Sovereign Of Destiny
6 the wheel of destiny cracks
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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6 the wheel of destiny cracks

At this moment in the old Courtyard in the Ancient Empire of Destiny...

There stood the old generals and ministries of the empire that held massive amount of power in the empire of destiny.

Those people that never were seen together, were now seen together, and it seems that they are extremely close friends.

To people that did not know that even those generals were always seen in the outside picture while fighting with emperor qin but in actuality those ministries were those that were sitting in dark in the military base camp never coming up to light, untill the kingdom of destiny was created and the empire of destiny was then afterwards created, becoming those strategists in the imperial court which bought justice to the citizens and calamities to those of crimes.

Right now those people which contributed to the building of the empire, which simply stood above thr pyramid, were now watching a live show at the screen which some how appeared on wheel pf destiny, with an abrupt attention.

It was simply hilarious to look at, it was like when some old people discovered TV and cartoons.

However, they were not watching cartoons, instead it was daily routine of a young boy and a young girl.

They watched from the beginning to the end, and each one of them was in his own respective world and their own thoughts were unknown to others with their old eyes, some time flashing with pity and some time praise.

And also they could not here what was said, but each of them was once a hidden prodigy on his own, so they still could read lips and know what are they talking in the screen.

And in the end they simply kept looking at each other while all of their eyes finally settled on praise and apathy.

Praise, because how the boy deals with his own problems while taking care of his ill sister and also his workings, wordings and deeds through the screen.

Then it was the disguise he had done to himself, even they had to admit that they were inferior to him a six years old little boy.

That if the citizens in the empire knew they would surely be shocked dry.

Apathy, because even if the boy was somewhat similar to them in the past and to emperor qin, they still will not help him at least directly, he had to rely on himself to learn the way of the world on himself.

It was only after couple minutes of silence that one of them started talking.

He was an old man that appears to be in his fifties with huge mustache that took half of his face space, he said lightly, "Also he looks like a good selection but i suggest we wait a observe more closely for a couple of more days."

Then another person spoke he also looked like he was in his fifties, however, he simply looked dull because the baldness on his head and face, he simply did not have a single hair in his body at all, while his head looked like a white colored egg.

He Said with a smirk on his face, "General Shi Di, You do not have to tire your self, i your uncle will stay close to the young siblings and protect them my self." He understand what General Shi Di said right now, what was said watching was simply protecting in the dark.

This old man is one of the famous ministries, the Minister of justice who abhors evil and love just, he who once slew a water dragon single handed for the sake of the people when that evil water dragon was harming the empire's citizens.

And yes, the other is the famous general, general Shi Di, that was famous for surrounding a medium-sized city which had a sign of being an evil cultured city which made evil teachings open to the public and swayed countless sacred believers to the demonic charms.

He Surrounded the city for more than a month while cutting all the supplies of the city until finally after a whole month of surrounding the city, he attacked the city by his army and defeated the city's soldiers which did not have their previous vigor and health, and did not take much effort to be defeated.

Without even giving General Shi Di a chance of rebuttal, a middle-aged female which looked abnormally beautiful beyond compare, that she looked at most at her thirtieth, with a stunning black hair falling behind her like a water fall and stunningly beautiful face, cherry red lips which seemed to wait to be plucked by someone.

And an exceedingly stunning devilish looking body, which was filled big in the right places and slim in the right places, along with her white snow skin, and her blomb bottom as well as her amble bosom, she simply is the combination of a seductress scuba and an immortal fairy.

She is mixture of goodness and evilness, holiness and devilish, she by her looks only and her body can arouse your dirtiest thoughts and make full of shame and inferiority at the same with her noble holi aura which was radiating from her, just like an immortal fairy that decended the mortal world from the highest immortal land.

Or even the most seductive scuba that came up crawling from the depths of demonic hell.

She is filled with the demonic charms and the immortal's holiness just like the sacred fruit that grows on top of the worlds tree.

The middle-aged lady opened her cherry red lips and her beautiful soft bone melting and gentle voice travelled through the gaps of her white teeth inducing a heavenly resonance as she said, "You two old fu**ers do not think I do not know what are you two are thinking, do not think that i your little cute aunt will let you old bastards spoil those two cute dolls upraising, let me tell you all of you, believe it or not I this little cute aunt will cut off your little pathetic things if you had the thought on any of the two beautiful dolls, humph!"

Even though she looked like soft and gentle and a had a face that toppled nations and destroyed countries, and a mature body which made ones desire and vigor lust and greed soar high, and her soft voice which made one feel boneless, her words however was all filled with curses and venom as she simply transformed from an immortal fairy and a seductress scuba into a shrew in a matter of seconds only.

This sharp contrast between her words, body, looks and face, it simply made one sigh with admiration for the creator, however, the sharp contrast did not diminish any part from her beauty instead it added a unique dominating and overbearing look that made her more stunning and more charming.

And as her words came to an end those two old men felt like they had lost all of their old faces as they simply felt like vomiting their old blood, as their old face blushed deep shade of red from shame and anger, but they did not dare to talk back.

However, the lady had not finished yet as she opened her cherry red lips again while looking at each one of those old hags in the courtyard and said, "Let me tell you all, i your little aunt here will take care of those two little dolls untill they reach the rightful age ceremony, so any of you better lose any dirty thought about them, and let me tell you clearly, if and i mean if any of you old suc*ers trys to reach your dirty claws on to them, i your little aunt will, castrate you and get an iron rod and put it into your anuses, and then let's see if you dare or not, little sh*ts."

And as rest passerbys heard her talk, they all lowered their head while blushing deep red in shame, while feeling a little speechless as their mouths corners kept twitching with every word she said and especially the word "little" which made them feel like fainting from anger and embarrassment, and at the word "anuses" each and everyone of them took a step back and tightened their anuses.

To her threat however, non of them dared to take it lightly as they remembered clearly, this little aunt had done it before, it was a guy who did not know good and drugged her and tried to reach his dirty claws on to her and then...

At the thought of what had happened to him, they could not stop their shivering bodies, that old guy waa the first eunuch in the imperial court and even when she was castrating him she did not forget to break all of his body's bones until he was bedridden for a whole three months.

This middle-aged lady is An Jie the super hero of all women and the women's representative and also and most importantly she is the only lady in the imperial court the childhood friend of emperor qin and also the leader of the Union of emperor qin's fanclub.

Today for her was simply hell, as even though she tried really hard to accept that emperor qin or named Qin Wuji not loving her, she still found it hard to bear with it, especially today even when he was walking forever, he did not even said a word of love to her at all, she simply wanted to cry at this heartless big bastard, she really wanted to cry her heart out from the pain and sadness which she felt, but she could not aa there was still those old bastards in there and they might mock her.

And then he left just simply like that..

just simply like that...

And she then saw the image on that screen and watched those two young dolls, and felt moved, and especially when that young boy fed her sister with a spoon, she remembered her dead brother,

he also used to fed her like that, and patts her little head.

And just a she felt her eyes redden from being moved as she felt a sudden tug at the softest place in her heart and her maternal love surged through her whole body and mind, she really wanted to be devoted to Qin Wuji that she did not marry nor did she adopted children even though it was known that she loved little dolls and especially little cute dolls like those two, however, two annoying voices rang into her ears and she felt like she wanted to murder someone and this is what happened.

And just as all the people in the courtyard started to reach a deadlock on whim shall accompany whe two young dolls, a "Crack" sound interrupted them.

Then they looked like they were struck with lightning and thieir mind had gone off with a "Boom!" as the cracking sound actually came up from Wheel of destiny.


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