The Adventures of the Young Master
23 The Masochist Yuan Gu
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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23 The Masochist Yuan Gu

"You like being hit?" Jin Rou's lips twitched uncontrollably. What's wrong with this guy?

Old Mo also twitched. This was an unexpected answer! He thought about sorts, but not this! Even the crowd was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say. But all of them concluded one thing, no wonder this man was not saying complaints and pains. It was because he is a masochist!

"That's right." the man said confidently, "I, Yuan Gu, like being hit!"

Everyone was more dumbfounded by this confident introduction!

"This guy is something."

"Right. He really admitted that he is a masochist proudly!"

"But he said he was Yuan Gu. His surname is Gu and he claimed that he is a prince. Don't tell me.."

Once everyone heard this, they immediately remembered that the masochist man claimed that he was a prince! Sweats began to run down their face when they realized this!

A spectator said in a trembling voice, "Don't tell me that he is the crowned prince of the high-tier Gu Empire?"

Everyone turned pale and did not respond! Even Old Mo was no exception! If this was really the case, then he was someone they could not possibly offend! If the middle-tier empires were already a behemoth to a low-tier empire like theirs, how about the high-tier empire? They were like heavens to them!

Seeing that everyone already speculated, Yuan Gu revealed his gold token with a marking of Gu, this was the proof of identity of an imperial family! Seeing this, everyone especially the guards who beat him up was frightened extremely that they almost fell their butts to the ground! They became a sinner and the empire was now on the line. What does mean offending a high-tier empire? It just means seeking death for themselves and the empire itself. Not to mention, this was the Emperor's Town, where the imperial family resides!

Yuan Gu then said, "That's right. I am Yuan Gu of the Gu Empire."

The three guards immediately kowtowed and said, "Please forgive this lowly us for being blind seeing Your Highness! Please punish us and won't mind even death but we beg Your Highness to be magnanimous to spare our empire!"

If they had just known that this man was this behemoth, even given a hundred more guts, they wouldn't dare go against him and just let him in! The guards were bleeding inside at this moment.

If you are from a high-tier empire, you could have present your token instead of pushing yourself to enter. Why did you provoke us to hit you? And what's with this you like being hit?

Yuan Gu smiled and said, "You really were blind to not recognize me. I already told you that I am from a high-tier empire."

The guards didn't know what to say but in their hearts,

How are we supposed to determine that you are a Prince of a high-tier empire? You wore plain red robe with no fancy features! You looked plainly a normal human! How would we suppose to know?!

Yuan Gu added, "However, I will be magnanimous to spare you and the empire. But I have a condition, a simple one."

One of the guards asked in a still kowtowing position, "Please tell us! We will do it with all our might! Whatever it is!"

"Hoho." Yuan Gu chuckled, "Then I will be taking your words."

Yuan Gu added, "My condition is simple."

Everyone hold their breaths and didn't blink to be possibly missed something, however, the guards felt unease suddenly. It seemed like everything won't go right this time again!

Yuan Gu then said, "For me to spare your empire, you need to hit me to your heart's content. The better if you will use your killing moves with much killing intent."

The guards almost fainted from the spot. They were right! Nothing would go correct right now!

You want us to hit you to our heart's content? A crowned prince of a high-tier empire? Dream on! No matter how masochistic you are, we could not do that unless we are seeking death!

Everyone felt the world had gone wrong. Even Jin Rou did not say a word! This masochist could ascend to heaven!

Take note that this man was the crowned prince of the high-tier Gu Empire. For a prince like him to say that he wanted to be hit again, this was a great humiliation for a prestigious empire!

"What? I thought you will do it." seeing the guards not moving, Yuan Gu got bored of waiting, "If you don't hit me til I'm satisfied then kiss goodbye your empire." Yuan Gu released a threat! His tone was full of seriousness! He was not joking at all! Yuan Gu will really do it!

Hearing this blatant threat, everyone trembled except Jin Rou. If the Gu Empire really wished it, the Quu Empire would be history today because the prince was actually a Sky Realm, seventh stage!

Take note that in middle-tier empires, the strongest cultivator they could offer was Sky Realm, fifth stage. This was already an incredible achievement for middle-tier empires. While high-tier empires had cultivators of Sky Realm, eighth stage. The Prince was actually a Sky Realm, seventh stage. How terrifyingly was that? The prince could annihilate them today if he desired!

Thinking about this, their faces paled from fright and didn't dare to think of it again. This is the might of a high-tier empire!

"How... How can we.. do.. do that to.. you? We are only.. hmm.. uhhh.. lowly beings." a guard said in a stuttering voice filled with fright. If he could run, he would have done it already!

"That is my condition." Yuan Gu insisted. "But it's up to you if you would do it or not. Hit me or I will hit this empire."

The guards contemplated for a minute. They then gritted their teeth and said, "Then we'll do as what you say, Your Highness."

Yuan Gu was pleased hearing this. He laid down and spread his arms like he was welcoming the guards to his embrace and said, "Good. Now hit me all you want!"

Everyone did not know what to say by this turn of events. A while ago, some were still doubting that the prince was just acting as a masochist. But now, seeing his excited expression to the upcoming beating, they could not help but twitch their lips!

This prince's masochism is the real deal!

"This.." a guard said. "Can we just hit you once, Your Highness?"

"No!" Yuan Gu affirmed. "Hit me a hundred or thousand times if you want me to be satisfied!

Hearing the strong decline of the prince, they gritted their teeth and step forward. They didn't have a choice! All they could do was pray that the prince will bear responsibility!

However, before the guards could hit the Prince, the prince suddenly looked at Jin Rou and said, "You. You also offended this prince. So you have to pay for it!"

"Me?" Jin Rou was taken aback and gulped a mouthful of his saliva! He then concluded one thing and asked, "You want me to hit you also?"


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