234 Frozen in Panic
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Author :Aidka
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234 Frozen in Panic

When Bloed woke up the next morning, he felt something heavy on his body.

Looking down, he saw a naked body with the eyes closed sleeping on his chest.

As though feeling his gaze on her, Regina opened her eyes and looked at Bloed.

"Good Morning, Master." Regina smiled.

Bloed smiled and caressed her silky silvery hair. Happy with that, Regina closed her eyes and brought her lips close to Bloed for a kiss.

"How spoiled…"

Suppressing the urge to smile, Bloed kissed Regina's lips softly and hugged her back.

Currently, the two of them were on a sofa inside the laboratory. Both of them naked.

The reason? After playing naughtily until late at night, Bloed decided to spend the rest of the night accompanying Regina.

The sofa was a bit cramped for the two of them so Regina had to sleep on him. Fortunately, Bloed's physical strength far surpassed a normal human, so sleeping like this was not uncomfortable in the slightest.

Quite the opposite, Bloed found it pretty nice.

'As expected, waking up with a beautiful girl in your arms feels different after all…' Bloed could not help but mutter to himself.

Regina stared at Bloed's pensive expression and tilted her head curiously.

"What are you thinking about master?"

"Mm? Oh, nothing important. I just thought it feels nice to wake up like this."

Regina was startled. Soon, though, her lips curved up in a mischievous smile and she licked her lips.

"Master, I know of a way to feel nicer."

"… I think I do as well."

"Then… Shall we?"

Bloed would not be a man if he refused.

Thus, for the next half an hour, the laboratory was once more filled with naughty sounds.

When they finished, Regina sat on Bloed's waist and kissed his chest tenderly.

"… I like this kind of life, master."

"Me too," Bloed admitted easily. "In fact, I think that spending the rest of our lives like this would be nice."

"Right? We can even have a child and raise him as an outstanding young man."

This time, Bloed froze completely.

Regina was confused.


"… I don't think I'm ready for something like that." Bloed forced himself to say that.

Regina was stunned, but then, she chuckled amused.

"Don't worry, I know it's not the time yet. We should have one someday, though."

Bloed nodded a bit reluctantly.

He did not want to think about having children, to be honest.

Although he did not know the specifics, he knew his mother made it possible for Regina to bear children despite being a Valkyrie, but he never thought about being a dad.

… And now that he thought about it, he had not been careful when sleeping with Regina.

'Should I start to use contraceptives?' That thought suddenly appeared in Bloed's mind.

As though reading his thoughts, Regina put on an exasperated expression.

"Stop being silly, master. It's not so easy for me to get pregnant. At the very least, it will not happen if I don't want it."

���… Is it so?" Bloed said with a stiff expression.

Regina rolled her eyes.

"Anyway, you should go to take a bath. I'll go to prepare breakfast."

Bloed nodded awkwardly. The pair then stood up from the sofa and searched for their clothes that had been thrown around the laboratory.

Bloed and the others were entitled to receive food from the military canteen during the week of training, but Bloed and Liu Ying usually ate the food Regina prepared regardless of that. It was because although the food of this world was not exactly unpalatable, the food Regina prepared was of much higher quality.

Lately, though, the food Regina prepared for Bloed was much more… energizing?

... Even if Bloed understood her intention, he thought she was exaggerating a little bit.

Well, it was not as though he minded it very much.

Shaking his head to get rid of these thoughts, Bloed went to the room he shared with Atai and Rhone to take a bath.

Thinking about it, he did not return last night to the room due to Regina. He did not know what Rhone and Atai thought about it.

Well, even if they suspected something, he could brush them off telling them he was too immersed in his experiments and forgot to return.

That was a pretty good excuse.

While Bloed was thinking of what to say in case they asked something, he passed by the training grounds.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of someone fighting inside.

Bloed furrowed his brows. Was someone training at this kind of time? So early in the morning?

Looking around, it was just past dawn. Besides the soldiers in duty, there was nobody else around the base.

Bloed knew the training grounds had been reserved for their use during this week, so he could not help to be curious about who was training at this time.

Losing to his curiosity, he went inside the training grounds.

When he arrived, though, he was surprised by the person he saw there.

It was a cat girl wielding a pair of daggers and fighting against a group of training dolls.

"Aya?" Bloed muttered to himself surprised.

He was a bit curious about the reason Aya was there, but soon, he was attracted to her battle.

The cat girl seemed not to notice him. She continued wielding her daggers to fight against the training dolls, moving around the training grounds skillfully.

However… Bloed frowned.

Training dolls were a kind of golem, a kind of construct. They relied on magic stones and a magic formation engraved in the training grounds to move.

They could unleash strength going from the E-Rank to the A-Rank according to the magic stones inside them. Moreover, the materials used in their creation made them virtually impossible to destroy unless you were a demigod.

This kind of golem was used to train the recruits and soldiers' combat experience. The goal of the training was to endure as much as possible against the attacks of the dolls.

In fact, Bloed and the others had used them during their training, so Bloed knew how hard it was to battle them. Back then, they fought against six beginner A-Rank dolls, and although the group steamrolled the dolls at the start, after half an hour of battling against the untiring dolls, Bloed and the others could not help but become tired.

From that point onwards, the battle against the dolls became a nightmare.

In the end, the group endured a bit more than one hour. According to the lionkin general, it was already an unbelievable result for six peak B-Rank practitioners.

Of course, Bloed could have destroyed the dolls if he used [Molecular Disintegration], but that went against the goal of the training.

The problem was that Aya was currently fighting against five of these training dolls. Four of them had peak B-Rank combat strength and the last have beginner A-Rank strength.

No matter how he looked at it, it was too hard for her.

Aya was moving around the training ground skillfully, focused only on avoiding the dolls' attacks. However, it was obvious she was already tired and she was being slowly cornered.

She had probably been fighting against the dolls for a while already.

Bloed watched how Aya struggled against the dolls, gritting her teeth and doing her best to endure for as long as she could. Even when the dolls hit her and sent her flying away, she clenched her teeth and continued fighting.

Eventually, she was hit in the shoulder and crashed against a wall.

Aya panted heavily and tried to stand up, however, her body was already too exhausted to continue.

Even so, she tried to stand up again, forcing her body to continue despite its state.

Perhaps it was Bloed's imagination, but he thought he could see tears forming in the corner of her eyes.


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