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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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20 Tamer Guild

"It seems young master is pretty interested with painting." Seeing Jin Rou's eyes lit up, he immediately deduced it.

"Of course. I haven't seen anyone painting before." Jin Rou awkwardly said.

"Young master have not seen it before?" Old Mo was taken aback, eventually he regained his composure."Please don't joke around. You are from a distinguished high-tier empire and all high-tier empires have their painting guilds."

Jin Rou shook his head innocently, "I really have not seen anyone painting before. And when did I said that I am from a high-tier empire?"

Old Mo's lips twitched involuntarily, "Young master is not from a high-tier empire?"

"Of course not!" Jin Rou immediately answered.

"Then may I know which empire young master came from?" Old Mo could not believe what he just heard however he didn't pursue the matter anymore and asked another one instead.

"I am not from any empire. I am just lone wolf who is traveling to seek for answers." Jin Rou said while seemed like contemplating about the past and staring far.

Lone wolf my ass! And what seeking answers? You ran away because you were bored to death already and could no longer hold your curiosity against the outside world!

Seeing the contemplating Jin Rou, Old Mo really believed it! He deduced that probably he was exiled in his clan and decided to travel the world instead. Realizing that this was a sensitive matter, he no longer asked regarding it. Even if the young master was really exiled and had no backing at the moment, his decision to accompany him didn't change! Besides, he felt that he needed to guide Jin Rou about the matters of this world so that he won't be ignorant again. The restaurant incident and the book were the perfect examples for his young master's ignorance.


The sun rises at the east and the chirping of birds sounded the entire surroundings and the dance of breeze and the sway of trees could be heard. It was already morning. Jin Rou and Old Mo set this time for their departure. They then bid farewell. Before, Old Mo laid some instructions and tips to Myu Hanfeng to successfully manage the restaurant. After all, even Old Mo was leaving this, it was still his restaurant and treated it as a baby.

While walking, Jin Rou asked, "Is the Tyy Empire far?"

Old Mo noticed the curious look of the young master. He smiled and answered, "Yes young master. It is at least hundreds of thousand miles away from where we are."

"Then how do we get there?" Jin Rou could use his gate and teleport there in a matter of split second. However, he was a cautious person. The gate was a compelling one that could be sensed even thousands of miles away. If there was someone from his family here in the world and coincidentally near, he might get caught before he could enjoy anything.

Seeing the worried expression of the young master, Old Mo could not help but chuckle, "Rest assured, young master. We are going now to the Tamer's Guild so that we could rent some mounts to bring us to the Tyy Empire."

"Oh tamer's guild?" Jin Rou, of course, knew this guild.

All of the major and minor job guilds' headquarters were located all at the Rou Realm except the painting guild that was in the God's World. And that was the reason why Jin Rou said that he had not seen anyone painting before. But of course, he already saw a painting, a Celestial Painting at that! It was in his room, and that was solely his image when he was only four years old!

Realizing that at least, the young master was knowledgeable about the jobs, Old Mo said eagerly, "Yes young master. The tamer's guild was actually was in the outside of the empire, west from here. Maybe you already knew but all of the tamer guilds didn't have any empire roped to them."

"Yes yes. Uhm yes?" seeing Old Mo already assumed that he knew about this matter, even he didn't know actually. He still nodded in response. He was also slightly shocked because the celestial tamer guild of the Rou Realm was actually in their territory! Who knew that the tamer guild here didn't want to be roped by any empire?

Of course, oblivious to the fact, it was because that the celestial tamer guild of the Rou Realm actually came from the Rou Celestial Family itself! The grandfather of Jin Rou was the head of this tamer guild and the one who commanded that every tamer guilds would not let themselves be roped in by any other powers and stood tall! His grandfather was the most powerful tamer that the universe could offer! How terrifying was that?

And thus, all of the tamer guilds around the nine minor worlds and three major worlds, all tamer guilds were independent. If a guild were to disobey this rule, they and the whole guild involved would experience tribulation of destruction.

Each job guild had the chance to experience this sure-death sentence once a grave rule was not obeyed!. Especially rules from the Celestial Guilds themselves! For Celestial Guilds, losing even hundreds of their own guilds was not actually a loss!

"We can reach the tamer guild in 2 days by riding a horse. Coincidentally, I have two horses here." Old Mo flicked his finger and two plain black horses appeared.

He then added, "Young master, I know that within your standards, this normal horse would not catch your eyes. But please bear with this." Old Mo smiled awkwardly.

Jin Rou smiled and said, "Of course I won't mind it. It is already my benefit that you provided me with a horse."

"Then I thank young master for his flattery." hearing that the young master was sincere of what he said, he was immediately overjoyed that he accepted the words!

"No need to say anymore. Let's hurry and take our way. I want to go to the Tyy Empire as much as possible " Jin Rou said as he gestured that he will get on the horse.

"Please, young master—" Old Mo said in a gleeful tone. But immediately was stupefied!

However, before Jin Rou could touch the horse, the horse actually kicked the vulnerable Jin Rou but was instantly evaded. Even Jin Rou was stupefied!

"Neighhhhh!—" the horse neighed full of arrogance! Looking at Jin Rou full of disdain!


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