Sovereign Of Destiny
1 Emperor Qin And The Wheel Of Destiny
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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1 Emperor Qin And The Wheel Of Destiny

In a world filled with struggles for power, where the strong feeds on the weak, where the rules the weak, there stood the ancient Empire Of Destiny, this Empire of destiny stood straight since ancient time, from when Emperor Qin unified the whole world for peace to befall, When Emperor Qin unified the world, when he was standing on top of the sacred fierce beasts starting at his loyal subordinates and his people, he only left two a couple of words that widespread to the whole Empire Of Qin.

"Where I slept in the past, you all shall sleep in as well."

"Where I stood in the past, you shall stand there as well."

"Where I started my path in the past, you shall start from there as well."

"There were no differences between me and you in the past, but now there was."

"You obey destiny, but I was chosen by it"

"you obey destiny, but I wrote my destiny by my own hands."

"From where I stand here I can see you all down there, and you all have to raise your heads to see me."

"For those that want stand where I am, take my believe with you while you start walking that path."

"For the successor of my will and believe, my Empire's Sacred Tool shall be yours as a farewell gift."

"I named my kingdom as Destiny because I once ruled my own destiny and achieved it."

When those words spread through the whole Empire of Qin, people started whispering and discussing the meaning behind those meaningful words.

But there was something that did not need an explanation and that was, "Emperor Qin was never in favor for those who stood in power, and he favored those that stood at the bottom of the society as he was once, one of them."


In an ancient looking courtyard in the central region of the Ancient Empire of Destiny, there stood serval old people dressed in extremely expensive red patterned clothes, those people stood in the old courtyard, surrounding the middle of it and chanting an ancient chant while countless of ancient powerful aura radiated out from them.

Inside the old courtyard there stood serval Beastly Statues at each corner of the ancient courtyard, there stood a White Tiger, An Azure Dragon, A Vermilion Bird, and A Black Tortoise.

Those four statues even though there they stood still without moving, they radiated an extremely ancient powerful aura that shrouded the whole ancient courtyard in a complete mystery, but the most strange thing was their eyes, their eyes were also looking toward the middle of the ancient courtyard, like those old people, furthermore their eyes did not even move nor blink, sure you say they are statues they absolutely could not move, but how could a statue breath?

Yes, that is absolutely right!

Those statues are breathing, living and kicking, but then again why are they standing still looking at the middle of the ancient courtyard.

What was there to make those four godly beasts, known as the four guardians of the Empire of Destiny to look at the middle of the courtyard with such reverence and sadness at the same time?

Yes, those four beasts were the Ancient Four Godly Beasts, The Four Godly Guardians of The Empire of Destiny!

They usually at the time of peace at the four corners of the world, in each of the respective palaces that they rule, they should not gather unless an extremely huge catastrophe would befall the Ancient Empire of Destiny.

But what was the Ancient Empire of Destiny?

It was the Empire that was protected by destiny itself, so what could be the cause of such a sense of crises that can make the Four Godly Beasts gathers here, unless…

In the middle of the courtyard they float a giant wheel that was about one kilometer in width and one kilometer height, shining with countless golden rays that seems to come from the ancient time to the present, when you look closely at it, you can see the past and present and future all in all in this Giant Wheel, you only feel it is sacredness but cannot feel the huge burden that it resembles or that it bears.

Nor can you feel it is sadness or joy, it just kept rotating and releasing countless golden rays of light that shone the whole courtyard with it.

But the most surprising thing was that above it, there was standing an illusionary person that seems to have decayed from the passing of time and would soon disappear from the world, fusing with the wheel for eternity.

Suddenly the man stood straight in the final moment, at this moment the man's features were seen, he has an exceedingly handsome features, along beautiful black hair that fell behind him like a waterfall, as he his eyes one last time to look at his most loyal brothers, and his two beautiful eyes started to lightly mist.

