Sovereign Of Destiny
10 Strange Piece Of Memory
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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10 Strange Piece Of Memory

However, as the two elderly figures disappeared, they did not know, that all of their talk was being spied by a sly and wicked old man.

That old man was sitting in strange piece of land in a different dimensional world, he sat there for who knew how long while feeling extremely bored.

His only joy was to comment on the two elderly figures talk from time to time while laughing wickedly.

And when he heard that elderly male figure talk about his children, he simply laughed too much so that his face turned purple from it

That old man wore a tight fitting Martial arts clothes and looked ordinary except his green hair and green eyes, he seemed to love green that he even dressed in green and he was even wearing a green hat 😂.

He laughed strongly and said to himself as he watched those two elderly figures disappear, with a high pitched voice, "Two fuc*ers, it was because of your stubbornness that i had to hide in a world of yours, wait until you figure out the truth and let me watch at how you two leave this place, hahahahaha"

"I am extremely smart, like they say, the most dangerous place is the most safest place, they have hidden from countless eons ago and they do not know that i am always with them, damnit! so what if this was your last mission or quest, i still can make it have a part 1 and part 2 and 3 and more as long as I want! humph! you think you are all smart, i am your grandmother, i still have to watch that journey by myself, like that tv thing in those strange advanced worlds."

And at his last wicked words, he smiled so much that his lips' corners almost stretched to his two ears and his eyes squinted into two lines, he simply looked likr freak if not for his old handsome features.

Meanwhile, in Ye Jan's home, like we said the time was frozen STILL.

However, Ye Jan and Ye Weiwei both were now in a different world filled with green that even the blue sky up there had a shade of green to it with countless mystic flying creatures flying across it.

The whole world was simply filled with strange green plants and tall green trees.

If you looked closely, you can see everywhere there is thin indomitable vines stretching through the whole world or land, and also the common trees in this land is as tall as mountains but there is even trees larger than the skies it self in tall and width, it simply stretched tall into the starry skies and yes! your heard it Right there is stars in the morning skies.

And it is extremely strange on top of that, on a first look it looks no different from the stars, but on a second look there is a difference because those are not stars nor there is light shining but it is simply some strong Waves of energy that some strange worlds radiates from far afar, so those are not stars but worlds.

However, this all did not come to the beauty of the stretch of green that enveloped this whole piece of land, With all those various kinds of trees and flowers with different shapes and colors and even size.

However, what was strange thu, was that even the water had a vague shade of green into it, along with the Countless clouds that stretched through the whole starry sky.

There was even different kinds of live forms, doing odd jops in this green land, along with kingdoms and an old empire that held a giant green palace that pierced through the sky.

And what was strange thou, was that the houses and various buildings and even the walls of the whole empire and various kingdoms were all made of green vines and trees, they were all actually trees with just different kinds of shapes and colors and size and also different in essence but even though there was various kinds of houses and buildings, there was actually no visible similarities between them except a vague bit of it.

As for the people or should say the races living there, they simply looked like a normal human except their pointed ears and exceedingly handsome and stunning features and slim fitting body that looked fully handsome and robust but not that kind that looked beastly but that kind that was filled was masculine male charismatics for men.

And as for women they were simply the Maker's masterpieces, all of them had a slim waist that did not have a ounce fat less or more or it would seem to be not so perfect, and their skin, it was simply snow white for some and it gave a feeling of refinement and elegance and some had a darker skin which gave them a slight feeling of seductive valiance and some had yellow skin which simply looked stunningly beautiful to behold and gave a feeling of mother Earth 😂😎.

All of them however, had that perfect shaped body, along with a perfect bosom that seemed to be about to burst out of their fitting tight flowery clothes and their bottoms, it was simply a fantastic fantasy, it held a perfect curve that made one daze at the sight of it, and their faces, each and every one of them were of the heavenly beauties race along with their pointed cute little nose and pointed ears and their cherry blood red cherry lips, they were the heavens for all men.

However, strangely enough when they stand asid from the othe males of their race, they do not lose ground and it seemed to normal to actually look like this and be with this natural kind of beauty.

Actually, every time Ye Jan comes here with his sister Ye Weiwei their first reaction Everytime was to be in a daze, everything here seems too not real as it was simply a fantasy at least for the young them it was as they both loved green plants and trees and the likes.

However, the scenes seem to change suddenly like what always happens, and they found themselves standing under a huge mighty and old looking tree, and from where they stand there, all they can see when they look up was simply endless, as it seems that this giant and huge tree stretched up into the infinity with no end to it.

And that feeling of awe and reverence had crept into their hearts again when they looked at it but also their was that kind of attachment and kindness that seemed to be inserted into their own ver souls and spirits.

And finally that strange voice started to ring in their ears and even if they did not want to listen to it, they were still forced to listen to it, as it seemed to be ringing in their own souls and spirits not their ears

They both felt really tired from coming here every time, and they really felt stifled in their hearts as for why they had to come here every year and more importantly why this is the second time in the same year? and will there be a change that will happen? and what it is if it was really like that?

However the voice did not give them enough chance to ponder as it already started talking it's short sentences.

This voice looked extremely ancient and extremely old and one could not figure out if it was a male's voice or a female's voice and even if it was a single voice or countless voices combined with each other's voice, at first it was a male's voice and then it looked like a female's voice the it was countless voices combined together, young and old.

And also it looked emotionless but it gave anyone that hears it, the feeling of kindness and love and also the tiredness that it held within.

"You.. were... destined.. to... this"

And the voice regained it's silence like before before continuing

"You..two... shall ...not... great... responsibilities...and...a... heavy... burdens."

