The Adventures of the Young Master
33 Do You Still Recognize Me?
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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33 Do You Still Recognize Me?

"So how young noble wanted to settle the bill?" old man Shiga said in a delightful tone. Of course he would be delightful since this is two million diamonds we were talking about!

"I cannot settle it here in this empire, so I need to go back first." Yuan Gu answered indifferently. He added, "However, I will be taking the lady already."

"I think that would be impossible." His previous delightful tone was gone and there was only a trace of disdain and disappointment. "I will hand over the girl if you presented to me the diamonds."

"Do you think I'm asking you? I am ordering you." Yuan Gu said in annoyance. He was already infuriated by this old man ever since he knew the deeds committed by this devil. Seeing this attitude made him infuriated more. However, his rationality was holding him back.

"What did you say?" this time, old man Shiga frowned in displeasure. It seemed like he never entered the other party's eyes!

Old man Shiga was about to attack when he heard the young man said something which made him regained his reasoning,

"I said I will be taking the girl and after a month or two, go to my Gu Empire and I will settle the bill there." Yuan Gu said indifferently.

"Gu.. Gu Empire?" old man Shiga suddenly sweat this time! This empire was a nightmare to him! It seemed like his sleeping fear had once bee awakened!

Gu Empire. This was the empire he feared the most since they had an equal standing with the backing empire of his empire, the Shauha Empire!

Take note that there were only four high-tier empires, and those were Gu Empire, Shauha Empire, Naren Empire and Han Empire! These empires had an equal standing with each other and mostly had a friendly relationship except the Shauha Empire.

This Shauha Empire was an empire that never lacked resources, and never bothered befriending any empires except the middle-tier Shagu Empire. Of course for the three other empires, who would want to also to befriend an empire with a Slavers Association?

Slavers. This was one of the most despised job of cultivators! No one had even considered this as a minor job. This fell into the category of unnamed jobs! Unnamed jobs were the jobs that were never recognized even existing. Usually, the jobs falling into this category were usually despicable and such, the jobs that contradicts the rules of Mentors.

This time, Yuan Gu reverted his real appearance and smiled, "Do you still recognize me, Shiga?"

Old man Shiga staggered at step back. However, he regained his composure and revealed a light smile saying, "So this is Prince Yuan Gu. This old man had never expected to meet His Highness here."

"Heh." Yuan Gu coldly smiled. He added, "You went here in order to earn money? It seemed you are quite broke this time."

"Hehe.." Old man Shiga chuckled, "This old man really needs money right now."

Old man Shiga was still sweating beads, his smile was even forced! He never expected to meet such a behemoth he fearer here! What made him sweat more was that something he did in the past that had something to do with the prince himself! If the prince wanted to settle the grudge here, all he could do was resign and accept his fate! He knew that even the Shauha Empire would not be able to save him!

The Gu Empire had never feared any empires out of the supreme empire. If the Shauha Empire would wage a war against them, they would happily receive them! And old man Shiga knew this. The Shauha Empire would need to think twice before acting!

Seeing the frightened expression that never left the old man's face, Yuan Gu could not help but snort in disdain, this old man act all mighty because of his backing, yet now that he was in front of him, he acted like a cornered rabbit that had no choice but to submit.

Yuan Gu said, "As the prince of the Gu Empire, do you think you could stop me from taking the girl? I'm already giving you the best choice. Don't refuse a toast just to be forced to drink forfeit." Yuan Gu released an aura determining his exact cultivation!

A Sky Realm, seventh stage, expert!

This blatant threat made old man Shiga trembled. He knew that if they fight, not only he would lose, he might be killed if worst, or not to get the payment if lucky. He knew that he was not a match to this prince since he was only a Sky Realm, third stage, expert! How could he possibly a match with someone who reached Sky Realm, seventh stage at an early age?

Old man Shiga wiped his sweat off and smiled,"If Your Highness really wanted it, then please feel free to do so."

This was the best choice. To submit! In this world, power rules everything. As long as you have power, you can do whatever you wanted to do. You can gain respect and be revered by people! However, if you are weak, all you could do is to submit and never retaliate.

"Good." Yuan Gu said. "The I will be taking her now." Yuan Gu neared the girl who still lowering her head and said softly, "You are now free from the shackles of that old man. Come with me."

The girl only slightly nodded. Yuan Gu started walking and the girl followed. After a while, not far away from Shiga, he stopped his steps and looked back with cold-killing eyes, "Don't misunderstood this, Shiga. I am only sparing you this time because I have a task to do so. I still hate you to the bottom of my heart and bones. If opportunity present itself, I will kill you without batting an eye. I don't even care waging a war against your empire or the Shauha Empire you have in your back."

Old man Shiga just stood there silently as he clenched his fist that almost bulged his veins, he was trembling from anger but he was suppressing it.

Seeing this, Yuan Gu chuckled, "Don't worry, I will pay the two million diamonds since I don't want to be indebted to someone like you. Just go to my empire after a month."

Although you are already indebted..

After which, Yuan Gu resumed his steps along with the girl and walked away until they disappeared from old man Shiga's sight.

When the two disappeared, old man Shiga gritted his teeth and stomped the ground crazily! He was really infuriated to the extreme!

He exclaimed in a very angry tone, "Dammit! Dammit Gu Empire! I swear that I will put your empire in ruins!!"


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