Sovereign Of Destiny
15 Trial Hall
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Sovereign Of Destiny
Author :imenload
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15 Trial Hall

Meanwhile, in a strange space, the whole space was covered with darkness except for a few places, one of the places was a piece of floor that was covered with countless strange flickering paterns that formed a strange looking circle.

However, this was not the most shocking thing was not the strange flickering circle but it was the young kid that was laying in the middle of the circle along with countless bolts of golden lights and Vine paterns flickering non stop on top of his little body's skin, they were swimming across his skin like little sea snakes swimming across lakes, it looked extremely strange as well as strangely beautiful, it made the little boy's body look like a divine body.

The strange Vine like golden paterns covered all of the boy's body as a whole from the top of his head's hair to the bottom of his little feet's toes, it made his body shine with golden light as if he was a divine being and it kept increasing in numbers as well as golden halos shone stronger.

And it was not known how long it lasted but finally all the strange Vine like golden paterns retreated backwards from his forehead and from all across over his body until it gathered in the place of his heart.

Then it created a strange looking complex egg like patern that looked like a egg of some sort of creature, and also the golden vine paterns retreated buy it still it did not disappear but it kept flickering still on top of the heart of the boy untill all of the golden colored halo swiftly vanished and what remained was only a strange looking complex egg patern on top of the boy's heart.

And if it was not for the complexity of the drawn patern, it would look like a simple birthmark that looked like an egg.

However, if one looked closely at it, they would find a strange gloss to it.

The place returned to it's usual tranquility, it was so calm that it was almost terrifying.


And then it was after one hour passed, that the little kid's woke up with a startling shout that came out of his mouth and broke the stifling silence, and as he furrowed his brows in pain, Ye Jan opened his heavy eyelids.

And stiffly sat down and looked around him while rubbing his forehead for the head splitting headache that made him want to die, he was also deeply shocked, as he looked at the darkness that surrounded him from all directions.

"Crack!" "Crack!" "Crack!"

He looked at the only places that were lit up lightly with dim lights, he found that he stood in a strange circle as he turned his head and looked around him and tried to stand, then suddenly a string of crackling sounds sounded from all over his body.

However, Ye Jan did not care at all, he remembered what he forgot from his memories and now as he also woke up, he found that he somehow got stronger, so it was not strange for him to get stronger by getting back his core essence as well as his destiny.

There was only one thing that mattered to him right now, and that was to get the hell out of here to see his sister and find out what happened to her when her memories came back, he knows that his sister's darkest memories were these memories which she could not do anything but watch him get hurt.

And so Ye Jan observed the situation around him and found that one, he was standing on a strange flickering circle which was made by strange flickering golden paterns.

Two, there was thirteen golden colored smaller circles in front of the big circle that hr stands in the middle of, and if he did not get it right they were steps that he had to step into.

Then three, there was something shining ahead of the smaller circles that he could not see yet no matter how he tried.

And four, he could not move to any where aside from the steps in front of him, no matter how he tried to.

Then, Ye Jan took a deep breath, as he tried to organize those information that he found, and in the end, he found that this place seemingly is a trial, and also he does not know who threw him here, he was forced to do what is shown in front of him.

And then Ye Jan took his first step forward and stepped into the first small golden circle.

However, also Ye Jan carefully observed all of the details around him, but he did not notice two things, one, he did not notice that when he moved and took a step forward to the first smaller circle, a snake like golden vine shone between the bigger golden circle and the smaller circles.

The two, he did not notice that two large golden eyes appeared on top of his head out of thin air, just like two lanterns that illuminated the darkness that shrouded this place, it looked at Ye Jan for a second before disappearing or rather closing again and only a faint audible sigh was left behind, but sadly it did not reach to Ye Jan or he would have figured a lot of things with his high intelligence.


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