The Adventures of the Young Master
32 Two Million Diamonds
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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32 Two Million Diamonds

"Two.. two million diamonds?" Old man Shiga could not help but reconfirm if what he heard was right! This was extremely unbelieavable!

Seeing the current expression of old man Shiga, Yuan Gu confirmed. "That's right. Two million diamonds for this girl."


Everyone sucked a moutful of air! If awhile ago they were doubting their ears, after hearing the confirmation from the very mouth of the young man, they were immediately unable to breath for a matter of a few seconds!

Two million diamonds! This amount was no longer in the range of low-tier empires to accumulate! It could be said that if you have this kind of amount, you are no longer a resident of a low-tier! You can immediately apply for citizenship in the middle-tier empires! Having this kind of amount, the young man must probably came from a middle-tier empire!

Of course, old man Shiga concluded the same. He was already extremely shocked and delighted for a cultivator of a low-tier empire like this to bid a million and eight hundred thousand diamonds, what more for a two million diamonds? He didn't care if the fellow was in the same tier as his empire, what mattered is that amount!

However, there was someone who was displeased by this, and that was of course none other than San Hao. He almost vomit blood from insane anger! His rationality was fading as well. The veins in his face were already bulging like it was ready to explode! He was really infuriated by this lad in front of him! To be defeated humiliatingly in terms of resources against a member of the younger generation? As the senior, he could not take it! It would be okay and it would be in his range of tolerance if his son was the one who outdid him in resources since they were from the same sect and was his son by blood. But a random stranger? It was impossible to for him! Even Sun Hao, his son, was also infuriated!

After a while of convulsing from anger, San Hao suddenly smiled said, "Okay, the girl is yours."

Everyone was confused by this. Just a minute ago, San Hao was convulsing from anger and was about to jump to the lad. And now, he was smiling? This hundred and eighty degree turn in his attitude is something!

Of course, Yuan Gu knew that this smile had hidden some scheme. He needed to be cautious not to fall into his trap. Even he was the crowned prince and could suppress San Hao, it would be embarrassing for him and his empire to fall into a trap of a cultivator from a low-tier empire.

"So two million diamonds! Any higher bids?" Old man Shiga could not help but tremble in joy! Two million diamonds! He never expected to earn such an amount here in an empire like this!

He was already delighted of the eight hundred thousand a while ago. Now, he earned two million? He was about to praise the heavens for this tremendous grace!

No one dared to answer. Who would bid higher than two million in the crowd? Of course none! The crowd sucked a mouthful of air when the bid was raised to a million. It just means that probably, below a million was their limit! Some could take a million, however, it would require their sects and clans to go bankrupt! Even they have a thousand guts, they would not dare to go to that extent! What was the common knowledge if a sect or clan went bankrupt? It was guaranteed declination!

The kneeling girl who lowered her head for a while now, suddenly lifted her head. She looked at the one who bought her and stared blankly. Her watery and full of despair eyes could no longer be seen. Her beautiful face was devoid of expression, just like a wasteland of no emotion.

After lifting her head for several seconds, she lowered her head again and never said a single word.

The stare of the girl penetrated the inner heart of Yuan Gu that made him sweat bullets on his face. The stare with blank emotion was something even Yuan Gu could not understand!

Old man Shiga near Yuan Gu and rubbed his two hands and delightfully said, "The girl is yours for two million diamonds. Congratulations young noble!"

Hearing this made Yuan Gu almost made him beat up the old man. This shameless old man was infamous even in his empire! This old man actually dared to enslave someone from his empire two years ago! He was also infamous for his atrocious acts in his own empire. His inhumane deeds blew airs up to the high-tier empires that made them wary except the Shauha Empire! Shauha Empire is a high-tier one, the only one having Slavers Association!

Since the middle-tier Shagu Empire had also Slavers Association, they all knew that these two associations were connected! They also included that probably the Shagu Empire's Slavers Association was being backed by the Shauha Empire's. If not, how could old man Shiga, the head of the Slavers Association of the Shagu Empire, could walk freely even he committed grave sins with a punishment of death? This was the only reason the rest of the high-tier empires could think of!

Yuan Gu only nodded and said to old man Shiga in a low voics "Let's talk about the billing in private."

Shiga also nodded immediately, "Sure, young noble."

Old man Shiga knew that the amount was not something could be taken off in a whim in front of this many staring eyes.

Yuan Gu was about to turn his back when an old voice was heard, "You bought the girl already. Isn't it time for you to pay it?"

It was San Hao with his devilish smile on his face.

Yuan Gu didn't even bat an eye and answered, "We will talk about the billing in private."

San Hao remained his smile and said, "Oh. Then excuse this old me."

Yuan Gu and old man Shiga along with the girl went to some distance and stood there facing each other. After which, the two began talking however, no one could hear what they were talking about. Probably they casted a technique that sound-proofing a certain range.

San Hao, who was some distance away together with his son, stood motionlessly as he was staring the two talking. His face revealed a devilish grin, the curve of his lips actually reached his two ears which was really disturbing!


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