Sovereign Of Destiny
12 Chaos Flower, Flower Fairy, Little Donger
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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12 Chaos Flower, Flower Fairy, Little Donger

As a green dressed elder was setting enjoying the sun, he suddenly spurted an arrow of blood, "Dammit, how could this be?!"

"What happened? How could this happen?"

"No wonder the chaos flower, did it's utmost to destroy the two children before they even be born, but how could they have such a powerful soul? Could two powerful being had possessed each of them?!"

"No! It could not be like this, who has greater power than me in this, and it is even in my own world, how could it be?"

"Even those deities, demons and devils, do not have this kind of power, they are my subjects even more, how? Just how?!!" He almost howled in anger while blood kept pouring out of his whole body drenching him in blood.

But he did not even seem to notice as he kept pondering and thinking and thinking until he almost become nuts, saying, "Just why would the chaos flower use her full power and even use the universe will to destroy them, what did it fear? What kind of existence could make her this fearful? Could the Ancesteral worlds tree be wrong? And we made a mistake by saving the children in hope of escaping from here???!"

"No! We did not make a mistake, but just what kind of power it is? Just what sort of damn prison is this? Even the other Ancesteral worlds do not have such powerful lords such as my own and that's happened?!!"

"Just what kind of sin had the ancient demons and gods and devils done to imprison us like this? Just what kind of world outside this prison? This power is even greater that the person." He murmured like a crazy old man while looking into the horizon and it seemed as if his gaze could pierce through the space and see outside the confinement of space shackles toward what is outside.

"Just what are those children? Are they really possessed? But it is not like that, i can feel, that power came straight from their's soul, could they be Reincarnated?! But it is not either, so what happened? And also why did the chaos flower stop its crazy intense intentions to kill them? Is it that it knew it could not do it even thought they are still weak?"

"Or has it changed it's mind? Or maybe it had done what it wanted and delayed their growth? Or has it accepted it's destiny already?! Hahahahahaha!" Almost at the time his words came to here, he laughed like crazy while clutching his hair.

"Destiny! Destiny! Destiny!"

"Even it, the chaos flower, can not escape it, even it can not escape it!. He kept repeating the words while laughing madly, but the difference was that his bloodied body kept shivering and his eyes kept pouring out large amounts of tears, shockingly he was laughing while crying!.

It was then that a bright glow lit up in his soul and his eyes brightened and his madly laughing voice kept getting softer and softer while his tears kept pouring out and his eyes kept getting brightened more and more, he stood still just like a statue while large patches of grass under him were growing at an astonishing speed while absorbing his crystal like tears and even all the forest seems like to breathe in his crystal like tears and became fill of power.

Until a soft cracking sound came out From his soul just as if a shackle was broken or a egg's shell was broken, he said then with a gentle sigh, "So it is the Ancient Empire of Destiny, this ancient race and it's ancient civilization that was extinct, they came again! Their prayers were responded to, the sin of their extinguishers will be relayed to the sinners and the blood dept would be collected and paid by blood, this heavy responsibility, ayah! It seems like i am still useless right son?"

As a gentle sigh sounded in the air, ab elderly figure appeared out of thin air, he was one of the two elderly figures from before which just got two system notifications.

"Dammit! What happened old man? You almost destroyed my world and if i did not isolate you from the creatures you would have killed them, And also you really are useless! Ahh! So our quests this time was for our children, you damned old geezer, alas it is not like the end of the world either, just let the things take it's natural course of events, alright let's get you Clean first." The elderly figure said that while scratching his head slightly as he with a thought gathered thick layer of water which enveloped the green old man and cleansed him completely and then with another thought the green old man's clothes got dried out with a wave of heat that swept through him, and he transformed from wet kitten into the original green handsome old man, and also he spoke with an angry tone, he was still worried about the green old man and earlier he was there from when the old man started spurting blood and originally he wanted to help him but the old man's world startled him and he intended to listen more but who knew that the old man would go crazy and he had to intervene to isolate him.

However, the green old man did not care about any of this as he said softly, "The children now are the sole rulers of their destinies and fates, ahh! There would be an upheaval in this chaos universe, no wonder the chaos flower was afraid, no it was panic-stricken, ayah! My great plan just got foiled and i became even involved in a greater plan which even the flower chaos has dread to it, son, it seems like i shall go back and start preparing, ok bye bye." The old man almost as he finished saying the old man vanished leaving his son standing there dumbfounded.

Thr elderly figure just stood there with a blank look on his face, as he suddenly understood something important, he seemed to forget something, uhh! No it was actually two things!

The first one was..

He shouted to the top of his lungs, "Damned old man, what were you doing in my own world? Did you dare to play me again old man? Really?!"

As for the second thing was..

The elderly man spat out a word from between the gap of his gnashing teeth, "System!"

The sound which was supposed to be gone now after the data base was gone had come actually again with an astonishing "Ding!"

And then there was a shocking howl that neither belonged to a human nor a beast, "F*** you old geezer! You tricked me again! How many times?! Just how many times it was?! Dammit.

And just as he was about to go crazy a teasing voice which simply made people want to punch the voice's owner sounded out in the air, "Little Donger! Do not be like that, i just forgot to tell you that the system's data base was changed and not destroyed and i have no control over it now, and also it was just about three hundred thousands times, not a lot! Not a lot at all.

This time the elderly figure really could not take it and he spurted out blood and passed out from excessive anger.

There was only left a sigh ringing in the air along with, "Ayah! Young People! Young People! Can not even take this! So soft! So tender! Ahh! What am i saying?! I mean so weak hearted!" Yeah it was a sure thing that if Little Donger was wide awake, he would have long ago turned into spitting lotuses tree and spit blood lotuses until he die from the loss of blood.


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