Sovereign Of Destiny
5 Ye Jan and Ye Wiewie
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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5 Ye Jan and Ye Wiewie

Ye Jan smiled gently while his mesmerizing black eyes held a sof tender glow in it and all of his face sufficed with tenderness and gentleness, as he walked straight toward the door to the room as he knocked it gently and said with a voice overflowing with love, "Yes Sweetie! it is me, can i come in? please!"

Then he heard a slightly flustered fluttering sounds indicating a person tiding clothes, then he heard a soft, "umm.." coming from behind the door of the room.

Then he rotated the door's handle and simply walked in to the room, with the dish in his hand and was greeted with a sudden familiar pleasure inducing fragrance that simply opened all of the pores in his body and greatly relaxed his tensed nerves from all the hard work all day.

He then saw the simple desolate room that if it was not for the pink colored stuffed toys which filled the room from up to down along with a mixture of books while the walls has some childish simple drawings on them and an old rusty pink colored bed with a white pillow on the right side of the room.

However, all of this is not important, as the most important thing was the person sitting on this old pink colored bed.

On the bed was a little girl, just simply her light-blue crescent eyes were just like the ocean deep and unmeasurable, while the reflecting light in her eyes was just like the myriad of stars.

More enchantingly was her face, as her flawless and astoundingly beautiful face that even though she is still small and did not grow up yet, ut still held an astonishing charm of the of an innocent newborn baby and of mature women that passed through countless hurdles with the ups and downs in life, that roused every animal's vigor and spirit and toppled nations and cities.

That every smile and frown made by her could make a person's heart palpitate with eagerness with greed and lust, how her eyebrows held a noble aura just like her brothers and with the innocence in her eyes, she simply had a holy gentle aura around her that made one ashamed of their previous dirty thoughts.

And with her delicate little body that also did not grow up yet, it still showed the potential of being a little devil, however her delicate body held a delicate refined aura around it, that simply made her unlike the vulgarity of the human's world.

She was simply just like her brother a mixture of holiness and seductiveness, a middle between a devil and an angel, a demon and an immortal, she simply was delicious fruit that awaits to be ripen and to be eaten.

However if not for her pale white face which could not be seen to be her original skin's color or from illness, and her pale red cherry blossom lips which spread a heavenly fragrant breathe through the gaps of his white shiny organized teeth toward her cherry blossom red lips.

And when the two little ones standing opposite of each other, they simply overshadowed the whole world, that they simply made the one praise the god to no bonds from the goodness that they had in their looks.

Ye Jan opened his mouth first after the slight daze that they shared after seeing each other again, and it happens every time they met, saying, "You have gotten more beautiful again Wei'er!💖 here take a spoon of the herb's soup." He then filled the spoon with some soup and the he spread some breath from his mout as a puff to dispel some of the heat in it, then he took the spoon and feed Ye Weiwei with it.

Ye Weiwei while swallowing the warm soup felt a warm current spread through her body as the herb's medicine's power in the soup spread in her body to vanquish the illness in her body as she closed her eyes.

She opened her as she watched Ye Jan feeding her the soup with love overflowing from his eyes outward, and she felt very warm in her heart, as a soft luster shone in her eyes as she whispered softly and said with a hint of sweet shyness, "You too brother got more handsome! if auntie Lin was here she would have teased you many times already, but hehe! do not worry i will not let you be alone i will always be with you, i swear!" And as she was talking, she noticed that in Ye Jan's eyes appeared a touch of sadness, so she swiftly switched her words as she patted her still developing small chest and the patted his two checks with her two tiny hands clumsily and swiftly planted a sudden soft kiss filled with her breathing fragrance mixed with the herb's fragrance and with her two pale cheaks blushing red, she hung her head low bashfully.

Ye Jan was slightly dazed but not flustered as he somehow knew that he and Ye Weiwei were not really a brother and sister but more like step brother and step sister, they were of the same situation, found at the same abandoned place, found in the same wooden box, same designed blanket except the color, everything was the same except when tested, they were not real brother and sister, more like cousins as they shared a simple blood relationship.

Ye Weiwei found that Ye Jan did not feed her the herb's soup even after waiting a long time, so she raised her head to see the dazed look on Ye Jan's face and the traces of mixed feelings which enriched his eyes, and especially that tired look which simply made her flustered and feeling a little helpless as she raised her hand wanting to do something but then she did not know where to put them or what to do.

It was because she knew what goes around in Ye Jan's mind right now, it also puzzles her, as for who are they? why were they casted aside and thrown into some abandoned place? what of the twin lotuses colored in white and black on their foreheads that appears and disappears from time to time?, most importantly where are they from? and where are their parents?

Ye Jan slowly got out of his dazed state and he felt startled for a while as he looked at his flustered sister, he then chuckled softly and put the dish and the spoon aside and leaned forward a little and took the girl in his thin short arms as he soothingly stroked her hair a while and then he kept patting the little girl on the back when he felt her shivering soft body and her clear breath beside his ears he comforted her by words and deeds.

Ye Wiewie was originally flustered and even somewhat uneasy as they have a rule to not talk about their parents for not stirring bad memories but now she made her brother Ye Jan remember, and when she wanted to talk, she found herself in a warm embrace that warmed her cold body.

And as she listened to his heart beat, she felt a little at peace as she whispered softly into his ears, "Brother, even though Uncle Wang and Auntie Lin had gone to the Sea of stars, we still have each other, i am with you! did you forgot me?" And at her las sentence her voice became somewhat agitated as it was evident that she felt excited.

Ye Jan however did not reply at her with words, he simply just hugged her more tighter and sighed softly inside.


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