Sovereign Of Destiny
9 The Two Elderly Figures
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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9 The Two Elderly Figures

So when Ye Jan heard his sister say that 'it is coming back' he knew instantly what is coming back.

However it was then that after Ye Jan and Ye Weiwei both calmed down, that they felt a tug in each of their hearts, and instantly they knew what is going to happen next and they both looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

Ye Jan and Ye Weiwei both had a strange event which happens regularly in each year one time.

However, this year it actually happened, so how could it happen again and even in the same year? they both started to ponder and think about it carefully as also they were of six years old, they both has minds that could rivals adults in certain areas.

However, sadly the tugging feeling in their hearts and the sudden pain which assaulted their senses did not give them enough time to ponder as they both felt as if the time stood still at this moment and all of the pain disappeared and the surroundings also seemed to disappear along with it.

However, they did not know that the time in the reality did really stopped and every thing else stopped with it except in two places only in this world which did not freeze.

One in the old courtyard and one in this seemingly broken building.

In all other places, you will see, some people were eating and suddenly they stopped moving no it actually looked as if you pressed the pause button and all of it stopped, with the spoon close to the mouths of some people.

And in some places, some children were playing some childish games with some strange looking balls, and a boy's leg was frozen still after he kicked the strange ball and even the strange ball was frozen still in the middle of the air.

While some other places, where some people were holding an important meeting, and discussing something important and a man's right hand was raised and frozen in the air.

And as such, in each place whether it was up in the air or deep down in the sea, it was completely frozen still.

However, the most amazing thing is that it was not only this world which was frozen, but actually all of the worlds were frozen still as well except for some places.

Actually at this moment exactly when that crack appeared in the wheel of destiny which was floating up in the air inside that ancient courtyard.

Time stopped still, and along with it a huge storm was created in each world and even in the whole Main Lands.

And along with the stopping of time, countless pairs closed eyes were instantly snapped open, along with waves of mixed emotions which was painted in each and every pair of eyes, shock, disbelief, hope, pity, anger, wrath, shame, and finally most of the eyes changed into greed and the rest were filled with only hope and pity.

And as for those greedy pairs of eyes, in the moment they tried to move next, they felt with their utmost panick and fear that their own destiny was being tampered with along with a strand of their fate string that waa pulled out of their mighty souls and spirits and all of what they could do was to look helplessly at their fates getting hold on by destiny again after all their countless nights of cultivation and even after ascending to the peak of the Martial Arts, and even after they had severed their fate strings that destiny had attached it to them before they have even been born.

They still can not however, shake that shackles of destiny which it controls the whole world like some puppets moving by its strings, now however those strings which they had cut before, now had been attached to them again and it was even stronger than before and also it had a vague of strangeness to it.

Actually, it was not only them, but it was all over the Main Lands and even the Mysterious Evergreen, and countless strands of fate strings were filling the all over the whole worlds and Main Lands and the Mysterious Evergreen, and it only took a time to breathe for all this Savage process to be done.

And it this moment, in all the highest beings's mind were only filled with one thought.

Our fates are now not in our hands, we have become a moving puppets!

To create a new fate strings and to recreate an already existing fate string, was done easily just like that.

However, non of those beings knew that all of this originated from some courtyard in a small world that was one of the thousands of worlds on top of the last worlds tree, which they had harvested her whole family brutally and it was now just starting her revenge plan with the the originator's emergency aid.

Actually, if the Highest Beings had known that their casual act from eons ago, would have actually cause such a heavy and serious consequences, they would have surely killed their own selfs by banging their heads on a piece of tufu and get on with it.

Actually, non of them knew just what kind of scheme had they fallen into by doing this, and it was only after many years to come, that they will know and regret what they have done, however, it would be late to regret it.

And at this moment, in a strange place which looked non-existent and should not have been placed in existence in the first place, this place the first impression for anyone who sees it, they will have the same thought.

This place should not exist!

And it actually looked like the heavenly laws was rejecting it but it was actually capable of opposing the heavenly laws without being on the losing side, and even standing completely on the advantageous side.

