Sovereign Of Destiny
7 Those two figures..
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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7 Those two figures..

However the first one to recover from the daze was General Shi Di as he shouted hurriedly in a stern voice, "Hurry and release your cultivation bases and pressure it from all sides to stop the cracking."

Then in the next second suddenly they all became panicked as they exerted their powerful cultivation base, to try to stop the cracking.

And as one hundred powerful cultivation bases were released together that even the four sacred guardian beasts that originally did not have much reaction from the beginning and kept standing dumbly also began to release their powerful cultivation bases.

And the whole courtyard was instantly filled with waves of air ripples that spread through the whole courtyard and exertion a huge amount of pressure on the surroundings to the extent that if a person without a cultivation base was here at this moment, he would surely explode into bloody mist immediately from the high pressure in the courtyard.

But fortunately, those that came here are the top one hundred powerhouses in the whole three world's quarters and there were also the four sacred guardian beasts.

However suddenly everything stopped no, it should be like time stopped and the world stilled into a deathly silence, and then suddenly thier was one hundred and four sounds that came too suddenly, "Booff! Booff! Booff!"

And the top one hundred powerhouses with exceptional powerful cultivation bases, suddenly spurted blood and fell powerlessly on the ground with a "plop! plop! plop!!" Sounds and their cultivation was injured and also it was not destroyed, it still will need at least three more months normally to get healed by itself and of course they could speed up the process by taking pills or medicine liquid or even rare raw herbs..

And as for the four sacred guardian beasts, based on their Instincts they were completely fine, as when they felt a sense of danger, they stopped releasing their cultivation bases at the right moment barely avoiding the damage.

But who could inflict injuries on those powerful people in the whole empire? no there is non as this means that this person or thing either did it by coming here and evading their powerful spiritual senses so how can?

However none of those old people in the courtyard checked on their injuries nor did they look around nor did they even have any wariness, there was only a surprised and shocked expressions plastered over all their faces as they looked at a certain direction.

What could make them all have this shocked and panicked expressions? Who and what could it be?

And looking at the direction of their line of sights they were looking somewhere upwards..

It was surprisingly the direction of the Wheel Of Destiny itself.

It was actually the same grand and majestic Wheel Of Destiny itself that stopped them from preventing it from shattering!

They all suddenly looked at each other and then suddenly they began to tell that this was as it seems a normal process which they did not know of.

Actually earlier if they thought about it, it was simply impossible for the wheel of destiny to be destroyed unless it was the end of the world of course and they were all people with powerful minds to begin with, however they were overcome with panic and did not have time to think it through and also that shout from earlier.

Then all of the beings in courtyard turned their old eye sights almost at the same time in one direction.

Looking at the same old fuc*er who shouted earlier and made all of this happen.

Right now General Shi Di's face was completely red as he felt that in all the time he lived in this damn world, he did not suffer this kind of shameful feeling he had now, thus he said stuttering, "Hohoho! this old man was caring for the safety of the... whole world you.. know right? our.. old friend.. just fused with it..... so..if..."

Actually, they all knew what he meant and even they would likely do that to if they were in his place with thinking about it too, but to actually let this precious chance go like this... it is just wasteful.

And then our dear and mighty general Shi Di looked at them and found their looks to be somehow wrong and his powerful sense of crisis rouse and bells of alarms rang through his head as he listened to their snickers and watched the burning malice in their eyes, he only had one thought right now and that was..

To Run!

He between them was an annoying bug normally, he shit*ed with his mouth on each one of them, and did not care as he was more powerful that all of them, but now he was injured and even though it was not great, it was still one hundred and three against one and more ever they had a reason to group.

But sadly it was too late..too late.

And then only the sound of disparaging and despairing and agonizing moans and screams of a pig being slaughtered were heard.

It was only when a "Cough!" sound was heard did they let the wierd creature that lies on the ground twitching right and left with all of his whole body and shifted their attention the floating Wheel Of Destiny which was almost all cracked as the cracks spread almost all over it.

And even the twitching General Shi Di also looked up with difficulty at the Giant Floating Wheel Of Destiny and tried to move his body to stand up but could not help but fall down again and moan with pain.

Then all he could do was to look at those heartless old pals of his with malice as he kept it on mind to be remembered eternally and kept cussing at them inside his heart.

Then suddenly, the whole Wheel Of Destiny cracked completely and with a "Bang!" sound it shattered.

However the Wheel's cracked pices did not fall down, instead it floated still o

up in the air.

