Sovereign Of Destiny
4 True Looks
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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4 True Looks

And It Was right as Ye Jan got out of Uncle Lin's Shop, he saw that the sun is almost gone.

Ye Jan looked at the sunset with high focus, ans as he looked at the sun that gradually vanished through the horizon, he sighed gently at the gloomy stretch of stary sky that slowly began to appear on the night sky signifying the end of the day and the start of a new night, and as he stepped again on the solid street and started making his way back to his home.

And as he passed through the houses that had sometime ago lit lanterns on the two sides of each building and the moon that hung on the sky, he began get into trance.

And it was then that he found himself standing in front of an open store that was still was open fortunately in this dinning hour.

He put his hands into his pockets and took the last ten bronze coins that he had on him right now, and smiled bitterly to himself as he encouraged himself secretly inside his heart to carry more ore caskets tommorow morning.

He then got inside the store and stood outside the wooden counter inside the shop and said lightly with a small smile to the old man sitting on the back of the counter while the boys in the cooking various kind of foods and the fragrance of the food which almost drove him crazy as he gulped down a mouthful of salvia "Gulp! Hello! Uncle Jin how are you? i want the regular meals please."

Uncle Jin however with his big belly and his thin eyebrows did not however smile, instead his eyes instantly were filled with disdain and scowl as he said impatiently while waving his chubby fat hand to the boys behind him in the little kitchen, "Stop! Little Rascals! come here and give him the two five bronze meals that he want!"

One of the boys in the kitchen came out at the shout and looked at Ye Jan with scorn and took two ready made simple meals and handed them to Ye jan with carelessly while looking at the ten bronze coins which Ye Jan had handed them to him and his eyes hid deep jealousy.

And as for Ye Jan, he has already walked outside the store expressionlessly, and the smile that was just hung on his lips a moment ago has somehow disappeared completely along with the little joy from seeing his Uncle Lin.

Ye Jan kept walking on the road to his house, while carrying the three bags of medicines and meals in one hand.

His steps was however somewhat different, no it should be called strange, as his foot steps on the ground kept changing and alternating between lightness and hardness, while his free right hand was busy doing something else while hanging down to the level of his waist.

As his right hand's fingers kept tapping on his waist regularly with a mysterious systemic way, giving him a light unfathomable feeling to all the people that saw him on the street, and as he finally got to the front of his rusty old house, the tapping of his fingers on his waist suddenly stopped, interrupting the mysterious atmosphere around him.

Then Ye Jan's eyes shone slightly for a second making his black eyes glow like the bright stars in the sky, however it did not last long as it dimmed again as he sighed softly and slowly put his right hand into his right pocket and took out a rusty medal containing two old-looking keys.

Then he put one of thr keys into the key hole in the building's door and rotated it to the right side and opened the door by pushing it to the inside after rotating the door's handle.

And after taking his first step inside he did not even look ahead as he turned systemically and shut the door after

taking the key from the outside key hole and shutting the door with it and then putting it into his right pocket again.

And then he had taken a look at his over ordinary house.

In front of Ye Jan was an ordinary house, containing two small rooms and a small bathroom and a cooking pot in a corner of the house's four corners for cooking food with five clean Utensils aside from the cooking pot and the small fire source under it.

Ye Jan did not look at all this instead his eyes looked at one of the rooms in thr house for a while, and as he did not hear any sound he figured out that his sister seem to have slept from illness again.

It was only until that he confirmed her to be a sleep, that he turned to the bathroom to take a bath while putting the three bags above a wooden chair in the yard.

And after a couple of minutes, he got out of the bathroom, while wearing his sixth piece of clothes which he changed into it, and a small soft cotton Short, with his hair still dripping drops of water.

There did not change anything in him except from one thing, that was his face and his hair.

Surprisingly, His originally ordinary face which could not be remembered even if he stood before you, seems to have been replaced or switched with another shockingly exceedingly handsome face which did not fit his six years old age.

As his long black hair had also somehow became abnormally white with a shade close to silver color, and his face...

He had a cute nose not tall nor short just perfect, his eyebrows however, held a mesmerizing laziness and with his silver hair it simply struck contrast with his black serious mesmerising eyes, and his slightly pale red lips which made him even more enchanting than a woman.

He simply was a supreme little immortal fairy that descended into the mortal world in the shape of a little boy.

Ye Jan simply walked out of the bathroom while locking his mesmerizing black eyes into the bags which he bought them with him, and began to unfasten the bag containing the herp and the medicine pill.

Then he took the box containing the herb and walked to the pot and took it to the bathroom to wash it again clean while after he filled it up with clean water from a water stone while chanting something in a low voice and going out again fo the yard, then he lighted up the fire source with a small ordinary fire stone at the side while chanting something again and then he put the pot on top of it and and then putting the herp into the water filled pot, and closing the lid to wait for the water to boil.

Water Stones and Fire Stones are stones which were mined from a natural mine that was accompanied by a natural array or hand made array which Emperor Qin had made those stones free for the usage of normal citizens.

And then slowly a hint of a herb's fragrance which spread in all the house while filling the house with a relaxing atmosphere and as for Ye Jan who was crouched and was focusing his attention on the pot, after smelling this fragrance, he quickly chanted something under his breath and then slowly began to fill a deep small utensil until it is almost filled and then he got up with the dish in his hand and put a wooden spoon in it and took a part of the herp and put it in the dish, then he heard a small soft sniffing sound from the room close by him and heard a sweet and warm voice mixed with some weakness and depending saying, "Brother! is that you? Wie'er missed you so much!"


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