The place was about one hundred meters long and one hundred meters wide, it was simply a cubic shaped room, in it was a simple wooden bed and a simple wooden chair and a simple wooden table and a simple small garden with some water falling out of thin air on top of the simple flowers and one simple tree.

This place was extremely strange, that it was so simple that it was actually simply terrifying for anyone's gaze to behold, it was simply too simple to looke at.

If you looke closely at it, you may ignore it, but if you gave it another look, then you will be engrossed in it's simpleness to the point of being brainwashed.

However, this room's more strangest existence was still not it, but it was actually the two elderly figures that were sitting in a lotus position, on two simple praying mates.

Those two elderly figures who were seated in this position and this place for who knows how long, had actually opened their eyes in a slow motion.

And with their two pairs of eyes opening, anyone would have the the same illusion that when their two pairs of eyes were being opened the world was born and with their eyes being closed the world dies.

And their clothes was simple and it was two simple long shirts and two long pants and two simple colored hats in black and white and two simple looking sandals, it was just that it was white and black like a two Geminis, Yin and Yang, Black and White, it looked as if they were the ***** on top of the ancient Worlds tree.

And after who knows how long it is, finally their two pairs of old eyes were completely open.

However, the two pairs of eyes did not contain any sort of emotion, only a simple indifference to all living beings, as if all the world is beneath their respective existence, they were like the supremacy it self but in all they only had that simple appearance.

Their both pairs of eye's were completely white in their respective pupils.

They were actually blind!

However, also they were blind, it seemed that they could see clearer than anyone else, it seems that thry could see through realities and falsehoods.

And that indifference in their eyes only disappeared after they looked at each other, abd what replaced it was a thick feelings of love and dependence that overcome all the waves time, past and future and even the present.

They only stopped looking after who knows how long to the extent that it felt eternal.

And finally that simple, calm and loving atmosphere was broken by a a sound.

"Ding!" "Ding!"

"Host *****, your final mission had begun automatically, train the destiny's male successor ***** please accept the mission!"

"Host *****, your final mission had begun automatically, train the destiny's female successor ***** please accept the mission!"

And after hearing those two notifications, the two elderly figures both smiled with tiredness and said in the same tired voice with no hesitation, "I, Accept!"

However, strangely enough, their voices actually had a youthful vigor in it and did not sound that old at all except that tiredness which held a hint of mischief laziness in it which did not seem to fit the whole situation nor even their respective existence.

And it was that just as they said something to each other, they both vanished along with the simple cubic state.

And the it seemed that all what was here or what had actually happened here right now was just an illusion.

However, to testify that it was not, there was still their two youthful vigorous ringing voices as it conveyed, "Dear, this is our last mission, and soon we would be free."

"Umm... I really miss our children, i wonder what had happened to them, the system said that they were being reformed, ahh! i really miss them brother!"

"Do not worry sister, they are fine, our race is almost extinct, the Source Supremacy is almost sucked dry, and the destiny's heavenly cycle is almost over, those devils are beginning to stir troubles already."

"Humph! Sister, if it was not for that devil! our children would have already been created, good for them too for that, the elders said they had a good future, and..."

"Brother, but they were severed from us completely, why did they even choose our children? what did we do wrong? the heavens are heartless and the destiny is non human! that man said it, and soon we would be freed from that shackles of the heavens."

"Yes, to chase that man's footsteps and to raise our children gracefully and morally, Ayyah! i forgot, do you think that after we finish the mission will that old geezer tell us where are them?"

"Silly Brother! if he did not tell us, i will cut his *** down and make him an old schooler, but brother, will they remember us?"

"ughh! i do not know dear sister, let us hope they will do, our little family is still constrained, wait until we are freed and we will leave here as promised immediately, i do not trust that old geezer, last time he tricked us to be here, and...."

And the voices of the two elderly figures disappeared completely and this piece of void was slowly closing in with some streaks of lightning flashing deep in it.


Author, "Little Ye Jan, Litttle Weiwei, Little Lin, what do you all need?"

Ye Jan, "I Need Power Stones"

Ye Weiwei, "I Need Power Stones"

Uncle Lin, "I Need Power Stones"

End Of the Chapter.


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