Risen World
351 Chapter 26: Getting to know the Asawa Sisters
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Risen World
Author :VivitheGreat
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351 Chapter 26: Getting to know the Asawa Sisters

After the match had ended Joshua and Henry didn't stay around to continue fighting in the arena which was a disappointment for the crowd. Instead they both headed back to their room while Joshua sent out a couple of messages to the sisters to allow them entry into his guild's room in the battle arena. It didn't take too long for the pair of sisters to arrive since Joshua and Henry were focused on watching the other guild members' battles to see how they were doing. Things were going well so they turned their attention away from that and back to the two sisters that seemed somewhere in between excited that they were getting a chance to joining a high level guild and disappointed in themselves for not being able to last longer in the fight against Joshua.

Henry waved for them to take a seat and the room generated two more chairs for the sisters to sit in. Joshua and Henry had all of the screens set up to show their guild members matches going forward, so if anything interesting took place they'd be able to find out. The only person that wasn't waiting for a match at the moment besides Joshua and Henry was Adrian. He was taking his time enjoying the stadium seating while watching Amy's matches so he would likely return once her matches came to an end.

"Well then the both of you held your own fairly well in a match against me considering the level difference. I can see how the job of shrine princess is so useful." Joshua said with a smile to lighten the mood. It seemed to work since the younger sister smiled back and was once again excited. The older sister was more collected about things, but also smiled in return.

"Thank you. When we first took the job we weren't sure how useful it would be, but we wanted to try something a little different from then normal swordsman and archer jobs." Natsumi said as she took a seat while her little sister followed her example.

"At first things didn't go quite the way we were expecting. We've only been explorers for two and a half years at this point. My sister held off becoming an explorer until I was old enough to join her so that we could work together. It put us a little bit behind, but it was still fun." Katsumi said with an infectious smile.

"We picked the unique job to start off with. It might have something to do with our family business. Our ancestors took care of a shrine back in Japan and when they moved to America they kept making talismans as a good luck charm to sell alongside other businesses." Natsumi said with a nostalgic smile.

"Since we were kids we've been trained in calligraphy so that we could write the charms. Of course when we were younger and were making some of the charms our parents would put them up around the house instead of selling them, but as we got better at our brush skills we were able to help out the family store by creating good luck charms and other art work." Katsumi said finishing her sister's explanation.

"So I'm guessing this unique job of yours has a lot to do with creating those talismans you were using?" Henry asked getting a nod in return. "Can you explain how they work to us?"

Katsumi seemed to want to explain, but given her personality Joshua could tell that she was the type that would go overboard when she explained something so her sister decided to be the one to explain things. "We have to create the talismans beforehand so we do spend a lot of time preparing before we go into battle. Luckily they can be stored in our inventories without having any type of adverse effect on them." Natsumi stated to explain.

Joshua equated this to being similar to how Madalyn used a lot of her poisons. She could create some poisons on her own in the moment, but she preferred to do a lot of prep work and have plenty in stock for when she went on large expeditions.

"To make the talismans we have to use a special type of ink for them to work properly. The ink can be made from the blood of beast that we've defeated in battle. The stronger the beast the more powerful its blood will be. That makes our talismans more powerful and with some beast even gives them unique properties." Natsumi explained surprising both Joshua Henry.

The abilities of the shrine priestess jobs were far more unique than either of them were expecting. It was an extremely versatile job that could lead to all sorts of capabilities. Henry decided to ask a few questions of his own after hearing the basics of how their job worked. "Alright I've got a few question for you two about how these talismans work. You said that the ability's the talismans use change depending on the beast blood in the ink correct?"

"Yes. For example the talismans I used to strengthen my legs comes from a powerful rabbit that we faced in a dungeon at one point. It was extremely quick, but only attacked in straight lines because it couldn't control that speed." Natsumi explained.

"Yeah and my pyramid talisman came from the blood of a weird snail like creature that could project barriers around it. It's a shame that the snail was only around level forty or the barrier might be more powerful at this point." Katsumi jumped into say.

"Alright then have you guys ever tried to use the blood of a beast that you didn't actually kill, but only injured or got from the market? Oh and have you tried using your own blood at any point?" Henry continued to ask. He was clearly trying to figure out the full scope of how their abilities worked.