However, suddenly the twirling golden light around the wheel of destiny that did not diminish even when it cracked, actually started to get dimmer slowly.

And a two dots of lights, one black and the other white emerged out of thin air and kept expanding and getting brighter and darker together with the dimming of the golden light.

And then it eventually and finally completely dimmed completely, and then some changes was seen to be made to the cracked pices of the wheel of destiny.

As the golden light had dimmed, the two white dots became two giant balls of lights that each one of them spans more than five hundred meters horizontally and vertically.

And then after they stopped expanding and stayed still floating in the air, the surrounding cracked pices of the wheel of destiny began to gather into those two big balls of light and surrounding it within.

And slowly the gathering of the cracked pices stopped with the passing of time, and in there floating in the air right now was two white and black solid balls with countless golden dots spreading through the surfaces of the two rounded balls.

And then slowly and with the passing of time, the two balls started to have some changes again.

No, it should be said that the two giant balls started to reform into something incredible as they were almost like a giant two sticky heavy liquids and some higher living being was carving it by his mighty hands, and then the two slowly began to transform.

As two giant great and mighty hands started forming from the two giant balls and with head and two legs forming as well almost at the same time, they were formed so easily to the extent that it seemed as if this was their original form from the beginning.

And then before the people's eyes in the courtyard two giant beings were transformed from the wheel of destiny, and they were struck speechless.

Above them in the air was, two gigantic forms of two bodies, one was like a human's male body and the other was like a human's female body.

And with the male's body made of complete blackness with no brightness except the shimmering golden light dots on it's body' form just like the bright stars in the black sky.

It was completely black like the abyss, it looked extremely black to the extent that it can swallow any form and any live and any light and even the entire world and universe, and it was completely like a male's body except that it had three hollow place which were, the mouth and the two eyes and a light black thin curtain covering the secret places, which made it extremely frightening and especially the two twirling black huge dots of lights around the form.

And it was that suddenly, that the silent white body form released a single invisible ripple, and woken them up.

And then the people in the courtyard and the four sacred beasts felt deep fear inside as they did not dear to look at it directly again.

As it really frightened all of the people in the courtyard and even the four sacred guardian beasts whimpered on the ground and almost fell lifelessly from that sole look which they shared on the dark body form even though it did not release any sort of pressure at all, they just all palled from a single look as if they were about to be devoured and get their souls sucked dry.

And then they looked at the white body form with grateful looks, and it was completely made of white, not ordinary white but pure holy light that outshone and covered all the courtyard with it's sacredness, it was so white that it made the female body form out of the worldly affairs and otherworldly specially eye catching to the onlookers, and its all body was also covered with shimmering golden light dots that made even more holy and sacred and even more majestic.

And it also had three holows as the two eyes and the mouth and a white sacred thin curtain made of white covering it's secret places and two giant white sacred and holy dots kept twirling around the body form.

And as for the people and beasts in the courtyard, they were already shocked to the point of going numb.

And at this time when they looked at the white body form, it was completely different from the black vody form earlier, as they were extremely attracted to the body form and felt very close to it like they were friends from the ancient times, and also it's body was naked, they did not have a single dirty thought, as they only felt like they should just kneel down and pray for it, and be it's most pious believers and then be freed from all of the darkness of the world and it's filthy side.

And then suddenly, the black body form released also a single ripple and woke them up from the reverence.

And the people in the courtyard felt extremely horrified as all of them humans and beasts looked toward the ground not daring to look up again at any of them.

Fuc*! they almost had been purified and became brainwashed pious believers for it.

All of them whether it was the humans or the beasts, all of them felt their mouths twitching from this dramatic changing situation.

However, the changes did not stop, as instead it continued.

And before they even left their, they heard a "Whoosh! Whoosh!" strange sounds, however they did not dare to lift their heads and look what was happening nor stretch their powerful spiritual senses over to take a look.

However, finally someone could not sit still and obviously it was our dearest General Shi Di who was almost at his last breath a couple of minutes ago.

And then a strange sound came from his mouth and it was somewhat funny to be heard.

However the rest did not think so, as they know that this old brick had a thick skin and will not let out this sound suddenly and let them know that he is awake to be beaten again.

And thus they also looked up, and saw something astonishing even for them.

And they all kept Heckling, as they looked at the two figures of a white female and black male at the original size of a human child.

As it turns out the two giant body forms had somehow shrinked into two two childs bodies.

And then suddenly something clicked in the minds of all of the present people to the four beasts and their faces suddenly flickered and all of what was on their minds was one sentence.

Those two figures...


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