His two eyes that were black as the abyss, started to shine with an imperial aura that seemed to suck out anyone's soul if they looked into it, as all of his body started also to shine with imperial aura, and as he looked at his loyal brothers, he opened his lips and spoke tenderly while a gentle light shone from within his black eyes like the lights that shone through darkness and said, "My Brothers, I do not regret anything in this life of mine, except that I will not be able to see you again unless…" he paused for a moment before continuing his talk ignoring the mist that started to shroud every one's eyes in the room including the Four Godly Guardians Beasts.

"But I control my destiny, since thousand years ago when I chose my own destiny to be a temporal master of the Wheel of Destiny, I knew that the real and original Destiny's owner will eventually come, and contend with the whole world to defy heavens and write his own destiny by his own hands, just like me, but also unlike me he will not rot with the passing of time, instead he shall overrule his own destiny." He paused once again to look at them deeply and continued again his speech.

"I controlled my own destiny with my own hands, but eventually I fell short at the end of it, as I still not the one in the prophesy, but I do not regret it, that was my choice, not my destiny, and I was not forced on this, my brothers, I could not marry because of the responsibility I shouldered, so I did not have any descents but I had all of you, and I feel proud of having you, you all are my proud in live, protect the new young lord, I shall go now and leave you here, my job is done, as for yours it just begun your life outnumbers mine, you shall see the upraise of the true legend by your own eyes, and I will feel it in the Wheel of Destiny, one shall raise while another shall fall for his raise, so sad I fell short….sigh." as the man finished his words he sighed deeply with sadness shrouding his beautiful old eyes as his gaze shifted from the people in the courtyard toward the Wheel of Destiny that he stood on, and he felt a light pride that shone through from his heart toward his eyes, as he said again.

"Countless people owned the temporal seat on the Wheel of Destiny, but I alone sat on it, I alone stood above it."

"I Emperor Qin of the Ancient Empire of Destiny Shall return with my fate to the Wheel of destiny in hope to witness the rise of the Emperor of Destiny." As he was talking the whole people and beasts started to weep and wail and roar.

Yes, that man was Emperor Qin of the Ancient Empire of Destiny, who was fusing with the Wheel of Destiny today, preparing to sleep for eternity!

"Waaaaaah, my brother shall fall today in dignity and honor, tomorrow shall I fall too to accompany you!"

"Roar!" "Roar!" "Schreee!" "Shssssss!"

"My brother for eternity, we fought together in battlefields, side by side, your name shall reside in our hearts and you people hearts for eternity."

"My brother, rest in peace your mission was over, we will share the burdens that you held onto your shoulders through your life."

"May God bless, my brothers on his journey to the afterworld."

"We shared sadness and joys, today we shall share you your burdens."

"We shall train the new emperor to outshine the entire world and unify the whole world even the undiscovered lands of the other half of the world."

As the sound of wails and cries and sniffs and roars of the four godly beasts, the old voices of the people and beasts in the courtyard started rang through the courtyard.

The Wheel of Destiny turned brighter and shiner by second, until the whole body and soul of Emperor Qin disappeared, did the Wheel of destiny stop rotating for a moment, and the whole courtyard regained peace instantly for one minute as respect for this legendary man's death, before the Wheel of Destiny started to shine and the Wails and Roars came back to the courtyard again fiercely.

Finally after who knows how long, the courtyard regained silence and the people in it turned to look at the Rotating Wheel of Destiny in sadness until a picture appeared on it that made all the eyes of the people in the room turn bright.

In the picture was in it a young boy, dressed in dirty clothes and walking on a dirt road while carrying a giant casket filled with ores while walking steadily at the road without a falling, and also for each couple of steps he takes his legs shakes somewhat, but even then he did still not stop as he kept walking and did not stop, even though his bare legs turned white from the weight that he carries on his back but he did not stop and kept staring at a dirty crumbling house in front of him a couple of meters away, and with a determined eyes he kept walking unwaveringly amidst the soldiers that looked at him mockingly at the road.

Even though some people looked with pity a him, but none came to his help, as they were of the same situation as him, thus they did not fare any better, but the problem was that this young boy was about six years old and to carry this heavy weigh on his thin weak shoulders simply made people's eyes mist from sympathy.


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