Sovereign Of Destiny
13 Qin Wuji, and Shen Mie
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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13 Qin Wuji, and Shen Mie

Then as Ye Jan and Ye Wiewie both fell unconscious, two white bolts of light shot out of their bodies, and materialized as two figures, a young man and a young woman.

The boy had sharp eyebrows and his black eyes shone like daggers, and on his head was a golden crown with countless strange designed and complicated runes that made it look splendid and domineering, as well as his red robes that was decorated by golden threads along with golden sword that had the carvings of dragons that magnified his kingly aura.

As for the girl, she was completely dressed in a white nice attire, she looked stunningly beautiful and had a beautiful features with bright red lips and small nose, white jad like skin, and beautiful violet eyes that shone with wisdom, and black hair that fell all over her back like a waterfall that was filled with ustrous gloss.

The young lady's body was simply well developed and curvy, and her waist it had no ounce of flesh more, she was a stunning masterpiece with every move she does, she radiated a seductive vibe, but her icy expression and features made her even more solemn and dignified.

The young beautiful girl opened her small red lips and said something shocking while looking at the two unconscious kids on the floor, "Hey! Wuji! this is your kingdom right? so! tell me what happened exactly? Did the mission changed?" This young girl's actions, words and expression and even her age and looks simply did not match, fortunately this huge contraction did not affect her beauty instead it further increased it.

Surprisingly, this young boy was Emperor Qin of the Empire of Destiny, Qin Wuji!

How did he get this young?! just earlier he was a middle aged man, so what exactly happened?

Emperor Qin smiled gently and said, "If i did not remember wrong, then this is really was fate, it does not matter what happened, what matters now is how deep is the new lake's bottom? also even if this is my world, it does not mean that i know everything that happens in it."

The young girl did not respond for a period of time, untill Qin Wuji thought that she won't respond, she said, "You are right! we fell into a deeper hell.. no plan! so now the system said that we can not help them either directly or indirectly, unless it requires us to do so."

Qin Wuji smiled tenderly at her soft voice that made his body soften and said while looking at her with deep affection, "It does not matter what is the intention in doing so, umm.. maybe it wants them to develop alone in a suitable environment without any outsider's help? anyway we have a more important Matter to do right dear?"

The young girl did not even flinch on his sweet flirty words, but alas in an angle he could not see, all of her white jade like face and tender ears and her snow white swan nick turned completely red from his words.

but sadly this cute and lovely side of this icy cold stunning girl did not manage to be seen by this idiot.

The young girl managed to control her shacking emotions in the next second and returned to normal as if all what happened a moment ago was an illusion and replied softly as she looked at the two kids with pity, "I still did not agree! yet! It is just that i pity them, is it really fortune or misfortune to be born with this kind of destiny?"

Qin Wuji also shared the same look of pity as he looked at them but it swiftly turned into a determined and firm look as he said, "I do not want anyone to feel my pain anywhere and in anyplace, i will try to help them as much as i could, but strange! why do the little girl can be helped but the boy not? it said that only the boy has to depend on himself."

Qin Wuji did not notice the tender look in the eyes of the young girl beside him as he spoke as he stretched out his hand to the young boy to see if something was wrong with him.


Then his face turned white from shock as he cried out, he discovered with shock that the boy did not have any meridians in his body instead of them was a countless golden threads filling his whole body while sucking the force of the heaven and Earth automatically, what a shock? as every cultivator knows, that to gather the force of the heaven and Earth one has to circulate the cultivation technique while meditating, but this young boy's body naturally gathers the force of the heaven and Earth automatically without the need to circulate any cultivation technique further more is those golden threads the little boy's meridians?.

The young girl beside him heard his cry and touched the little girl and also found this shocking spectacular as she shared a look of shock with him.

Qin Wuji however did not cry out of shock because of this, but because he found that the little boy's body was turning illusionary and this means it is about to disappear.

Qin Wuji asked the young girl with the same shocked expression on his face with trembling lips, "Shen Mie, This little boy is disappearing! his body is turning illusionary! is it the same situation for the little girl?"

The Shen Mie's face jade like face paled even more at his words as she also hurriedly confirmed it and her face turned to an even more pale white.

And suddenly the little boy's body swiftly disappeared.

And as both of them were panicking, a soft ancient voice sounded in their heads and it made their whole bodies trembe from fear that came straight from deep in their souls.

"Little kids! do not worry, that kid is okay, but some bad child has done a little mischief but do not worry it will not do harm."

"Remember my advice, never do any harm to the two kids, i know many of you does not accept the rule of two kids, but let me tell you a little secret, even! i! am! afraid! of! them! i think that everyone of you has gotten his dreams come true right? as i can see it now all of the eighty one of you had became immortals!"

"All of you had found your fates! be happy of them! you all have a long long journey to travel, and your power right now, are just like a sparl of dust in front of the real experts, train hard and become strong enough to serve right for your lords or you will be cursed somewhere worse than hell for eternity."

Qin Wuji and Shen Mie and the rest of the eighty one generals, all of their face's turned into deep Whitness as their hears trembled with deep fear, they knows who are this, they senses it from their souls and suddenly all of the malignant thoughts that were in the hearts of some of them disappeared in whiff.


Now in the little room in the little house, Qin Wuji and Shen Mie were still recovering from the sudden shock and fear, when Ye Wiewie woke up suddenly and asked a sudden question calmly, "Who are you?! And what is the eighty one generals? and what is their identities?" Her voice was left alone ringing across the little room bringing along a surge of majestic and an icy cold aura that freezed Qin Wuji's and Shen Mie's hearts and souls.

All of what was left in their hearts was one thought 'what a cold inducing eyes and what a freezing majestic tone, really deserves her nickname even at the age of five years old'.


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