Sovereign Of Destiny
11 Destiny System, System Error!
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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11 Destiny System, System Error!

Back in the old Courtyard the group of famous people were still standing in front of the two astral figures while breathing heavily, as they sensed a faint trace of a familiar aura from within the two figures and it belonged to the one and only person which they could even die in stead of him if he wanted.

And this aura belonged only to Emperor Qin!

Surprisingly he did not die, or else his aura would have disappeared, and such all of them had great expectations of his existence, and their eyes began to be filled with hope again while praying secretly in their own heart.

Sadly what they waited for did not happen, and instead the two figure just transformed into two beams of light disappeared into the Eastern Kingdom's direction.

Startled gasps filled the whole courtyard, but then they seemed to have thought of something and swiftly and with a 'Swoosh' 'Swoosh' they all hurriedly transformed into beams of lights along with the four divine guardian beast and shot after the two astral figures and also they could not keep the pace with it, because it's speed was almost astonishing.

But fortunately they had made it and kept speeding up the pace after it until they found themselves in front of a broken house which they immediately recognized as the house which belonged to the two siblings which they saw in the Destiny's Wheel's screen.

However, they could not continue any longer as they also seemed to be frozen stiff as time stopped for them too now, and as they were hurrying while flying after the two astral figures they did not take notice of the strange time stop which enveloped the whole universe not just this small place.

And then back at the two young siblings room, just while the two of them were hugging each other asleep, suddenly their two pairs of closed eyes snapped open with vigor.

As two white and black astral figures flew into the two of them and before they could even do anything to stop them, they merged with them instantly but even if they could, they would not have done it as this is their lost part, their destiny and also their fate.

Finally they got it back and became complete.

However, not long and they heard a string of 'Ding!" sound in their ears along with strange words and sentences.

"Ding!" "Ding!" "Ding!" "Ding!" "Ding!"...

[Welcome to Destiny System]

[Getting ready to setup Destiny System]

[Get ready for the count down]




[Receiving System's Data from the Database]


[Receiving System's Data Complete!]

[System Is loading the setup]


And it was then that the unexpected happened that was beyond anyone's expectations, that two sparks of gold sparked from the foreheads of Ye Jan and Ye Wiewie, and instantly a new string of 'Ding!' sounded.

"Ding!" "Ding!" "Ding!" "Ding!" "Ding!"...

[Warning! System Spotted a strange error!]

[Warning! A huge amount of strange energy is disturbing the setting up of the System]

[Retrying the setup again...]





[A strong power has infiltrated the system's database]


[System's database has been changed forcefully!]


[System's source of power has been changed forcefully into an unknown source of power!]


[System has changed from two entities System to the one and only Destiny System shared by two hosts!]

[Host Ye Jan, and Host Ye Wiewie]


[Destiny System needs to be sort out the disorderly data]

[For the safety reasons of the two host, System has chosen to release the eighty one commanders to their each respective worlds!]

[System has Awarded the respective eighty one commanders of Destiny with a newborn system which fit their respective hopes and wishes and a patch of points for each of them]

[System has given Commander Qin Wuji, and Commander Yue Bing, the string of Destiny's marriage as they were born for each other.]

Ye Jan and Ye Wiewie, however, did not manage to hear the rest of the Notifications as they both felt a great surge of pain hit them and they both held each other tightly while howling in pain and along with each howl sounded from them, there would be a 'Boom!' in the air as air exploded from just their sounds!

This shockingly happens actually, that if any powerhouse saw this, he would be shocked that his jaws would fell to the ground from it.

As only those above the second rank that could actually form a powerful sonic waves with their voices, but those two children just ignoring their ages, did not even have a shred of natural power as they did not even open their hearts sea nor did they open their dantian either, which was simply shocking.

As this meant that this is a new kind of energy that the world did not hear of it before, a completely new and different kind and form of power was born just like that!

And just as Ye Jan and Ye Wiewie felt that they could not take it anymore, there was a last 'Ding!' before they lose conscious saying.


[System has finished distributing the rewards to the eighty one commanders of Destiny and finished distributing their strings of fateful marriages, Now system is going to start sorting the new database and establish a more convenient systems for the hosts and the commanders, starting with 1%]

Almost as this happened, they lost conscious.

