The Adventures of the Young Master
285 Future Calamity
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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285 Future Calamity

This devil woman wasn't afraid of Jin Rou as she could still say these daring words. In fact, it wasn't really afraid since it was confident with its skills.

"Persistent, huh." Jin Rou clicked his tongue in annoyance, "You want to play with me? I'm sorry, but you aren't even worthy to be my opponent."

"Underestimating me now?" The devil woman revealed a sinister smile, "Stop underestimating your enemies or you will die without a burial without knowing."

"Whoosh!" Jin Rou ignored the comment and countless rods made of blue lightning appeared. Soon, the rods shot towards the devil woman without hesitation, creating thousands of blue streak of light!

"Activate!" Seeing this attack, the devil woman was stumped, it used all her available defensive treasures to protect itself from the incoming attack.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" In a second, the streaks of blue lights started giving the devil woman a tantamount of barrage of attacks.

"Grug!" Though the devil woman had already used all its defensive measures, it still couldn't help but vomit blood because the attacks still damaged it.

"Shit." The devil woman cursed under its breath. It knew that Jin Rou was powerful, and he was stronger than it. After all, he was someone with a crown ruling this universe.

Unfortunately, though the devil woman could give Jin Rou a decent fight, it's just up to that. That its limit. All it said a while ago was just to act strong. But it was true that it wasn't afraid of Jin Rou. After all, it already knew its fate.

"Open!" After the end of the attacks, the devil woman aimed to go all out as it activated all its qi. It surged upwards and created an ocean of qi, capable of turning everything to ashes.

The ocean of black qi was enough to become a small mountain with a dao lake because of its size. This wasn't something an ethereal could create nor muster.

Soon, the ocean of black qi circulated rapidly, shaking the entire spatial dimension of this place. Remember, the spatial dimension of this place could be said immovable yet this ocean of black qi could shake it to this extent.

"Hah!" The devil woman howled as it put its right arm at the front, signaling the attack.

"Whaaam!" Soon, the ocean of black qi tide upwards, creating a tsunami that was capable of putting everything in despair. The tsunami was massive enough to destroy an entire constellation or two.

"Insignificant." Jin Rou sneered in disdain, "Futile resistance. You are just waiting both of our time!"

"Shut up!" The devil woman shouted, giving Jin Rou a murderous glare, "Not because you're the Celestial King, you can belittle a general of the Devil Race like me!

"Whaam! Wham!" The tsunami became stronger as the black qi became thicker and violent. The tsunami was eating everything away in this spatial dimension that even the black plains was damaged and cracked.

This was an all out attack coming from a devil with a high authority in the Devil State Universe.

"Activate!" Then, Jin Rou also equipped his favorite long sword made of lightning. However, this one was definitely. Just looking at the new dao runes and symbols engraved had already determined the seriousness of Jin Rou in this battle.

He had to admit. This devil was a bit capable. But that's just it. If Jin Rou decided to use at least 80% of his power in this dimension, he could kill this devil in a split second. However, the spatial dimension might not be able to take it and affect the other side.

But now, this tsunami was already affecting the entire dimension as it was very powerful. Jin Rou had no choice but to use his power that could deflect this attack. Of course, the spatial dimension would be affected and damaged more also.

"Come!" Jin Rou assumed a pose with the sword behind him. It was posture of a samurai holding his blade with his knees bent, giving all the concentration and effectiveness a massive boost.

"Slash!" Soon, the tsunami was already in Jin Rou's range, and he slashed to cut it!

This slash had the power of the king as it looked imperious enough to deter anyone who was opposing him. It contained a massive power of a world that could either create or destroy all of the things available in this world.

"Boom!" The massive tsunami was cut into half as it was just a plain tofu. It couldn't even protect itself. As a result, it created a loud and violent explosion that left massive cracks in this spatial dimension all around. One look and you could determine that this spatial dimension was about to die.

"Damn... Grug!" The devil woman wanted to curse, but it vomited a mouthful of bad black blood. It looked like it was damaged seriously.

"It's over." Jin Rou coldly said, "Now, accept your death."

Jin Rou knew that this devil wouldn't spill out the beans, thus, he was planning on killing it first to invade its memories. Though it might be locked, he could still access it if he used all his resources.

With this method, things would be easier for him.

"Haha. It's too late, now." The devil woman laughed maniacally and said, "The chips have been settled and all things are now in their rightful places. Your ruling days will be over in the near future."

The devil woman laughed hysterically that it made it vomit blood once again.

"Speak! What do you mean?" Jin Rou had an ominous feeling about this. Thus, he decided to go all out and aimed to invade the devil's mind. He activated all his resources, millions of dao laws emerged from his very being and became light itself.

"Heh. You'll know it soon enough." The devil woman knew what Jin Rou wanted to do, so it used its last bit of power to turn its very self to smithereens, "Too bad though, I won't be able to see the glorious rise of our race and of course, the despairing fall of yours. Haha—"

Jin Rou could do nothing but look at the voluntary death of this devil. It knew that he would try to pry into its memories, thus choosing to die this way.

The devil woman is dead, but the calamity was now set.


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