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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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284 Devil Woman

"It's finally over..." Owner Bu heaved a sigh of relief after confirming it, "I thought I was going to die here."

Owner Bu really expected to die here and he was already prepared for that. After all, he was facing a constellation that remained behemoth over the millions of years. Though he was so brave to attack them, he wasn't confident that he could defeat them.

In actuality, he thought that killing saints would be his limit. Who would have thought that he could also kill someone of a destiny level?

And now, the strongest ones of this constellation had died for good. Surely, this event would be carried by the wind in all the corners of True.

Owner Bu has an expression filled with endless gratitude for Jin Rou. If not for the fact that Jin Rou intervened, he might have died here already without a burial. Of course, he was feeling thankful to his sword too. Because it never abandoned him even in this kind of peril.

"Owner Bu, you can tidy up everything here." Jin Rou suddenly said which made Owner Bu snap out of his trance.

"Are you going somewhere, Youngmaster?" Owner Bu curiously asked.

"Yes, it's very important. So I'll leave the rest here to you." Jin Rou said seriously, "I'll be catching up once I settled this."

Seeing the serious expression of Jin Rou, something must have happened that warrant his attention. Thus, Owner Bu didn't hesitate to agree and said, "Yes, you can leave everything to me here. Now that I have recovered, this won't be a problem."

"Good. I'll see you later then, Owner Bu." Jin Rou smiled and flicked his finger, opening a large portal gate and entered it.

In a deep and isolated spatial dimension that no one was capable of entering.

A large gate suddenly appeared. Afterwards, a man with a black hair in a white robe suddenly emerged out of it. His face wasn't that handsome to be honest, but everyone would take a second or third look at him, having an irresistible charm.

His black hair swayed by the wind. He was standing in a plain black dimension which had nothing but eerie and uncomfortable silence.

Of course, it was Jin Rou.

The silence was creeping into the bones as if unknows were waiting for you.

If it's a normal person, they might have died from fear here already. After all, the fear was instantly put to one's heart without any warning or anything at all.

Jin Rou just stood there, as if waiting for something. His expression was filled with seriousness and his guards were instantly high. As if, a slight abnormality would trigger him to destroy this world.

Time moved slowly, and it's already been hours since Jin Rou kept on standing there unmoving.

"Ahh... Looks like I've been found out." Then suddenly, a seductive voice of a woman broke the eerie silence of the dimension.

After which, a figure appeared. It was a jet-black figure with no face but it had a long hair and slim body with a couple of big peaks. One look and you could already determine that it was a woman.

"Looks like you have finally has the guts to show up." Jin Rou coldly said, "I just thought of destroying this dimension if you ever chose to hide there."

Truth be told, Jin Rou had found the location of this devil. However, the dimensional laws where the devil was hiding had a strong barrier that even him would take time to destroy.

Besides, if Jin Rou really chose to destroy it, the spatial laws of Starlight, which was connected from here, would take a hit also. Thus, Jin Rou had no choice but to wait. For him, waiting wasn't an issue as long as the enemy wouldn't escape.

"Haha." The devil woman laughed in a reserved manner and teased, "Oh my, no need to threaten me. You shouldn't talk to a woman like that, or else you might not get married in the future."

The devil was very much aware of the identity of Jin Rou. However, it could still talk this way as if it wasn't taking Jin Rou, the Celestial King, in its eyes.

" Enough nonsense." Jin Rou coldly said, "You know why I'm here, right?"

"It's to kill me, isn't it?" The devil woman answered, with a teasing tone.

"Then it would make things easier here." Jin Rou said, "Just accept your death."

"Oh my, why are you so in a rush? Just chill for a moment, will you?" The devil woman laughed a bit and continued teasing Jin Rou, "How about I take care of you for a night? I know you have so much pent up there."

"Disgusting." Jin Rou equipped his very long sword made of lightning and swung it without any hesitation to chop the devil woman.

"Whoosh!" However, the devil woman dodged it easily by leaping upwards.

"So hot-headed, but I like guys like you." The devil woman said.

"Hmph." Jin Rou snorted and didn't answer her back. He activated a skill, and thousands of spatial holes appeared, surrounding the devil.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Boom! Boom!" Then suddenly, millions of lazer-like beams shot from the spatial holes. And it made this dimension tremble as it cracked everything.

The devil woman didn't have the time to tease Jin Rou as it was busy dodging the lazer beams. It knew that if it was touched by this, it would be killed instantly.

"Whoosh!" While the devil was busy dodging, Jin Rou swung his lightning sword once again with a faster speed, aiming at the devil. He wasn't planning on giving time for the devil to rest.

"Clang! Clash!" Finally, it seemed that the devil was annoyed and released an imagery of spear and spun it around her. The spatial holes and the lightning sword immediately disappeared upon contact.

"I was planning to play with you. But I changed my mind now. I'm going to take your life." The devil woman no longer had the seductive voice. It was now a cold voice of a woman filled with hatred, "I hate guys like you, so even if you are the Celestial King of this universe, I won't give a damn."


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