And the same strange thing happened again and countless strings of fate has started spreading and strengthening again but this time it enveloped the whole universe and even outside this chaos universe.

It was then that in the deep place of the chaos universe, where the space power was extremely so rich that it was suffocating and strangely enough that in the seemingly black chaos, existed a strange looking huge flower that spanned thousands of kilometers wide and tall, and had its roots stretching from underneath into the whole universe as universal laws and wills.

The flower had thousands of petals with each petal has it is own respective different color.

From the flower came sudden soft sigh that caused ripples to take effect on the surrounding space.

As an ancient archaic voice filled with power sounded from within the strange huge flower, " I still could not prevent it, this ill fate.."

"Ayah! it could not be avoided eventually, those two children, it is really cruel of them to make two pitiful children bear that huge amount of responsibility, and are they really up to it?!"

"The power of an ancient dynasty along with their citizens, their sadness, anger, pain, and hatred, and also their vengeance"

"Their happiness, goodness, kindness, tender feelings, and also their hope"

"I wanted to prevent this ill fate, to prevent their sufferings, but.. ahh! alas... it is their destiny and also mine."

"That man was right, maybe i am a little stubborn, maybe i was wrong and should not have prevented my children from going to the outside world."

"Too overprotective! Too overprotective!"

"They just do not understand what lays out there.. it is completely cruel world filled with nothing but malice and betrayal." And as the voice reached here a soft sneer sounded that sent shockwaves through the surrounding space.

"Hah! they thought i was imprisoning them?! i was simply protecting them, those foolish children, alas those two children ahh! how could i live on like this? will i really have to do this? Ahh! Ancient Empress Ahh! Ancient Empress, your plan will soon make me meet my doom." And as the voice kept talking in a soft voice, even though it was filled with scorn and reproach but it also held a deep love in it for her 'Children' and at last at the mention of the ancient Empress there was a hint of admiration in the voice and it even became a but tender which was shockingly feminine.

And if anyone was here, and especially the green old man, or the Ancesteral worlds tree, they would have been shocked by the tone and voice as it belonged to a young girl and they will be even more shocked by the content of her words.

They would know that they were wrong in their thinking, and that they wronged her even more, and not just them but all of the great royal lords too have wronged her.

Perhaps only the dead Old Ancesteral worlds tree could have heard those whispers, but sadly enough it sacrificed its self to the later generation of the Ancesteral worlds tree, and thus non knew of the shocking content of these whispers.

And it was not until later after many years, that the old man Along with the great royal lords would set down solemnly and start to sigh lamenting at what happened from their wronging action from before and know just what kind of great pain that the chaos world had beared.

A shadow appeared at the surface of the chaos flower but it outlines disappeared immediately as quickly as it appeared, shockingly it was a girl's outlines.




Somewhere in the Kingdom of Destiny.

The two blind elderly figures from before were sitting in a room in an inn when suddenly a string of notifications sounded.

Ding!" "Ding!" "Ding!" "Ding!" "Ding!"...

[Warning! ..... System's database is currently being changed forcefully]

[Warning! System's power source is being changed forcefully!]

[Warning! System has been forcefully upgraded to an unknown version!]

[Warning! System needs to restart to review the changes along with the updates along with.]




[System's Restart Started in Action!]






And as the two elderly figures heard the sudden string of notifications, they were startled into silliness as they knew what did this meant.

That damned old geezer was played unexpectedly!

And as the two were about to discuss what had just happened, the elderly man suddenly felt a strong familiar vibration from deep within him, and he heard a strong shout saying, "Why?!"

He suddenly thought of something and suddenly started cussing in his heart as he did not even give the elderly woman anytime to ask about anything and swiftly disappeared with a 'Swoosh'.

However, the woman did not look affronted, as she also heard that shout and seemed to figure out something, as started to ponder something seriously her body structure and features started to change or to be specific it started to change young, as she transformed from a beautiful elderly woman into a fascinating mature looking woman that had beauty that could cause the downfall of nations and with Elegance showing from every posture and gesture, and frown.

She simply was a stunning mature looking lady, that all of her body's parts were pale white as jade and tender as water, well developed body that was filled in the right places and not in the right places as she was simply a pulchritude full of Curvaceousness.


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