Sovereign Of Destiny
8 It is coming back
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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8 It is coming back

And while all of this was happening inside this old courtyard, there was another strange thing which happened again in the Eastern rural area...

Ye Jan after pacifying his younger sister and feeding her the herbal soup with the spoon, he then again came out of the room's door to get the two food bags from outside under Ye Weiwei's following eyes.

And came back inside to find his sister's eyes reddened slightly with some translucent two crystal's tears forming on the rims of her eyes and were about to slid down her cute beautiful small face.

He then hurried to her side and wiped clean with the tip of his sleeves, and planted a gentle loving kiss on her beautiful forehead like he always did and he though that she would stop crying this time as well with this.

However, Ye Weiwei's crying did not stop this time and instead had gotten more fierce as she kept weeping and murmuring under her breath, "Auntie Lin, and Uncle Wang are coming back to our side again, brother!"

Ye Jan did not know what to say, as also he was still little in age, but still he understood a lot of things clear more than anyone else, and knew clearly what going back to the sea of the stars or shall be called sea of destiny means.

He knew that clearly but his sister seemingly also knows but this time she said something else like that, it was truly worrying, it seems like he had to have a talk with Uncle Lin or at least wait until that patch of medicine pill came.

He then clenched his fist tightly as he swore inside his heart, to protect hiz sister no matter what, and not let her go back to the sea of destiny, and even if it was the rumored and feared destiny, he shall defy it, and if it was not on his side even then he then should just write his own destiny by his own hands.

And as he was still thinking just about this and was in his world of thoughts, he did not notice that his sister had seemingly stopped crying and sopping at some time ago, and was only still repeating the same sentence again and again and it even seems as if her eyes lost her focus.

However soon she changed her sentence, and also Ye Jan was still in his own world of thoughts but still he heard it clearly and because he heard it clearly which caused him to freeze still.

And had thrown his thoughts into a frenzy in the instant he heard her say that.

He heard her soft and ethereal voice draft into his ears saying, "Brother, do not you feel it? it is finally coming back to us, we will be complete again, and that voice.."

Those words maybe to others would be confusing and even somewhat laughable, but to Ye Jan, this is his deepest nightmare and his abyss.

He and his sister are not complete, this is true and not true at the same time, he and his sister when they first were bought to Uncle Wang' place, they were close to dying.

However strangely enough, their health started to change to better with the passing of time, but with it their uncle and aunty's health began to deteriorate.

And before they know it, they were left alone along with their Aunty Lin' last words which were said with her eyes looking very bright unlike a dying person with her voice filled with love and care as she asked him to take care of his sister and himself and lastly, "Ye Jan, Ye Weiwei, you have to know that when you came here, you were not complete, i do not mean your bodies but your fate itself was cut and injured, and an old man passed by then and said that, and told us if wanted to let you and your sister live, we have to share our destiny with you."

"And that when we first picked you two, we already shared a link of destiny with you two, and if we wanted to let you really live, we had to give our destiny to you two, and we two were already old and lived enough and i was even ill and extremely close to die at anytime, and your Uncle Wang was willing too, we old couples did not have any children because of my weak body and illness, so you two were already to us, like our own children, live well and live free and do not stay in this old place too long, go and start your own journey with your sister and make countless adventure, this is mine and your Uncle Wang's wish which was not fulfilled."

Everytime he remembered this he would feel deep pain inside, he knew what his Aunty's Lin meant, they were not complete because they lack their own destiny, and can only burrow the destiny of others or directly absorb it, because as that old man said their destiny was really strange.

And as for that voice let it be in the next chapter.


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