Sovereign Of Destiny
14 Memories Restored
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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14 Memories Restored

Back in the room, after Qin Wuji and Shen Mie heard Ye Wiewie's question both felt a sudden chill that scared the hell out of them, to them her still adorable voice held a chilling tone that did not suit or belong to a five years old kid.

Hurriedly and after alot of mental stress both of them answered immediately while trying to shake of the bloodlust that was swiftly rising from the five years old kid in front of them.

This kind of feeling was simply frightening but the most terrifying thing was that this kind of feeling came from a five years old kid!

Ye Wiewie swiftly calmed down as swiftly as she got frightened and angered, and thus after hearing their identities, she also got a sudden shock as who did not know Emperor Qin, And this was the reason she trusted them and their words and of course that was after she confirmed from them some things about her brother's body that none othere than her should know and from what she heard when she was unconscious.

Actually, Ye Wiewie also she fell unconscious, but she could still feel and hear all of what was happening around here including Qin Wuji's and Shen Mie's talking and the sudden tender voice that spoke and even the sense of her brother's disappearance, but she just needed a little confirmation that she was not dreaming.

Then Ye Wiewie fell silent for a while, as she was organizing her thoughts and trying to figure out what exactly happened while also trying to organize the sudden memories that she got with the completion of her body, thus she did not manage to hear a voice that whispered in her soul nor did she scan her body to discover the changes that was made in it, as to her, her brother Ye Jan was her everything.

Qin Wuji and Shen Mie both were scared speechless as they looked at the young kid who was knocking on her forehead with her thumb in regular rythm with thoughtful expression, and both were shocked internally.

As with their high cultivation, how could a young kid who simply had no cultivation struck fear in them, further more from the young kid reaction she must have heard all what they said but she was just testing their reactions and if they were dependable or not, and this was what made them utterly speechless as they shared a look of shame.

However, they suddenly felt that they should rather rejoice that be upset, because this means that those two kids are not ordinary and this means that they did not serve a useless lord but rather a genuine and amazing genius.

However, just as they were thinking that while reading each other eyes, they heard Ye Wiewie's voice which meant that she finished what she was doing and she said to them making them feel a terrifying feeling of being exposed nake in front of her and that all of their deepest secrets were all currently exposed to air.

As she looked at them with her piercing gaze that seemed to be able to see the deepest part of their own souls, she said with a calm but adorable and tender voice, "You must feel now that i am dependable and that i am worthy of being your lord? You must think that i am a freaking genius right huh? hahahaha you do not know what a two new born babies got through just when they were less than a month old?"

"When we were born, we were sent to here to an unknown reasons, but we along the road experienced a terrifying spatial storm to who knows how long and that something must have gone wrong when we were being sent, but i died three times as a newborn and were recurred again and again, and then i got a sudden intelligence after experiencing death continually but i could not survive and could not do anything other than helplessly loom at the terrifying spatial storm while tearing me into shreds untill the fourth when suddenly i figured out that i was not alone, i had a brother he with his weak body also got his intelligence woken up and hugged me and then i do not know what happened but he took all of the spatial storms alone while shielding me in the middle, he a newborn was able to even walk."

"I also realized that i also could walk after watching and trying to do like him, but he looked at me with a gaze while protecting me again and again, i watched his bright gaze brighten and dimming again and again, i watched fear and helplessness and also a firm will to protect, he died and received more than one thousand time i watched him getting ripped shrids after shrids and be restored almost instantly, and i?! I was just getting protected and after who knows how long, a beam of light swept us and something was teared out of us along with our memories, and then we were here, living in Grandpa's and Grandma's house until they died because of us, hahahaha they tried to help us but died because of it, because what was teared out of us was actually our own destiny, originally our own memories were also teared so until now i understand, so do you think i am a natural freaking genius????! if i had the right to choose, i will choose to be normal, because of us countless nightmare natural disasters happened to everyone in here that we was labeled as ominous children with no one getting close to us, alone from childhood, we do not even have the right to hate never less to love or be loved."

Ye Wiewie's voice was left alone ringing in the old room, while bringing with it her ever changing emotions as also her face never changed but her voice was carrying a deep fear and a heavy mocking tone along with self mock, deep sadness, a tearing pain, and the utmost helplessness and also confusion and a terrifying anger that seemed to be able to move the wind and cloud and make the whole heaven cry in anguish, her voice even carried a crying tone to it even though her face was still calm just like the calm before the storm.

Qin Wuji's and Shen Mie's emotions however went beyond the barriers of deep fear, they both felt a sudden shocking fear, and became frightened, they can feel the helplessness and fear and the frightening feelings that she experienced and also her anger that shot through the sky, they can feel her deep mock that engulfed the whole heaven and Earth and they know that even themselves will not be able to pass through something like that, damnit that was a spatial storm a fuc**ng terrifying spatial storm, even though they did not fear it with they current cultivation realm but they also won't dare to ignore it as just a hint of carelessness and they would be finished.

And to even think that two newborns experience something like that, both of them then looked at the calm five years old little girl, and they both felt a tearing pain in their hearts and a sudden irresistible urge to cry swept them, especially Shen Mie as also she is cold but she is still a woman and she was also known as cold in the outside but warm in the inside, and this was especially as she heard the last thing the little girl said, her motherly nature was instantly awakened and she ignored everything and ran to the little girl and huged her while her pearl white tears raining down through her beautiful face.

As for Ye Wiewie also she felt a sudden shock, but she quickly calmed down and nestled her head on Shen Mie's bossom while calming down, as she felt the same warm feeling of her grandma's embrace, and quickly rows of tears filled her beautiful face as she wept and sobbed soundlessly, she really felt that she needed her brother right now and then, but she heard a small voice say, "Do not worry mistress, master is training right now, and as soon as he completes the training he will come back, oh i am the system spirit."

"Please! come to system space to see me and to check the system."

Also she did not know what is a system spirit, but she knows what is a 'system' as this exactly what was reviving them back then, thus she simply trusted the voice, but her trust was mostly in her brother, her brother won't be in danger never.

Qin Wuji stood silently and watched the two girls big and small hugging each other and sobbing, and he quietly withdrew hims self out of the room, he had a more troublesome thing to do and explain, and also he looked calm on the surface, from where the place he was standing at, two drops of tears respectively lay they, as inside he was simply raging, no he was engulfed by rage, his rationality was quickly disappearing and he needed an outlet, after solving the problem outside the house, he will pay a visit to the devilish beasts to entertain them a bit.


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