The Adventures of the Young Master
286 Su“s Message
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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286 Su“s Message

"..." Jin Rou couldn't help but curse under his breath. Though he successfully killed another devil, he was still in the loophole of oblivion, not knowing anything about the future. He looked entranced as he contemplated for hours.

"Will the Devils invade our universe?" Jin Rou thought. This would be the most likely and possible case. After all, what's the reason for these devils to infiltrate their worlds for a long time now? If it wasn't for the fact that Jin Rou had accidentally sensed them, they might have already had their plans went smoothly than expected.

The devils were preparing for this for a long time. And now, the time was about to be ripe.

After which, Jin Rou snapped back into his reality and summoned his gate. He was planning to return to Owner Bu to help him tidy things up and take off. This was the end of their deal.

It was now time to descend Owner Bu to Grivexia and live in peace, once again.

In the Rou Celestial Palace.

There were four beings with grand and godly auras that could be felt. They were sitting in a circular formation with a small round table in the middle.

They were Jin Rou's family. His parents, Fan Rou and Xu Rou. And his grandparents, Lao Rou and Yanlu Rou.

Their faces revealed that there's a matter of grave importance weighing their minds.

"Those bastards really don't give up their ambition, huh. I thought that I already minced them all." Lao Rou said, enraged. His fist was clenching enough that could it could put this world into despair.

These beings were the apex existences of this universe, Zenith Gods.

They were capable of bringing a calamity that not anyone here could defend from.

If they were angry, they could melt any world they have in a matter of seconds. They were the real gods of this universe, everyone else was nothing but ants in their eyes.

Yanlu Rou's eyes flashed with blue light. The light was capable of bypassing all the universal laws without any hindrance.

After which, she said, "Jin'er has met them in Starlight. He also has met another one in True Realm, a devil woman general at that."

It turned out that Jin Rou had sent another message to report an update happening in Starlight.

"Is Jin'er safe?" Xu Rou, Jin Rou's mother, couldn't help but worry for his son's safety. At first, she really wasn't worried as who could harm her son in the lower worlds? But now, the devils became a variable, she was now very worried and concerned.

The devils where existences of another universe, and they were known to be adamant and a pest who never knew how to give up. Though their universe was the weakest, that was in the past. Now, they were daring enough to carry out their plan in their territory and in fact, everything was all set.

This could prove the capability and strength of the devils. And as time passed by, they were improving and getting stronger.

"You don't have to worry about him, Xu'er." Fan Rou held his wife's hand and comforted her, "Jin'er is grown up, he could carry his own weight now."

What Fan Rou said was true. Jin Rou had improved and had grown now that he experienced the outside world. And Fan Rou was grateful to Grenas that he let his eyes off of his son. If not, Jin Rou wouldn't be able to escape, and probably until now, he would be a little king inside his castle.

"Indeed. You don't have to worry about Jin'er." Yanlu Rou commented, "I have met with Jin'er and he has gotten stronger even though he's roaming in the lower worlds with a thin amount of qi. If you have to worry about something, then this issue fit the bill."

"You met with our son?" Fan Rou was flabbergasted, "How come you didn't tell us this?"

It seemed that Yanlu Rou had kept this hidden from her family. Even Xu Rou revealed a surprised expression as well.

"Let's talk this matter next time. That's not the important issue here." Yanlu Rou waved her hands and said, "The devils are aiming for our universe. And you know what type of animals are they."

"We need to call all the Prime Families for a meeting. We need an ample or more preparations for this. We couldn't let the devils run however they want here in our turf." Yanlu Rou seriously said. She was serious in taking these devils down a notch, "Call all of our Generals too."

"I will handle them." Xu Rou took the role.

"It's better if you will, Xu'er." Yanlu Rou nodded in agreement. Indeed, with Xu Rou's ability, she could gather everyone faster. After all, she has a wide connections to do so. And also, she's good in handling this kind of stuff. So she was the best candidate for this.

This matter was of urgency. But they didn't want to make their people panic, so they should do this slowly and silent. What's more, they were confident in defending their territory at the very least. After all, they had the resources to do so. But of course, they wouldn't underestimate their enemies too.

Just when Yanlu Rou was about to adjourn this meeting, a maid suddenly knocked on the door. The knock was gentle that it couldn't shaken even a fragile broken glass.

"Your Majesties, the envoy of the Su Celestial Family has delivered a message." The maid said on the other side of the door.

"What did it say?" Yanlu Rou asked.

"The Su Celestial Family will be here in 30 minutes, the message says." The maid directly said without further ado.

"Finally." Yanlu Rou smiled and sighed in relief, she looked at Fan Rou and said, "Fan'er, go and wait outside together with your father, we will meet them personally."

The Su Celestial Family was the overlord of another universe and they stood in the same stage with the Rou's. For billions of years, they had a friendly relationship that they considered each other a family.

And now, the Su was taking the initiative to visit the Rou for a certain reason.

Yanlu Rou couldn't help but smirk even they were in this kind of predicament.

Just imagining the future made all insignificant in her sight as long as her plan became successful.

And now, it's time to call Jin Rou back.


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