Sovereign Of Destiny
3 Uncle Lin
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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3 Uncle Lin

However, the young boy kept going on his way amidst all of the on going crowd with his thin frame, which simply made one feel incredibly shocked as to how can his thin and weak body can hold this kind of weight on his thin shoulders.

And the boy kept walking toward the far away building on the street, step by step...

Until he finally arrived while carrying the heavyweight on his back.

"Hooffh Hooffh"

When he arrived there he stood there for a bit to catch his breath while breathing heavily in and out.

Then he checked the robes that tied Big casket that hung on his shoulders, then he walked forward into the building, and found himself standing alongside the crowd in front of a couple of middle-aged men that sat on a simple decorated table.

And Countless paintings for different kinds of people that hung on the walls.

Then it was that while the whole space inside the building is filled with baskets and ores which gave a sharp bad metal smell that Stings the nose.

Then he heard and saw one of the middle-aged men pointing toward himself while smiling warmly then he whispered something to the middle-aged man next to him, and then he said to the young boy as he stood and slowly walked to the young boy with a smiling face.

And when the middle-aged man stood, his body shape and frame immediately stood between the crowding workers with his huge body shape that was filled with bulging muscles and the triangle mustache above his lips, and his black short-cut hair and his black robe that was filled with strange lines and drawings and what stood the most up was the black Tortoise's insignia that almost blinded the whole crowd with a blue star imprint on it and a small stone imprint on the four corners of it.

"Little Lad Ye Jan, you came again, here this is your two bronze coins, this is the twentieth casket that you exchanged today, go home and rest first and also take care of your sister, you work harder than even us men." And as the middle-aged man was saying this, he took the casket off Ye Jan's shoulders while unlacing the ropes that tied the caskit to Ye Jan's shoulders.

As for Ye Jan that was praised, now had a shade of red on his two checks while his brightly lit black eyes that seemed like the abyss that did not have a shade of light, now seemed to shine like the bright stars in the stary skies, that even tge dirt on his face could not simply cover the radiance that came from his eyes.

That even the middle-aged man in front of him almost fell for him, that he had to cough slightly and avert his eyes somewhere else while cussing in his heart.

Ye Jan however did not seem to notice this as a small smile crept into his thin pale lips, as he said in a shy but firm with serious tone that did not fit his age, "Uncle Jian, i can not relax i yet , i still have to get the medicine pills for Wei'er to get better, and our family's needing too." Then Ye Jan wiped the sweat on his forehead with his sleeves and smiled brightly again the bid farewell to Uncle Jian, then he hurriedly trotted outside the Exchanging building toward an old medicine shop on the crossrood a couple of meters away.

And then he pushed open the shop's door that looked old and rusty and at the instant the shop's door was pushed open with an annoying sound "zzzheee" then there was a sudden soun of a bell's ringing testifying the opening of the door.

And then a wave of herb fragrance spread toward the outside and slammed directly toward Ye Jan's face.

"Sniff! Sniff!"

Ye Jan sniffed the herbs smell whils his small face showd a relaxed smile, as he squinted his eyes while looking into the shop.

The shop however was completely different from the simple plain and old shop front and the rusty old door, as the shop was simply decorated lavishly from the inside.

As there was Countless heroes paintings on the walls with the main wall hund on it emperor qin's painting, with golden decorated carvings on the walls and on the sealing, and a three rounded glass counters that had pill's bottles organized simply in the first layer of the three layered counter with tags on each pill's bottle that showed the name of the pills and it's usage along with bottles filled medicine's liquid on the second layer and on the third layer there was special made boxes filled with raw medicine's materials.

Behind the three rounded counter there sat an old man dressed in strange black robe with a black Tortoise's insignia like Uncle Jian's insignia but was different as it had three stars imprint different from one star and in the four corners was a small wierd kind of herb imprint, the old man was thin and seemed weak on the surface but his breath was testifying his immense strength as he closed his eyes while leaning backwards on the chair.

Then with Ye Jan's opening of the shop's door, a sudden voice waa heard out of no where that may spook a person to death.

"hohoho! Look who is here? You came again little lad jan'er?" Also the voice was sudden and somewhat creepy in its tone, but it coud not hide the pamper and the love in the tone.

Other people may be frightened silly from the sudden creepy voice that came out of no where, but Ye Jan however, did not as he knew that this is the old man's joke, and also the first time he came in, he was also frightened but later he got used to it along witg his sister.

And thus he replied with a warm smile and said, "Hello Uncle Lin, yes i came again Uncle Lin, sorry to trouble you, Wei'er is still ill and can not come for work today again."

Uncle Lin finally sat straight and raised his head and looked at the young boy in front of himself and a hit of praise flashed across his deep blue eyes as he smiled warmly along with the softening of the wrinkles on his old face he said, "Good boy, you know how to take care of your sister in this age, however i told you that you do not need to pay for the medicine did not i ? why must you insist? let it be on me today ok? at least untill your sister comes back to work here ok?"

Ye Jan secretly smiled to himself as he also smiled warmly to his dear Uncle Lin and said the same repeated sentence that he said over the past week, "No way, you are my elder right, but Uncle Wang and Auntie Lin taught us to depend on our self after they passed away, so sorry Uncle Lin even if we are family, me and my sister had to grow up some day and depend on our self so why not now?"

And as Ye Jan reached here his eyes showed a hint of deep sadness wihch Uncle Lin's eyes showed as well, as the shop regained its deathly silent atmosphere again for a while.

Uncle Lin's eyes however recovered its serenity again as he look at the boy that also regained his calmness and said with a hint of praise in his tone again, "My Older Sister, also took care of me from young, with her weak physic untill she passed away with your Uncle Wang, and even though i studied very hard and worked very hard, i could not change her destiny and cure her, i hope that you get strong enough to write your own destiny by your hands and not depend on others, this is of course for yours and your sister's sake understood?"

His voice held a mixed complex emotion, between love, pain, sadness, untill finally it settled with indifference that was somwhat even harsh and numb with a warning tone.

Ye Jan heard this clearly and even understood it as he replied with a firm voice and clenched hands, "I Understand!"

Uncle Lin Smiled again as the warmth came back to his eyes and face as he asked, "you still did not open your heart's blood and qi sea right? soon i will get a sea opening pill for you and your sister, here take this pill and this ten years old ginseng and get your sister better soon, then this is all thirty bronze coins."

And as he said that he took a look at the young boy who was shaking his head and finally he took the one health-care bottle and a small box and handed them to Ye Jan and took the thirty bronze coins from Ye Jan and bode him farewell.

And then Ye Jan walked out Uncle Ling's shop with a smile on his face.

While Uncle Lin sighed softly with a pained look on his face while whispering softly, "Big Sister, you and your husband walked away, and let those two good hearted children for me, but soon i will be going too, what about them? this is too heartless big sister for me and them to bear." And finally an old tear formed from the corner of his old eyes and slid peacefully and dropped on the counter with a sound. "Dropp"


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