"I don't think we've ever used the blood of a beast that we've only injured before, but we have tried to use the blood of beast in the market. It works, but very badly. " Katsumi said as she tilted her head and thought back trying to figure out the best way to answer his questions. "For example we used the blood of a high level beast we bought from the market once, but all it did was give us a slight stats boost that wouldn't really be all that different from eating food made by a decent cook."

"I did try to use my own blood once, but it didn't work at all so I can assume that it will most likely not work on other humans as well." Natsumi explained before her sister got off track.

"That's good to know. Your skills are very interesting and when you two do join the guild I've got a few ideas to try out." Henry said with a small smile getting encouraged looks from both of the sisters since they could tell the interview was going well.

"I've got to ask, what made you two want to try to get into our guild in the first place? We aren't exactly one of the large scale guilds after all. Most of them probably have more resources than we do at this point." Joshua asked changing the topic of the conversation. He was interested in figuring out all of their abilities, but it would be best to figure it all out when they could do some test back at James Town.

"Well honestly we both watched the large town subjugation and saw all of your guild in action alongside the rest of the alliance. We haven't really been rushing to join in any other guilds at the moment since many of them rejected us when we first started out." Katsumi said with a frown.

"It isn't easy having a unique job at the start of things as you can probably imagine since you have one yourself and are around others in similar situations." Natsumi said breaking the silence after her sister's statement. "When we both started we were already behind the stronger explorers. The fact that our job required us to get the blood of powerful creatures we've faced to be useful in any capacity should tell you how bad things were for us at the beginning."

"Most of the talismans we could make at the start only gave us slight boost or abilities that wouldn't stack up to the power of a mage or the support of a healer. So many groups we worked with cut us lose early on and most guilds we tried to get in later refused us entry. Now that we've shown how strong we are we're sure that won't be the case but we want to join a guild with similar people to us. Plus you guys kick ass so it should be fun!" Katsumi said with her bright mood coming back.

"Well you two are welcome to join our guild as long as you want to. We'll introduce you guys to the rest of the group once they finish with their matches." Joshua said getting a bright smile from the two sisters. After that they started to chat for a little while so that Joshua and Henry could get to know them better.

While talking Joshua found out why the older sister used a sword as a weapon and the younger sister used a bow even though they both had the exact same job. It turned out their job didn't really lean towards a specific weapon. It was just like Joshua's in the sense that it was balanced stats wise all the way across. If they wanted to take out a staff and use talismans to form spells they could do that, but since they were used to the weapons they were currently using they decided to forgo doing something as silly as that.

Natsumi had grown up training at kendo in a similar fashion to Adrian. She was highly regarded and Joshua was sure if she was a bit older she probably would have had to face Adrian at some point, but when the first phase had started she was in her senior year of high school unlike Adrian who was graduating from college alongside Joshua. Her skill with a blade was plane to see when Joshua faced her, but she seemed to be more reliant on faints in her style than Adrian who focused more on his insane reflexes.

Katsumi grew up practicing archery through her school years. In fact she wanted to try go to the Olympics for archery in the future. Although her talismans made it easy for her to lock on to her target now she showed her skills in archery with the way she was able to lead her enemies into having to take the hits of the arrows by being more tactical in her approach. Both sisters were rather athletic with the older sister being a little taller and more toned while the younger sister was a bit more filled out.

While they were having this nice conversation it was brought to a grinding halt when Amy and Adrian both came back into the room. Amy had clearly finished her five match win streak by the excited look in her eyes. Joshua didn't see much of her last match, but the fact that it was against a mage that tried to slow her down with earth magic in the form of sand was about all he knew. Joshua knew that she wouldn't have too much trouble against such an opponent so he focused more on the conversation with Natsumi and Katsumi.

While Amy seemed confused at first when she saw a pair of new faces in the room she brightened up soon after once she realized they were probably new recruits that her brother was bringing into the guild. Adrian however didn't bother with any of that and went straight to acting like a playboy. "Hey Ladies." He tried to say as suavely as possible. Joshua just let out a sigh at his friends actions.


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