Sovereign Of Destiny
2 The Four Battle Academies
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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2 The Four Battle Academies

However, amidst all the complex looks of the jeering passerbys, the boy kept going on while carrying such a heavy weight with his eyes locked into the dirty crumbling house in front of his eyes.

Soon however, he bitterly gnashed his teeth and unwillingly switched his eyesight into a further huge building that also was somewhat rugged but still it was relatively better than all of the houses or the buildings in this rural area.

What was strange thus, was that there was countless kinds of men going in and out from the building.

Some men looked bitterly at each casket which was filles with mined ores, and looked at the exchanged serval bronze coins which even could barely help a family to dine and live through the day and this with every casket exchanged for 2 bronze coins


The token for exchanging goods in the empire of destiny is actually, golden coins and silver coins and bronze coins respectively.

With the exchange rate as, one golden coin to one hundred silver coin and one silver coin for one hundred bronze coins.

So it can shown that also two bronze coins may seem too little for such a heavy casket but actually it suits perfectly in places like this, as only in the rural areas like this that you can see bronze coins that are close to the borders of the empire of destiny and next to the mines.

As any other place in the kingdom other than than the rural areas, the most definite low exchanging type of coins are the silver coins.

And that is not all, as only in places like this will you get money as payment for mining and transporting the mined ores, for that there are different types of transporting machines that emperor qin has invented specifically for this.

But sadly enough, the battle academies Will not do what may make them lose money, there was however, four battle academies on the four borders and especially the Eastern borders which was filled with the sea from behind which was never discovered what lies in yet nor even explored as emperor qin was restrained by finishing dominating the other three quarters of the world completely.

Which was respectively, Western quarter, northern quarter, southern quarter.

With every quarter is protected by kingdom and a guardian battle academy, respectively known as the Western academy, northern academy, southern academy, and even the Eastern kingdom has an Eastern academy but what was different was that it is not guarding the Eastern kingdom as the Eastern kingdom is the smallest kingdom ever.

Since no parts from the Eastern quarter of the world were explored and conquered except a few hundred thousands of cubic meters, there was nothing else, so the Eastern academy is just protecting the Eastern border from any Invaders from the Eastern quarter.

It was however widely known that the Eastern kingdom's Eastern academy is the strongest academy between the four academies to be able to protect the eastern border of the empire of destiny.

Then again with the four kingdoms and the four battle academies and their sacred totems and guardian sacred beasts.

The Eastern kingdom has the Ancient Black Tortoise as it's battle totem and guardian sacred beast.

The Western kingdom has the Ancient Vermilion sacred bird as it's battle totem and guardian sacred beast.

The Northern kingdom has the Ancient White Tiger as it's battle totem and guardian sacred beast.

The Southern academy has the Ancient Azure Dragon as it's battle totem and guardian sacred beast.

And this was all about the four sacred beasta that was known to have accompanied emperor qin in his battles for the expansion of the empire of destiny, and was prayed for by the kind citizens of the empire of destiny.


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