The Adventures of the Young Master
34 Lao Rou and Yanlu Rou
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The Adventures of the Young Master
Author :Brei
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34 Lao Rou and Yanlu Rou


The entire Rou Realm had once again shook! However, this was worse than the previous one! This made the residents of the Rou Realm unable to remain standing! The stars from the sky had faded its shine and the clouds turned blood red, the gentle breeze became a whipping storms circulating the sky. It was like the doomsday had arrived!

A sect master in the Rou Realm said with paled expression, "Someone from the Rou Family was enraged!"

"Is it Lord Fan Rou again?" an elder asked. He fell butt-first to the ground as if his legs had dried its strength.

"Impossible. Lord Fan Rou had already announced that he was letting His Majesty Jin Rou roam around and explore the outside world. There was nothing that would make him mad except if it is his son." the sect master said with a grave expression.

Fan Rou announced several days ago that his son ran away which already speculated by everyone in the Rou Realm. How could not they speculated this? Several days ago, Grenas the Celestial General, roamed the entire Rou Realm as if he was finding someone with paled expression! He roamed day and night without rest! And day or two after that, Fan Rou bursted his aura and was enraged and all people felt it and wished it would end as soon as possible! After which, Fan Rou announced it publicly.

Everyone thought that Fan Rou would immediately send out his strongest army to take back Jin Rou. But contrary to their expectations, Fan Rou said himself that he was letting his son journey the outside world which made everyone present dumbfounded. Who was this? This was Fan Rou! The most strict father the universe could offer! Everyone knew how much this Fan Rou protect his son since Jin Rou had a universe-defying handsomeness that even when he was still eight, he made the girls wet! And what was more, there were married couples who actually separated because of the wives falling in love to the eight years old Jin Rou!

So the sect master excluded that it was Fan Rou who was enraged right now. But upon pondering for a moment, he seemed like realized something and his paled expression got worse which made the elder he was talking with, more paled from fright!

"Could it be.." the sect master was extremely frightened also at this moment. If what he was thinking was right, then the Rou Realm, no, all of the worlds will have a devastating crisis!


Inside the Rou Celestial Mansion, one could see the ground having craters as if a battle had emerged. This was the training grounds inside the mansion. It boasted its high hardness that would not break or crack easily. But now, it seemed like a devastating battle had happened! Big cracks and craters appeared as if giant monsters had a duel here!

In a big crack on the wall, there was someone who was breathing heavily like he was lacking air to breathe. His body was full of blood, and he was weakened at this state. However, his handsomeness remained still with his long white hair fluttering. And there was a lady beside him with universe-toppling beauty. She was frowning at this moment as she support the man next to her. These were Fan Rou and Xu Rou. Opposite of their position were two person wearning white silver-shining robes. One was a very handsome man with similar features with Fan Rou, and the other one was also a universe-toppling beauty! Although this woman was lacking a bit in terms of looks, she was still someone every man would dream of! These two had displeased expression upon their faces, but what was more obvious was that their enraged expressions! These were the grandparents of Jin Rou, Lao Rou and Yanlu Rou! These two already lived for billions of years yet they were still look like in their thirty's!

Yanlu Rou angrily said, "You let our grandson ran away. How can you be so irresponsible! We had raised you in vain!"

Yanlu Rou was the reason why Fan Rou was full of wounds. Fan Rou actually needed to dodge his mother's attack in order to vent her frustration upon knowing that her beloved and cute grandson had ran away, even a bit! They came from the parallel universe that almost hundreds of billions away from them just to see Jin Rou, but what was this? They went here for nothing! All of them were already Zenith Gods (Pinnacle of Cultivation). However, Fan Rou could not withstand two of his mother's attack even using his all might! One must know that Fan Rou was a Zenith God also and should be on par with his mother, but what was this situation?

"Mother, I am sorry." Fan Rou said in a very low and sincere tone. He was really sorry at this moment because he knew that his parents were clearly disappointed by this.

"Sorry? We don't need that." Now, his father Lao Rou intervened, "We need Jin Rou so you should take him back here!"

"I cannot do that." Upon hearing this, Fan Rou immediately disagreed.

"What did you say?" Yanlu Rou's expression became worse.

"Pardon me mother and father, but as also a parent, I decided to give Jin Rou freedom and explore the worlds to broaden his horizon." Fan Rou said.

"Ridiculous!" Yanlu Rou shouted, "Jin Rou is already a Zenith God, what's the use of broading his horizon in the lower worlds?"

"Mother, Jin Rou had enough imprisoning already." Xu Rou intervened, "I guess it was time for us to let him do what he wanted. After all, at the end of the day, he would still come back because this is his home."

"Are you siding with Fan, Xu-er?" Yanlu Rou frowned.

"Mother, this is not siding with him." Xu Rou said in a gentle tone, "We are also parents and I know what mother and father feel. However, we cannot hold Jin Rou in his neck forever. He still also has his own life."

"Nonsense." Lao Rou said in annoyance, "He is still only fifteen. He can go outside if he already reached twenty or so, as long as he was an adult already. For now, he is still a kid that needed to be paid attention! You know what will happen if Jin Rou show his appearance in any worlds around this universe!"

"Father, We taught him the Art of Disguise so it would not be a probl—" Fan Rou was interrupted by his mother, "Enough. I don't want to hear anything from you two." Yanlu Rou gave a side eye and called someone, "Yuna, come out."

Upon this call, a woman in plate golden armor appeared all of a sudden. Her face was so beautiful that it could annihilate the sky entirely! Her red hair was swaying like the bamboo trees dancing gracefully. Her figure was so enticing even she was covered in armor. Her big twin peaks were also towering like they were already about to burst even she was already wearing an armor! Although she could not be compared to Xu Rou and Yanlu Rou's beauty, she could still be ranked in the top five excluding the two Rou's!


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