And then after that kind of usual stuttering, Ye Jan and Ye Weiwei both found for their shock and surprise, that the voice turned clearer and more connected and not that stuttering style However, that was not what shocked them but it was that their memories always stop after that last sentence but this time it actually continued and thus both looked at each other in the eyes and found hope and expectations in yhe other's eyes.

And the voice continued, "I, pity you two, who were not allowed to be born but i, disobeyed the great chaos and let you be born, i, or shall be called we, let you be born not just out of pity but for the sake of challenging that so called chaos, if it wants you to die, i will sace you, and if it wants you to live i will kill you."

"So you two, shall not be grateful to me, but for your pitiful destiny that was changed by me, theoretically, we are your parents, but generally we are not them, also we gave birth to you like the rest of the so called great race but you two are different, you two both have parents and if not for that curse, you both would have been with them now, if you want to hate, hate that who decides your destiny."

"Even i, your greatness can not decided some things, like yours for an example, and for the that single defiance, i paid the price with my live, if you hate me for that destiny, sorry, i vanished from existence forever, and if you two want to revenge for who was the reason, then get stronger, much much stronger than anyone seen before."

"At least stronger enough to keep that pitiful life which i bestowed you, hahaha! however, i, did not imagine that you two would have that kind of destiny that will shake the whole universe itself, remember, you two have to get stronger enough to write your own destiny by your own hands, i made a huge plan for you two, take it as my first genuine gift for you as your ancestor or rather your artificial birth existence, i do not have a sex, but i had the feelings of both women and men, i held you for eons in my womb, you two were my longest generation for your species of your race, even if i had a heart of stone i will still have a piece of love for you two, i, feel pity for you, and i had the thought to let you die in piece but your destiny and fate is not only yours, it is the whole **** destiny and fate, you two must remember clearly my words, either live for yourself or for the people and if you want to maintain a clear connection between the two, then i you can but that depends on you two and how will you two do it and all of your efforts, choose wisely when the time comes and do not give up! never! ever! give! up! hear! me!"

And as the voice came to the last sentences, it grew softer and then only a single gentle sigh that was filled with love and joy, peace and sorrow and pity and it seemed to contain the all kinds of emotions that exists in the whole world, stayed.

Ye Jan and Ye Weiwei both stood still, both seemed to be in a daze and their eyes seemed numb, all of their focus was on this giant huge tree that was in front of them.

Yes! that voice earlier came from that giant and huge tree!

Suddenly, a rustling sound came from the giant tree, it was soft at first and then it continued to grew louder and louder until the whole green lands, started to be filled with only the sound of the tree's rustling and then suddenly, the whole place was filled with the rustling of the various trees that seemed to bed goodbye for their ancestor.

And then the wailing sounds came suddenly from the countless creatures in this green land, whither it was beasts or birds or even the race that looked like humans...etc

And then suddenly, both of the young siblings found that the tree in front of them suddenly starts to shed leaves, and all of the leaves and fruits on top of it started to separate from the tree and float in air.

And from the highest palace in the empire from there came a rustling sound and along with it the sounds of the wailing and the sounds of the rustling trees also stopped suddenly.

And then only the sound of the two rustling trees remained, and then a giant golden colored tree came flying up from the palace and it hovered in the air, and then the leaves and fruits of the green colored tree that were hovering in the air came flying and made countless beams of lights the filled the world's skies and covered it and then they suddenly attached themselves to the golden colored tree and along with each leaf's attachment, the green tree would grow fainter like it was about to turn into an illusion.

And it was now that all of the creatures in the green land turned toward tge golden colored tree and kneeled down to the golden giant tree or rather for the person who was sitting on top of it who could not be seen clearly.

And all of them were crying as they knew that the ancestor was bestowing everything it had to the new "Ancestor Worlds tree" .

Yes, this is the world tree!

The most Mysterious existence in all of the worlds, the legendary existence yhat existed in the myth.

And it was now bestowing it's utmost essence and power to the second generation of it's descents for the first time in it's life and along with it it will be gone forever, and if not for a certain circumstances, it would still live to the lastest of it's live but it made her choice and it's pride will not make it go back on it.

As for Ye Jan and Ye Weiwei they both were filled with agonizing pane and sadness that spread through their bones, they felt as if their hearts were about to be teared by pieces and they wanted to stop what was happening but they could not and it was just a single piece of memory and they could not change anything.

They could only look at as it vainshed for good, and even though they could not move in this place but that did not mean they could not cry nor shake their heads at Least it was all they could do now, their eyes was brimming with tears and it kept flooding down their faces until it drenched their faces and their own clothes and it was only then that they found themselves back at their own room again, and they could only snuggle against each other and cry bitterly in pain, they did not know why but the disappearance of this tree invoked a great sense of sadness that stung their hearts, eyes and noses.

And after who knows how long, they suddenly stopped crying and looked in each other's eyes with resolve and also their eyes held much more firm and strong resolve, it still could not cover the redness in them nor the swollen in them too.

They both took a deep breath and started talking almost at the same time, but they did not however let go of each other and still kept that hugging stance and kept smelling that faint fragrance on each other that relaxed their nerves and bodies.

And they said, " I will be stronger, to write my own destiny and to let fate be my sole follower!"

And then they looked at each other and laughed and then they both kept silent and slowly closed their eyes and their breathing became fainter as well, and it seemed that they slept in that awkward position like this.

However, what the two young siblings did not know was that in the next moment, their lives would change completely, as they both seemed to have forgotten something important.


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