The Adventures of the Young Master
31 Too Bad For You
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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31 Too Bad For You

"Fifty thousand diamonds?" the crowd sucked a mouthful of air. This starting bid, is insanely high!

"That's right." Old Man Shiga confirmed, "You know that this girl has the red-fleeting lotus inside her body. And that will benefit you greatly! Besides, after you extracted the lotus, you can do whatever you wanted with this girl. She is pretty, right?"

Hearing this, the crowd suddenly realized that what the old man said had a point! If one got this girl, not only their cultivation will soar into Emperor Realm. They could also have the girl do lusty things with them which made them excited!

and thus, they started bidding,

"Fifty three thousand diamonds!"

"Sixty thousand diamonds!"

"Seventy five thousand diamonds!"

"One hundred thousand diamonds!"

"Competing with me? Dream on! One hundred and fifty thousand diamonds!"

"Humph. Two hundred thousand diamonds!"

"Not gonna stop? Heh. Three hundred thousand diamonds!"

"Of course. Five hundred thousand diamonds!"


After several minutes of bidding, only two compete for the girl. One look and you will conclude that they were mortal rivals. One was an old man in his sixtys wearing green robe. One was a robust man in his forty's with dark complexion wearing similar green robe also.

One of the crowd immediately realized who were these two and said in shocked expression, "That's the famous father-son duo of the Motion Sect, San Hao and Sun Hao!"

"What? The father-son duo of Motion Sect?!" of course, the crowd knew this name. They observed again the competing two and concluded that it was no mistake, this was the strongest duo of the Quu Empire. They didn't realized, probably because of greed a while ago, that such grand characters were here!

What is the Motion Sect? It was the most powerful sect of the Quu Empire!

Those who were planning to have a last bid to the auction reevaluated themselves if they could withstand the Motion Sect because they knew they would be displeased and offended if someone interfered in their competition!

After pondering for a bit, they shook their heads and just stood by the side to watch things unfold.

The old man named San Hao said, "It seemed like you already reached your limit, hmm?" San Hao chuckled and reminded Sun Hao, "Remember that you cannot use the resources of the sect! Use your own money here."

"Heh. Of course I know that old geezer." the robust man named Sun Hao said with a snort.

He added, "But unfortunately, that was not my limit. Seven hundred thousand diamonds!"


The crowd sucked a mouthful of air upon hearing this. Sun Hao actually raised the bid by two hundred thousand diamonds! This father-son duo was surely rich!

However, San Hao smiled and said, "Oh? You still have something? Very well."

He added, "If that was your limit, then I'm sorry but I will get the girl! Eight hundred thousand diamonds!"

"Old Man San Hao increased it by a hundred thousand! This is insane!" one of the spectators exclaimed in disbelief!

One must know that in such a low-tier empire like this, a million and hundred thousand diamonds was already the very limit. It would already cost your entire wealth! But now, the old man San Hao actually bidding all of his resources! No, probably, this was still not his limit! They never thought that this old man was very rich! Maybe richer than the emperor?

Seeing the trembling son of his, San Hao said in disdain, "Oh? Already reached your limit? Then go home already."

Everyone thought that this was not San Hao's limit yet and could take more. This was true. However, right now, his heart was already bleeding like hell. This eight hundred thousand diamonds was enough to buy a longetivity potion at middle empires or enough to feed him the entire of his life. He only thought that bidding this girl would only amount to three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand diamonds. Never did he expect that his unfilial son will push his limits! However, he could not do anything about it now since he already set the bid. Besides, his money was worth it because he would step into Sky Realm! It was already twenty years since he stepped into Earth Realm seventh stage and had not progressed anymore. Now, that he had the chance, he would not let it slip away!

Old Man Shiga was leaping in joy at this moment. The fact is, he didn't have difficulty when he purchased the girl. The girl actually only worthed ten thousand diamonds! Seeing that the price soar to eight hundred thousand diamonds, how could not be happy?

He eventually said, "No bid higher than eight hundred thousand? Going once—"

However, he was interrupted by a a sudden voice. "One million diamonds."

The crowd was stupefied by this. Someone challenged the old man!

They traced where the voice came from and saw a handsome man in his red robe. His calm and composed expression said it that he had a standing for himself!

Of course, this is Yuan Gu. However, he changed his facial features a little bit since he knew he would get attention. Unlike the two behind him being covered by the crowd. It would not be interesting if everyone found out that he was the crowned Prince of Gu Empirer right at the first moment.

"Who are you?" Seeing this unfamiliar face, San Hao frowned. He didn't expect that someone will go against him for the girl!

"Doesn't matter who I am. If you cannot bid higher, just scram to the side!" Yuan Gu said arrogantly!

"You..!!" San Hao almost spurted blood, he smiled deviously, "Good! Good! Very brave! One million and two hundred thousand diamonds!"

"One million and three hundred thousand diamonds." Yuan Gu didn't even bat an eye!

"You are really pushing it!" old man San Hao was very infuriated and almost lost his reasoning. "You wanted to get over my head? Heh. One million and eight hundred thousand diamonds!"


The crowd didn't know what to say. They could not help but suck a mouthful of air! One million and eight hundred thousand diamonds!!

Who would have thought that the old man had this kind of money?! He was so damn rich!

But the fact was different. San Hao actually included the Motion Sect's resources into this! He didn't have a choice! He could not just accept humiliation like hell!

Of course he thought this through. Even the sect was broke, once he consumed the red-fleeting lotus, just by his standing as the Sky Realm expert of the empire, he could easily get things back again!


"I guess, You finally reached your limit. But too bad for you." Yuan Gu smirked and looked at the old man with disdainful eyes, "Two million diamonds."


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