The Adventures of the Young Master
18 How Shameless Can You Be?
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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18 How Shameless Can You Be?

"So it was real." Gayu was taken aback by this. Even he prepared himself that it was real, his body betrayed his mind and reigned with his instinct. He composed himself and asked another question, "Then may I know what empire you master came from?"

"What empire?" Old Mo shook his head, "I am really from this empire. I am not from some high-tier empire or whatnot."

The trio was shocked by this. How could someone powerful as him to be a true resident of the Quu Empire which is only a low-tier?

"Pardon my impudence but is that true? How come you possessed skills like nature's dance and the long lost legendary sauce?"Gayu could not hold his curiosity over this matter and ask. He had a point. It was a basic knowledge for each matching their places. For example, for a low-tier empire like the Quu, one expected that the people here only have the skills for a low-tier empire. It could not match the middle-tier empire, less for the high-tier empire. Judging by the skills shown by this Old Mo, it is evident that he was from a high-tier empire!

"This.." Old Mo did not know how to explain things, he looked at the young master to seek help but he was answered by a slight smile only. He took a deep breath, he already showed the skill he possessed, time will come that those who were blinded by greed will eventually seek for him and snatch away this. Thus, he decided to rely on the back of his young master, "I just met an instant fortune that let me leap a great margin."

"And that fortune was meeting the young master."

Hearing this, Gayu was taken aback. He said as he looked at the young man who was still sitting leisurely by the side, "Your young master gave those you showed?"

"That's right. Since he was also a Mentor, imparting these things was only such a trivial matter for him." Old Mo said in a very confident tone.

"This.." Gayu and the two others instantly paled from hearing this! The young lad who they wanted to humiliate was actually a Mentor! They did not want to believe what Old Mo said but there was nothing that seemed plausible more than this! This was the reason for the most possibility!

If the other party was really a Mentor. Then things would be disastrous if he seeks for it! Just from thinking about these things, they could not help but tremble deep inside!

What is a Mentor? They were the ones who stood above all the jobs of the universe! They hold the greatest prestige the heavens could offer! Being a Mentor means the heavens chose you!

This time, they kicked a toughed and heavy rock.

The crowd staggered and could not take a word after hearing this! Complete silence! Most of them paled from fright especially the ones who desired the duo's misfortune! Their intestines were turning green from regret. They never had expected that the young lad who helped Old Mo had such an overwhelming backer! All they could do now was lay their heads down and pray that the young master will not take the words they said a while ago.

Seeing the expected expressions of the crowd, Old Mo sneered in his heart. At first, he was planning on making Jin Rou preach about the art of Culinary Arts to the guild because he knew that it would be helpful for the guild. Many may breakthrough their bottlenecks and reach new heights. But never did he expect that because of the guild was on the line and instead sided with his young master, he was branded as a traitor and instantly been banished! He could understand it if he was let to explain. However, before he could say anything, the guild leader hugged the other party's thighs and did not even consider the friendship they had and immediately decided the conclusion.

And this was the thing that Old Mo was infuriated about!

After a moment of silence, Jin Rou stood up and said, "Since I won the bet, then I will be taking my leave now. Thank you for the hospitality."

No one had talked. They all just looked at the young man with frightened expressions! Even Gayu didn't dare to talk!

Jin Rou began his steps toward the exit. Before he could reach the final step, a voice in a hurry sounded, "Young master, please wait for a moment!"

It was Old Mo. He was giving chase to Jin Rou. Jin Rou smiled, "Old Mo, what is it?"

Old Mo did not answer immediately, a moment later he said, "Young master, I know I am not as strong as you, so I could not be able to protect you. But.." Old Mo could not say the words he wanted to speak.

"You want to accompany me since you know I will not be staying here, right?" Jin Rou guessed and chuckled, "I won't mind. However, settle your matters here first." Jin Rou gave a warm smile.

Old Mo's heart itched and the threat of his tears falling down his face was obvious!

"Young master.." this was all Old Mo could say! His heart was filled with warm at this moment. He never expected that despite being so weak, he was still allowed to accompany him in the journey! What is the meaning of this?

It just meant that the young master treated Old Mo as close kin! Jin Rou actually wanted a companion and someone he could talk to about the matters of the world since he was still ignorant, thus Old Mo accompanying him was a great thing for him.

"You can be my personal butler. Later when you have the strength to back it up, I will grant you the official title." Jin Rou said in a gentle tone.

"Then It is my pleasure to be your personal butler, young master!" Old Mo did not understand what Jin Rou was trying to say, however, since his young master said so, he could only nod and trust him!

If Old Mo actually would know that he became a personal butler of the ruler of the universe, how happy or frightened would he be?

The two were about to step outside when a voice was heard again, "Mo, where are you going? You are part of the guild. Please don't leave. I take back my words a while ago."

It was the guild leader. He heard the conversation of the two that's why he immediately mustered his guts and called out. If Old Mo would be gone for good, then it was as good as nothing! Old Mo's skills could bring the guild to greater heights!

Old Mo harrumphed, "You already banished me and yet you are telling me that you take back your words? I know it was because of the skills I possessed but be reminded that it came from my young master, my benefactor! I have no ties with you anymore or this guild."

Hearing the guild leader's words made Old Mo infuriated again! He already calmed down yet was enraged again!

"You.." the guild leader did not give up, "We are friends right? Sell me this favor. I will appoint you as the new guild leader right at this moment!"

"I don't need it anymore. And friend? Heh. Surely you were my friend." Old Mo said in a mocking tone.

"If you have nothing to say, then I will be taking my leave. The young master was waiting." Old Mo resumed his steps.

However, the guild leader was enraged and lost his reasoning and shouted, "You rascal! I am already giving you the guild yet you are not interested? Just because you have a bit of skill and you became arrogant?! You ungrateful bastard! The guild groomed you and this was your pay?!"

The guild leader stomped his foot and charged towards Old Mo. He was planning on snatching the technique and the recipe by using mind sneaking!

Everyone turned aghast at this moment! The guild leader actually charged towards Old Mo in front of the young master who came from a high-tier empire! Is he seeking death?

Before the guild leader reaches Old Mo, he felt his body heavy and was slammed on the floor and spurted a mouthful of blood!

A terrifying aura that could not be measured run down his spines that made him gain his reasoning again!

The guild leader was extremely frightened when the voice of the young master sounded with a tone of annoyance, "How shameless can you be?"


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