn't look at her eyes. "My daughter however has been quite busy at the hospital lately with all of the patients coming in so we end up looking after Art a lot of the time. I don't mind though, I love spending time with him."

"That's good to hear, but I don't think you will have to worry about the pace of your business in the future." Joshua said while pointing to the crowd around his guild. "I think we will be seeing a lot more of that in the future."

"Do you know why they're all here? They've been out here since before even came to the shop this morning all just standing around the large building over there." Aunt Betty asked. Joshua wasn't surprised that she didn't realize that the building they were crowding around was his guild building since he hardly spent any time promoting the place up to this point. Most of their interactions had come from the fact Joshua liked getting breakfast at her café after finishing his work out when he was in the hub city.

"Well I'm willing to bet they're all waiting for me to open my guild building up for recruitment. I don't know why they think getting here early will change anything though." Joshua getting a surprised look from Aunt Betty.

"So that's where your guild is located. How come you never told me?" Aunt Betty said while starring at Joshua making him chuckle uncomfortably in response. "No matter it's nice to know you're opening up a guild so close. Maybe then we might get a consistent flow of customers in the area."

"Well I'll make sure to let them know about your café before they leave. It's the least I can do for the great coffee you make."

"Oh don't worry about that sweetheart. You're a great customer to have. Here let me make you some coffee on the house. By the looks of things I might be a little too busy to make any for you later." Aunt Betty said with excitement. Joshua just agreed and watched as she hummed away while brewing some coffee. While waiting Joshua and Aunt Betty talked about her grandson for the most part who was a seven year old that was excited to become an explorer in the future which was turning out to be a lot of kid's dreams. Of course their parents were fearful for them, but if their kids were serious Joshua thought it would be best for the parents to support them early on so they would be prepared for such a life style.

When the coffee was done Joshua took it with a smile and decided it was time for him to head over to his guild and put the final touches on things while the rest of his guild members arrived. As he was heading out the door he noticed two young girls make their way into the store in a rush. Joshua was sure they were a pair of the workers that Aunt Betty hired. She had probably called them to come in early with all the business she was bound to have soon. Joshua simply gave them a small polite wave as he passed by before heading towards the large crowd that was in his way.

Joshua took a long sip of the fresh coffee and sighed in contentment before walking towards the crowd. At first most of the people in the crowd didn't take notice of his presence since he was behind them and they were all watching the guild for when it opened. So Joshua let a little of his aura slip out pressuring everyone in the crowd and forcing them to turn and look in his direction. The ones that were closest to him got the worse of his pressure and looked at him in shock. Now that he had the attention of everyone in the crowd he was able to walk forward as they all moved out of his way.

It didn't surprise Joshua that they all seemed to recognize him, but he was surprised by the fact that none of them seemed dumb enough to jump out in front of him to challenge him or do something else stupid like he was expecting. As he walked through the crowd he looked around casually to get a feel for the type of people that were trying to join his guild. For the most part he towered over most of them, but there was a couple people that stood out in the size category around. One was only an inch shorter than him with just as beefy of a frame while the other was even taller than him standing at around seven feet tall. They were both decked out in tank gear which came as no surprise to Joshua.

Everyone in the crowd was decked out in gear hoping to show off some appeal. It was a good idea since the type of gear they wore signified not only how they fought, but also how many challenges they had gone through to this point. High gear couldn't be gained just by money alone.

When Joshua reached the entrance to the guild he walked over to one of the nearby pillars out front that connected to the balcony above. There was a string wrapped around it and Joshua untied it so that it would fall lose. The moment it did a large banner unfurled covering the front of the guild building. It had the symbol of a wolf on it with the name Fenrir Guild Plastered across it. Underneath that it stated that the recruitment process will begin at nine which was a little over two hours away.

Joshua turned back to look at the crowd for a moment before heading into the guild building. He sipped his coffee one more time a little bit more enthusiastically then normal and followed with a big grin. He was new to advertising, but it was clear that people in the crowd got the point as Joshua headed inside.


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